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A steadily developing crypto exchange offers profitable trading in a variety of digital coins. Sticking with the system is a great opportunity to earn a decent income.

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Broker Vircurex
Website URL
Founded 2011
Headquarters Beijing, China
Support Types Email
Languages Russian, English, German, French, Chinese
Free Demo Account No
Deposit Methods Bank transfers, payment systems Liberty Reserve, Alipay, crypto-currency wallets
Withdrawal Methods Bank transfers, payment systems Liberty Reserve, Alipay, crypto-currency wallets
Number of Assets 11
Types of Assets Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Digitalcoin, Dogecoin, Freicoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, Quarkcoin, Terracoin, Primecoin
Account Currency USD, EUR, CNY, Crypto currency
US Traders Allowed No
Overall Score 9.7/10

Additional Information

  • Exchange Commission: yes
  • Communication channels: e-mail
  • The possibility of exchanging for fiat currencies: yes
  • Number of crypts: 11
  • Training: no
  • Mining: no
  • Analytics: yes
  • Affiliate Programs: yes
  • Vircurex API: yes

Full Review

Vircurex is a Chinese crypto currency exchange with a wide range of services, founded in 2011. The platform offers users convenient trading in crypto assets (sale/purchase of orders), loans, binary options, crypto exchange, fast replenishment and withdrawal of funds and many additional tools for work.

Certainly, as a potential client of this service you’re eager to know whether it’s another scam or it’s a trustworthy crypto exchange, capable of ensuring sufficient security of information about users and their transactions, stable trade and rapid withdrawal of earnings. We’re going to answer this question here below.

Vircurex Review

The Vircurex crypto exchange is a completely private commercial organization that was founded in October 2011 in Beijing. The first year of its work, it stood in the shadow and the maximum popularity has been gained relatively recently as soon as it started providing an extended list of opportunities: crypto trading (here you can learn the whole truth about crypto assets), binary options, loans, currency exchange and crypto wallets to store funds. Another reason for greater interest in the site is, besides popular crypto assets, the rarity of some digital coins offered for trading: Namecoin, Bitcoin, Quarkcoin, Freicoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Digitalcoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin, Terracoin, Peercoin. Representatives of the company call its number one mission the popularization of the crypto market in China and also in other countries of the world as well as creating ideal conditions for the promotion of new digital coins to the masses.

The most important feature of the crypto exchange is an ability to conduct trading operations with any cryptocurrency pairs, while Bitcoin can be excluded from these operations (learn here how to make money on fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin). For example, you can exchange Dogecoin directly for Namecoin. This option is set after registration in the account by disabling the «Show BTC exchange rates» setting. The interface of the site is as clear and simple as possible. For your convenience in your trading account you can configure the display of only those blocks of information and their properties, which are currently relevant for trading. The site is available in several languages: Russian, English, German, French and Chinese.

Traders note the high productivity of the resource: no serious delays in the trading process as well as other transactions have been observed. Cryptocurrency exchange rates are rapidly updated, and the trading platform loads quickly. In order to register you need to create a reliable password and undergo a simple e-mail confirmation procedure. Verification of users is not required. By the way, it’s possible to activate an option of notification of the execution of trade orders and withdrawal of funds from the trading account. To exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money there’s a special order generator. Another nice addition is that all traders working in the system with a balance from 1 Bitcoin are rewarded with 15% of the total amount of commissions received by the crypto exchange. It occurs every 6 hours.


Replenishment and withdrawal of funds

When registering on the site a crypto wallet is automatically created for the user. It’s possible to deposit either digital coins or fiat money (dollars and euros). If you need to replenish your account with the second option you can use bank transfers for this purpose. By the way, after the Chinese version of the site is launched, it has become possible to replenish the trading account with the Chinese Yuan, although it can be carried out only via Alipay. Representatives of the company are announcing the addition of a cash deposit option via SEPA in the near future. The commission for replenishment of the trader’s account isn’t charged by the crypto exchange.

To withdraw funds, a special form is utilized, which is filled out in the trading account. Applications are processed within 10-15 minutes. Both digital coins and fiat currencies can be withdrawn from the trading account. The same conditions are true when it comes to depositing funds to the trading account. For the sale or purchase, the crypto exchange charges a commission of 0.2%, for each trade transaction it charges 0.5%. However, the latter can be reduced by simply registering attracted customers via a referral link. Such an option will be available for a year from the day the personal office was created on Vircurex.


