How Effective Traders Are Made In FxPro

Do you agree that there is more risk in purchasing stocks than in Forex trading – it’s just that the risk of the stock market is spread out over time? If you trade in Forex already, most likely you share the opinion of Roman Pavelko, FxPro webinar coach.

The FxPro webinar is the hottest webinar existing today. To create this course, FxPro collected the most repeated questions of traders. Practice in the physical market and life hacks added to the theory.

«Consider the case of chart analysis – it’s a spate of different books and websites and, indeed, information terabytes. Months and years may go by trying to get to the bottom of it! Who has time for that?», – they say in FxPro.

Unlike other Forex webinars, the course is created not just for novices, but for anyone who wants to improve his trading skills.


«An effective trader makes for happy customer», – the company points out

To make traders effective is a quite reasonable solution as FxPro operates on NDD technology, which means without a broker. Due to an innovative system of order consolidation and execution, the customer obtains the best prices, and the strict European regulation allows the customer to get the best service and guaranteed safe storage of funds in the company.

As for execution, 39.1% of market orders were executed at posted price, according to the official statistics, while 37.4% of orders were executed with positive slippage, for which real traders gained the best prices. Nice numbers, aren’t they?

«Concerning the risks of Forex trading, much attention is being paid by the company; however, we want to tell traders that they have vast opportunities indeed: both flexible risk control and trailing stop. The relevant operating strategy is adjusted for the best price search for asset acquisition. Knowing what to focus on, the trader will be able to estimate the market performance more precisely, and thus better control the risk» – as pointed out by the media office.

Sign up for the webinar here and open an account to apply your knowledge here.

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