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It’s a popular crypto exchange with a huge selection of digital coins for trading. Moreover, it provides a possibility of voting for the introduction of new cryptocurrencies. The company ensures rapid withdrawal of earnings.

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Broker C-cex
Website URL C-cex.com
Founded 2013
Languages English, French, Chinese, Russian
Free Demo Account No
Deposit Methods Bank transfers (Visa, MasterCard), Payeer, Wire, Qiwi, Liqpay, Perfect Money, Privat24, OKPAY, NixMoney, Sberbank, MoneyPolo, USD codes from www.xmlgold.eu, money-change.biz and v-obmen.com
Withdrawal Methods Bank transfers (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal, Privat24, NixMoney, Payza, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Sberbank, Alfabank, Tinkoff, crypto-currency wallets
Number of Assets 172
Types of Assets Bitcoin, SixEleven, 9Coin, Asiadigicoin, Adelphoi, AdvancedInternetBlock, PolyAI, AllInOne, Altcoin, AlpaCoin, ArcticCoin, Aureus, LuckChain, BitBay, BizCoin, Cryptobullcoin, Bonpay, BoostCoin, Bitquick, Burst, CaliphCoin, Bitquark, Burst, CaliphCoin, CryptoCashCoin, Crypto, DA $, Dash, DazzleCoin, Deep, EACoin, EBlackHole, eBoost, Eclipse, ElCoin, Everus, FastCash, Fork Coin, GD Premium, GelukCoin, Goldmaxcoin, Gridcoin, HEAT ledger, etc.
US Traders Allowed No
Overall Score 9,7

Additional Information

  • Daily turnover: up to $1,000,000
  • Exchange Commission: yes
  • Channels of communication: Skype, Twitter (chat), tickets (working days from 9:00 to 19:00 GMT), online chat, Facebook, Google+
  • The possibility of exchanging for fiat currencies: yes
  • Number of crypto-currencies: 172
  • Training: no
  • Mining: no
  • Analytics: yes
  • Affiliate Programs: yes
  • C-cex API: yes

Full Review

C-cex is a dynamically developing crypto exchange with a large list of services provided to its users. The platform was founded in 2013. Currently, on the site it’s possible to sell and buy orders for any of the 172 types of digital coins, quickly deposit funds to the trading account and withdraw both fiat money and crypto assets, transfer funds between trading accounts of the crypto exchange without commission, and much more.

Of course, you’re eager to learn whether C-cex is a scam or it’s a proven crypto exchange, which guarantees fast and safe trading, stable operation of the site and trouble-free withdrawal of earnings. Let’s answer this question here below.

C-cex Review

The C-cex crypto exchange started its work in 2013. Now it can be called one of the trusted companies of the crypto market. On the site you will find more than 170 types of crypto assets available for purchase /sale. The platform is constantly working on expanding this list, therefore registered users are allowed to vote for the addition of new tokens.

The site of the exchange is very simple. Your personal office can be customized individually. It’s convenient to work with it on any device – the interface is adapted to different screen resolutions. The site is available in 4 languages: Chinese, French, English and Russian, which undoubtedly facilitates interaction with it, even for newcomers. The trading page is organized logically and clearly. Here you will find trading charts, purchase and sales orders, transaction history, current bids, online chat and Twitter chat. We note that the trading chart is convenient for analyzing the state of the market due to clarity and simplicity. Specifically, the minimum and maximum values of the chosen token are marked. You can customize this section as you wish.

Processing of all available operations (crypto trading, transfers between users, replenishment and withdrawal of funds) is carried out as soon as possible. When registering on the c-cex.com website, a crypto wallet is automatically created for you. You can replenish it both with fiat money (only US dollars) and with digital coins. From your trading account you can withdraw rubles, US dollars and crypto assets (learn here how to quickly earn on cryptocurrencies). For the transfer between users of the platform commission is not charged. Additional options include: the use of a webcam to scan QR codes, an affiliate program, accepting payments through bank cards and C-cex USD codes (a special code from a set of numbers and letters for transferring funds to other traders or working outside the system without commission).

To register on the site of the exchange, you only need to specify your email and create a reliable password. After this, you need to confirm your email, following the link in the letter sent to you and you can start working with the system. Verification of users isn’t required. In addition, you can earn on the exchange by means of the referral program. When registering, a unique link is sent to each user. It enables you to invite traders to participate in trading.  The reward accounts for 5% of the money that the attracted user has transferred to the stock exchange.


Replenishment and withdrawal of funds

For each trader registered on the crypto exchange, a crypto wallet is automatically generated. You can replenish your trading account with fiat money (only US dollars are accepted) and digital coins. Account replenishment options offered by the platform include: bank transfers Visa/MasterCard, Wire, Qiwi, Liqpay, W1, YMR, Perfect Money, Privat24, OKPAY, NixMoney, Sberbank, Bank Transfer, MoneyPolo, USD codes from www.xmlgold.eu, money-change.biz, v-obmen.com, etc.

By the way, it’s important to realize that the company doesn’t support mining on the site. That’s why it’s not recommended to create several deposits with insignificant amounts on your trading accounts, as your account can be completely banned without the possibility to withdraw funds. The company’s managers can do without notifying you.