Complaints about Vircurex

For the period Vircurex is available in the crypto world a great number of user reviews have showed up on the Internet. In general, a huge number of traders appreciate this trading platform for its simplicity and convenience. It’s highly praised by both newcomers and experienced traders, who have already worked with other crypto exchanges. First of all, it’s due to the universal capabilities for work here (an intuitive user interface, constantly updated information), simple account settings, prompt replenishment and withdrawal of funds (both cryptocurrencies and fiat money), lack of verification and a possibility to trade without opting for Bitcoin. Now operations are available with 11 well-known and rare digital coins.

As for the main disadvantage of the resource, users point to a small number of crypto assets, some complexity of the site and also the fact that not all materials are available in traders’ native languages. We should also note that in the past the site froze payments to traders, it took place in 2014. Indeed, the platform ceased making payments for some time, explaining it by the hacker attack and the loss of financial reserves. However, this situation was officially reported on the site and after a while all payments were resumed as usual. There weren’t similar situations in the history of the crypto exchange any more. The crypto exchange is adding new options and it’s on the verge of expanding the list of digital coins available for trading.

If we find complaints about Vircurex, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:


Regulation of Vircurex

The Vircurex crypto exchange was registered in China, Beijing. The company fully complies with the legislation of this Asia country. Representatives of the company guarantee to all registered users the safe storage and maximum protection of personal information provided and data on ongoing operations. The crypto exchange takes responsibility for the security policy of the site. For this purpose special software is employed that collects information about registered users, including cookies.

Extra security is ensured the implementation of two-factor authentication (Yubikey and Google Authenticator) and the mandatory confirmation of the e-mail address during the registration procedure.

Read the Privacy Policy on the Vircurex website
Read the Terms and Conditions for using the resource on the Vircurex website


Is Vircurex a scam?

The trading platform for crypto assets Vircurex has been successfully operating since 2011. Every year it confirms the status of a reliable and stable crypto exchange, which is extremely attractive for traders. Due to a simple and intuitive interface, constantly updated trading information in real time, no errors in operation, a simplified transaction system without verification, the Vircurex crypto exchange has gained trust and appreciation from traders who use this services all over the world. The site is available in 5 languages: English, German, Chinese, French and Russian, which is a big advantage of the site. It undoubtedly facilitates the process of interaction with it and makes working with the site as comfortable as possible.

Vircurex is an exchange with a rich list of services: crypto trading (learn here how to earn on crypto assets), quick replenishment and withdrawal of funds, currency exchange, binary options, loans and also a possibility to store digital coins in crypto wallets. Of course, we shouldn’t neglect the disadvantages of the site. Currently, only 11 types of cryptocurrencies are available for trading, which is rather a modest list for the platform working all over the world. In 2014, the crypto exchange froze payments due to lack of funds, but today there aren’t any delays in the operation of the resource. Additionally, when depositing funds to the trading account or withdrawing earnings, there aren’t any issues too.

As follows from reviews about Vircurex, the vast majority of users characterize the site as reliable and convenient for both novice traders and experienced investors. An important advantage of this crypto exchange is a possibility to trade in any pair of digital coins without Bitcoin, so you can create this currency on your own as you wish. Only a small number of exchanges provide such an attractive option. Vircurex gives an opportunity to earn extra money: if your trading balance is at least 1 Bitcoin, every 6 hours you will be rewarded with an additional percentage.

There are other advantages, we should also mention. Well, if required, you will be able to withdraw your earnings as soon as possible, the commission for conducting transactions on the site is minimal. Of course, you’re still eager to know whether it’s a scam or not. Our answer is negative, and we can back it with several factors: the service operates fast and steadily, it ensures trouble-free and rapid withdrawal of earnings. Additionally, it ensures substantial security of operations and user information, fast technical support as well as an ability to trade in any currency pair without Bitcoin.



The crypto exchange Vircurex is an excellent example of a site, which doesn’t stop in development and continues to be relevant and useful for its users. It offers traders a wide range of possibilities: trading in digital coins (both rare and popular), storage of currencies in digital wallets, security of information, quickly updated data for trading (currency orders, trading history), simple and fast replenishment and withdrawal of funds. In order to get started, you will only need to register and deposit funds to your trading account.

The crypto exchange has been operating since 2011. The platform can be used for crypto trading on a regular basis and also for periodic exchanges of rare altcoins for known ones (2018 cryptocurrency forecast). The editorial office of the project won’t regard Vircurex as a scam. However, we would like to real reviews from traders about the crypto exchange. It will give many traders an opportunity to learn about possible problems of the service. Moreover, it will affect the rating of this site on our web portal.

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