A Stock Exchange: What’s The Essence?

A stock exchange happens to be an organization that ensures the unstoppable operation of the stock market. Its primary objective is to provide trustworthy quotes for all securities. It also ensures the absolute reliability and security of stock trading and so on. That’s a sturdy system that serves the everlasting movement of all securities. Traders make their deals, fully complying with its rules as well as established exchange rates of securities.
For the stock exchange, as the major part of the stock market, the following components are required to keep it operating:

  • A system of collecting applications, which are registered, recorded in the corresponding accounting registers.
  • A Clearing Chamber whose duty is to closely watch the turnover of capital of investors, give out money for transactions, and also make bank transfers.
  • A depositary center that monitors the turnover of securities, and also collects accounting data.

The given processes ensure the unstoppable operation of the stock market. One doesn’t notice them, but they’re running every day in the automatic mode. Today, the stock exchange turns out to be a functional electronic trading platform, suitable for conducting transactions and studying the history of income in the trading account. It’s up to a professional team, tracking applications, to maintain the 24/7 correct operation of the trading terminal.


The largest stock exchanges

The largest stock exchanges in the world

We offer you to have a look at the largest markets that traders and organizations prefer to work with:

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Work schedule: 09:30-21:00 (local);
Capitalization: *22,923 USD bn;
Companies: 2464;
Website: nyse.com.


Work schedule: 09:30-21:00 (local);
Capitalization: 10,857 USD bn;
Companies: 2786;
Website: nasdaq.com.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange

Work schedule: 09:00-06:00 (local);
Capitalization: 5,679 USD bn;
Companies: 3470;
Website: jpx.co.jp.

The London stock exchange

Work schedule: 08:00-16:30 (local);
Capitalization: 3,767 USD bn;
Companies: 2 396;
Website: londonstockexchange.com.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange

Work schedule: 09:30-07:00 (local);
Capitalization: 4,026 USD bn;
Companies: 1,007;
Website: sse.com.cn.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Work schedule: 09:15-08:00 (local);
Capitalization: 3,936 USD bn;
Companies: 1763;
Website: hkex.com.hk.

* The information on its capitalization is taken from Wikipedia that offers the data for 30 November 2018.

Russian stock exchanges

In Russia 3 stock exchanges are available for trading now:

Here you can find more information about these stock exchanges.

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