As for the withdrawal of funds, it’s possible to withdraw rubles, US dollars, as well as crypto assets. For this purpose you can use bank transfers Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Privat24, NixMoney, Payza, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Sberbank, Alfabank, Tinkoff, crypto wallets, etc. The commission for trade accounts for 2%. Commission isn’t charged for transferring digital coins between the users.


Complaints about C-cex

During its lifetime, C-cex has received both positive and negative feedback. The vast majority of users point to great advantages of working with the platform. Among them we should mention a convenient site c-cex.com, adapted to all screen resolutions (so you can conveniently trade on either smartphones or desktop devices), a simple and intuitive interface with a logical layout of the trading chart, which can be customized, information about the exchange rates , the history of sales and purchases, online chat. The platform developers note that both newcomers and experienced traders are welcome on the platform, since verification isn’t required. Withdrawal and replenishment of funds is carried out in a variety of convenient ways within a few hours. At the moment, the platform provides an opportunity to trade using 172 types of digital coins. It also allows to openly vote for the addition of new tokens (here you can learn the whole truth about crypto assets).

As for downsides of the company, we should point to the lack of information about its registration, the inability to register without an invitation code. Additionally, the creation of private offices on the crypto exchange was suspended in early 2018. The company itself explains the situation as an attempt to create the most comfortable conditions for its currently existing users. The resumption of registration is postponed indefinitely. This fact can be regarded as a positive moment, as the platform tries to provide its traders with profitable conditions for cooperation.

If we find complaints about C-cex, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:


Regulation of C-cex

The C-cex website doesn’t provide any information on registration of the resource, but its officials declare guarantees of reliable storage of all personal information provided by the registered traders, as well as the protection of all operations on the platform. The site undertakes responsibility to ensure the absolute security of the site c-cex.com. In order to maintain sufficient reliability, cookies and special software for collecting information are used, this data isn’t transferred to unaffiliated third parties.

The platform pays maximum attention to the safety of its users and all transactions conducted in the system. For this purpose several types of protection are implemented two-factor identification via email, SMS messages, Google authenticator, confirmation of email when creating a personal office on the site, SSL certificate (it guarantees protection of transmitted information), hot and cold storage. Besides this, the company conducts activities to block DDoS attacks and attempts to hack at any level of the system.

Read the rules of security policy on the website of the crypto exchange C-cex


Is C-cex a scam?

The crypto-exchange C-cex was founded in 2013. Since that time it has become a powerful and convenient tool for trading. There are up to 172 types of crypto assets on the site, among them you can see the most popular ones: Bitcoin (learn here how to earn on Bitcoin), Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classi, and also rare enough: NXT, NXT assets, Omnicore and so on. Another important feature is that it’s possible to vote for adding new tokens to the crypto exchange. The users highly praise a simple and intuitive interface with a convenient arrangement of elements: the chart of trades, the history of operations, orders for sale and purchase, crypto exchange rates, online chat. The system works as quickly as possible: you can deposit funds and withdraw earnings in a few minutes, and there are many options to perform these operations: bank transfers, electronic payment systems and partner services. It’s not necessary for the user to undergo verification.

The site c-cex.com and private offices are available in 4 languages: English, French, Chinese and Russian. Another advantage of working with the site is an attractive referral program, which enables you to earn by simply attracting new users to the site (via a special link). The company is actively discussed because it’s quite popular among traders. The vast majority of users leave positive reviews about it. By the way, registration on the platform is temporarily suspended because the company does its best to ensure the maximum stable operation and comfortable conditions for trade to all users of the system. Such a decision of the company doesn’t confirm the idea that this crypto exchange is a scam.

Extra benefits include: a strong emphasis on security (Google authenticator and SMS, SSL-certificate, hot and cold storage of funds), a responsive support team. We stress that the administration of the crypto exchange doesn’t support mining. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use other storages for small amounts of digital assets. You’d better transfer large sums to the crypto exchange if you don’t want to be banned.

Of course, you’re still eager to know whether this service is a scam or not.  At the moment, we should answer in the negative. It can be explained by the following true facts: high level of security, simplicity of interaction with the user interface of the site, which is available in 4 languages, stable operation of the service, fast withdrawal of both fiat money and crypto assets and the availability of up to 172 digital coins for trading. By the way, you can vote to have this list expanded.



The crypto exchange C-cex boasts more than 410 000 users as well as a daily turnover of up to $1,000,000. Working since 2013, it offers 172 types of digital coins and it considers extending this list in the future. That’s why this platform should be called one of the few stable companies, which is actively developing and making its service as attractive to traders as possible. A simple user interface available in 4 languages, a possibility to vote for a new cryptocurrency (2018 cryptocurrency forecast), a profitable referral program enabling to earn by attracting new users to the system, stable operation of the platform with guaranteed security, comfortable terms of trade with a customizable schedule, rapid withdrawal of funds, lack of verification – all of this makes interaction with the crypto exchange extremely comfortable.

The editorial office of the project FraudBroker.com isn’t going to regard C-cex as a scam. However, we ask traders to leave reviews, which can honestly tell about the work on this site, warn against probable problems associated with it and help to adjust this company’s rating on our website.

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