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Crypto exchange with Ukrainian roots offers comfortable and profitable cryptocurrency trading on a robust platform.

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Broker BTC Trade UA
Website URL
Founded 2014
Headquarters Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Support Types E-mail, online chat, tickets
Languages Russian
Free Demo Account No
Deposit Methods Bank transfers (Visa, MasterCard), Privat24, crypto-currency wallets
Withdrawal Methods Bank transfers (Visa, MasterCard), LiqPay
Number of Assets 22
Types of Assets Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Novacoin, Dash, Karbowanec, Peercoin, Monero, CopperLark, Vertcoin, Resumeo Shares, Zcash, iTicoin, Ethereum, Taler, Ripple, Sibcoin, Dogecoin, Hirocoin, Ethereum Classic, NEM, Tether
Account Currency Crypto currency, UAH
US Traders Allowed No
Mobile Trading Yes
Overall Score 9.7/10

Additional Information

  • Exchange Commission: yes
  • Trading volume: about $100,000 per day
  • Channels of communication: e-mail, tickets, online chat, Twitter, Facebook
  • The possibility of exchanging for fiat currencies: yes (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Training: no
  • Mining: no
  • Analytics: yes
  • Affiliate Programs: yes
  • BTC Trade UA API: yes

Full Review

Crypto exchange BTC Trade UA is one of cryptocurrency trading platform, registered in CIS and offering purchase/sale of tokens in pairs with Ukrainian hryvnia. In your personal account you can find main and quite rare currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Sibcoin, Karbowanec, CopperLark etc.

Let us get all this straightened out, if BTC Trade UA is a scam, prank or a promising safe platform, allowing getting profit on transactions with cryptocurrency and rapid withdrawal? Find the answers in our service review.

BTC Trade UA Review. BTC Trade UA Is It a Scam?

The platform BTC Trade UA started its operations in 2014. The founder of the company became a programmer Bogdan Chaika from Dnepropetrovsk (former technical developer of the mobile application «Privat 24» для Privatbank), which attracted investments by the platform launch in Ukraine.

The main resource purposes are simple and user friendly cryptocurrency trading service, maximal crypto trading promotion and its getting to the new level in Ukraine. For the time being the exchange offers transactions with 22 tokens, the main ones among which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple, Dogecoin, but there are quite rare ones, too: Hirocoin, iTicoin etc. Please note that there are national cryptocurrencies of the Ukraine (Karbowanec), Belarus (Taler) and Russia (Sibcoin) on the platform, too. The fiat money are not available on the platform, the exception is Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH).

The personal account registration on the crypto exchange is maximally simple and clear, here is no need of obligatory verification or submitting any further user information. For dealing with the system all you need is entering login in Latin characters, e-mail address, create and confirm the password, accept. The end user license agreement, enter captcha of Google and confirm the fact that you aren’t an USA citizen (obligatory). Then you get the link on your e-mail, which you need to follow for completing the registration. Also the system generates the pin code which you will use for confirmation of your transactions on the exchange.

The great majority of traders BTC Trade UA appreciate the simple and well considered platform interface. After deposit (in cryptocurrency or Ukrainian hryvnia) you are offered to start trading. For this you need to go the tab «Purchase/sale», pick the currency pair in the sheet, at that all the information on it will be displayed, including the token rate chart to Ukrainian hryvnia. Just below there are the cryptocurrency purchase/sale orders. In this section there are also panels with transactions history for the last 24 hours, open for the current deal moment, statistic about traders which are online, online-chat and Twitter.

Since day one the exchange BTC Trade UA demonstrates the upward trend in trade value – this figure is over 100 000 dollars daily. The most popular pairs are BTC/UAH, KRB/UAH and LTC/UAH. The service developers canalize their energies on extending the list of resource services and creation of comfortable conditions for traders: there is the mobile application (for Android and iOS) available, an affiliate program designed, which allows to earn up to 30 000 hryvnia for one customer attracted.

There are several advantages which should not go unnoticed: considerate customer support answering all relevant questions, ready to listen to suggestions and inform about technical works coming; low transactions commissions; accepting bank cards by deposit/withdrawal, no limitations for amount of accounts created. All this makes the platform one of the leading ones. Please note that the developers of BTC Trade UA designed not just the exchange, but crossplatform services for cryptocurrency transactions. The design intend of this product are used on other similar resources.


Deposit and withdrawal

Exchange BTC Trade UA offers its users trading main and quite rare tokens, among them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Karbowanec, Resumeo Shares, Monero, CopperLark, Taler, Sibcoin, NEM, Tether and others. Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) is the fiat currency used in pair with tokens.

There is no need for verification, so you may deposit right after the registration of personal account. You need to go the tab «Finances», choose the convenient cryptocurrency (read the full truth about the cryptocurrency here) or hryvnia and press «Refill». After you declare the sum and the system generates automatically the address of a crypto wallet (it works just for 2 hours), where your payment will be credited. If you need to deposit hryvnia (at least 100 UAH), you have to put your surname, given name, telephone number, sum, then define the deposit way: with Visa/MasterCard of Ukraine, through Privat24 or other payment cards of the country. The total transfer sum will be displayed including commission (up to 2,5%). Then you need just to confirm the payment.

To withdraw funds from the balance you can also use bank cards of Ukraine and other countries (Visa/MasterCard), cryptocurrency wallets, e-payment system LiqPay. The commission for this transfer is 1,3%. A point to keep in mind is that the platform blocks withdrawal of both fiat currency and tokens for 1,5 days automatically. It’s designed intentionally to prevent transactions if swindlers got access to the account. The platform withholds 0,1% for any transaction. This figure may be decreased to 0,05% for members of the special loyalty campaign.


