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Forex-lady is a trading robot specially designed to work with CFD-contracts and Forex markets. There aren’t so many tools, capable of providing clear forecasts for both short-term and long-term perspective on most popular assets. Considering the fact that this robot has been created by an independent group that has no relation, and accordingly does not play in favor of the broker team, this service is what we can label as unique.

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Broker Forex Lady
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Founded 2017
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Overall Score 9/10

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The cornerstone of the software program is a set of technical analytical tools for assessing the market situation against the background of the historical cut. The sample of the top ten most effective indicators can be used in complex or separately. Having evaluated the behavior of the selected asset in the past, the robot makes a prediction about its most probable vector in the future. The trader can entrust all his work to the system and switch to the automatic mode or leave the robot as an adviser only giving proposals.

The advantage of working with the robot is obvious: the whole complex analytical work that an average person conducts for hours and days, the software tool performs almost instantly. Even the most experienced trader, who has devoted himself to the fundamental analysis for many years, can’t boast an ideal knowledge of the specifics of all assets. As a rule, trading gurus specialize in 5-7 basic ones. Forex-lady doesn’t need to wait for a convenient moment for specific positions: it just scans everything and shows positions at a favorable moment.

Forex Lady Review

The creators also took care of the principles of money management. The program takes into account the trader’s conservatism and it’s ready to offer the necessary modes. To change the modes, for example, from the default classical mode to Fibonacci or a bit more risky mathematical algorithm, Martingale you should go to the settings.

Forex Lady Review


The settings of Forex-lady

The first stage of acquaintance with the Forex robot suggests filling out the standard questionnaire and choosing a broker. The program synchronizes wallets and acts as an intermediary between the trader and the brokerage company. It’s important to understand that the robot itself has nothing to do with brokers and this is what guarantees its honesty: the developers are interested in the product reviews, they will not benefit if traders start losing using their product.  Moreover, the interface allows you to choose a broker to your taste from a dozen working in a particular region. Having confirmed the data, you can log into the platform and replenish your account. It’s an obligatory condition for cooperation with Forex-lady: a demo account is not provided.

Forex Lady Review. The settings of Forex-lady

You can start the program in one click just a minute after registering and replenishing the account. To do this, you require clicking the «Auto trading» button. The robot will start working in the default setting: the classic mode, a minimum bet, a minimum level of risk. The last one shows how the trader operates the available leverage: this form of profit increase is a standard feature for CFD-contracts and Forex. However, after activating the artificial intelligence of the program one shouldn’t just lie on the sofa, waiting for earnings on the account. The matter is that default settings are designed to minimize risks for all groups of assets and just average safety is ensured here. Only your active interaction with the robot, sticking with specific pairs and the amount of available deposit will give a stable good income.

To get to a really serious income, you should have the robot programmed for yourself:

  • Indicate the most successful assets for work in the list;
  • Determine the principle of money management;
  • Choose the size of the bid and the maximum amount;
  • Exclude tools that are not effective at a particular moment.

It’s quite possible to install a time frame for the platform if you’re going to use a semi-automatic mode, while monitoring the situation manually. What you need to do from the very beginning is to set stop-losses and take-profits, so at the necessary moment the robot could stop trading, fixing your income or saving you from financial losses. Each of the characteristics is crucial for the overall efficiency of the robot. Many aspects that artificial intelligence takes into account at one time will lead to hours of wait. Forex-lady waits until all the indicators converge on the forecast. A more flexible system is flooded with «noise» as well as false signals: in this case there will be more signals, but some of them will be inevitably fatal. However, the reviews posted on the Forex-lady website indicate the accuracy of the signals provided: the most risky mode shows itself better than the chaotic bets of traders, who haven’t decided on the strategy yet.

Forex Lady Review. The settings of Forex-lady

The use of this robot for CFD-contracts and Forex as an advisor is an optimal solution. This is my opinion and it’s backed by many traders who communicate on the official website of the service.

However, those who experiment with the settings risk a lot. Cryptocurrencies, which many experts don’t recommend to work with, keep absorbing traders’ attention around the world due to their unprecedented profitability. Some traders are reluctant to deal with bitcoin, as it’s the most inflated and therefore extremely unpredictable asset. Other altcoins enable to diversify risks and get up to 5-6 firm signals a day. The minimum risk, the classical scheme and the average bid size result in 78% of profitable trades. Some traders report 20-30% of daily profits simply because they don’t delay with operations in anticipation of a big bounce, they just take profits. Forex-lady gives enough signals, so you aren’t expected to cling to any particular. Comparing their calculations and assumptions with the signals provided by Forex-lady, they earn a steady income.

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