Complaints against BTC Trade UA

The exchange BTC Trade UA may be defined as a simple and convenient trading platform offering users cryptocurrency pairs with Ukrainian hryvnia. Since day one the platform managed to prove the status of reliable service and demonstrates the daily stable trade value, even not too high, and yet, over 100 000 dollars. The company representatives put efforts to promote the cryptocurrency in Ukraine and give exposure of CIS traders to the resource. For this to the list not only main tokens were included, but also rare national ones, too: Sibcoin (Russia), Karbowanec (Ukraine), Taler (Belarus). There are the convenient trading conditions realized on the platform: simple interface (trading chart, spot exchange rates, purchase/sale orders, list of orders and effected deals, online-chat and Twitter), mobile application for Android and iOS, considerate customer support appreciating traders opinion (the polls in social media prove it), no need of verification and simple user registration, low commissions for deposit, withdrawal and cryptocurrency trading.

For our review to be unbiased, let’s consider some issues with the exchange, too. The most serious ones generating doubts concerning the platform safety were 2 hacker attacks resulted in unauthorized access in 2015. The sum the hackers withdrew from the platform was around 20 000 dollars. However despite of such round figures for the relatively small crypto exchange, these means were returned to their owners (the platform creator Bogdan Chaika paid them himself). At that the service didn’t cease working and now has the positive development tone.

To increase safety by withdrawal the strong authentication or the request through e-mail can be adjusted. Each user has PIN of the system to be put activating transactions. Another issue about BTC Trade UA is considered to be the website with no Ukrainian language support taking into account that the platform is registered in Ukraine. The fact of lack of USD and EUR for trading distresses a little, too. There are no announcements about adding these currencies, but there is no problem to convert the rubles into hryvnia and deposit them.

If we find complaints about BTC Trade UA, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:


Regulation of crypto exchange BTC Trade UA

The crypto exchange BTC Trade UA was registered in 2014 in Ukraine, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. It’s officially under the regulations and standards of the country: the service operation and all the relevant legal relations including disputes are regulated by legislation of Ukraine. After those two unauthorized accesses the developers strengthened the platform protection, putting the main focus on its safety. Each user gets an unique PIN by registration, which is supposed to be used performing any monetary operations with the service. In case it’s lost you need to apply to the customer support, which will solve your problem in private capacity.

The extra safety level is provided due confirmation of currency withdrawal through e-mail. Setting the two-factor authentication of Gmail is also recommended. For this you need to go to «Profile», choose the button «Turn on two-factor authentication», scan QR-code and enter the number received from the application. This operation takes just a few minutes and makes your personal account secured from hacker attacks.

The platform shall be obligated to keep the personal information submitted by users and transactions data in the exchange environment. The detailed information about the regulation of BTC Trade UA you can find in End User License Agreement published on the exchange website.

Read End User License Agreement on the website of BTC Trade UA


BTC Trade UA is a scam?

The crypto exchange BTC Trade UA opened in 2014. For the short period of its operation it went through two serious convulsions (unauthorized access to the system and cryptocurrency gank), but recovered though and kept working, stabilizing trade values and now shows the positive development tone. Just this effected its positive image and high level of traders confidence. For the time being BTC Trade UA is considered to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms (have a look here at the latest cryptocurrency forecast 2018) in CIS countries. This situation is well explicable as there is everything for smooth trading in the service, the trading platform has convenient tools: adjustable chart, the sheet with current value of tokens, online-chat, count of users online, block with purchase/sale orders, current requests and transactions history.

Please note the considerate customer support, focusing on issues of users and appreciating their opinion, the amount of tokens for trading is not bad (main, rare and national currencies), availability of fiat money, no verification need, low transactions commissions, quick and simple registration procedure, the option for deposit and withdrawal with bank cards, gainful referral program of receiving extra profit for attracting new users to the exchange, mobile application.

There are in internet the negative feedback about the exchange, too, but the positive comments are much more. This is hardly surprising, as the platform operates mostly clear and solves all the problems of traders as provided by Ukrainian legislation. After hacker attacks and money steal in 2015 all sums were fully returned to owners from the company owner’s private funds. The platform enhanced the safety level by implementing strong authentication and personal PIN for transactions confirmation. Can we call the crypto exchange BTC Trade UA a scam, prank and fool’s bargain? The answer is obvious – no! The platform confirmed the status of safe trading service and continuously increases the trade values. The platform managed to recover after two hacker attacks and keep its dynamic development in cryptocurrency market in CIS countries. BTC Trade UA is the second to none of more popular exchanges. The company plans to extend the list of tokens, increase the safety level and promote tokens in Ukraine.



Generally, BTC Trade UA is a popular platform for effective cryptocurrency trading in Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries (how to cash in on cryptocurrency? read here), getting money trading and withdraw easy, with no delays and minimal commission even to the bank card. The exchange has been stably operating since 2014, offering for trading the main and national tokens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The daily trade value here exceeds 100 000 dollars, the serious index for such modest resource. The additional proves of the stable company image is the confident position of BTC Trade UA in the market, its continuous growth, enhanced security, convenient services and considerate customer support.

The editorial staff of project won’t consider the exchange BTC Trade UA a scam and a prank. Share your opinion of the platform: we expect the feedback both from experienced traders and novices. Your opinion will help us to sound out the service, get to know of its possible issues and change its position in our rating.

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