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Abi is a free binary options trading robot that provides you with comprehensive market analysis by its complex settings. And you get profit in autopilot mode!

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Each trading robot has its own characteristics in the financial markets. Some require separate settings for tools; others need a money management system. Before determining whether a robot is profitable, it is necessary to consider that it should always be controlled and optimized for the current market situation, and not to act blindly. In this situation, not every novice market player will have enough experience.


Global System Upgrade for Abi robot 2018

Over 3.5 years of its existence, Abi has gone through a lot of updates. However the last one was revolutionary and quite unexpected. Lady Robot code has been seriously modified, and now the Expert Advisor, who gave signals to buy binary options, tells how to trade currency pairs and CFD-contracts profitably.


New Functions & Settings

At first sight, the changes seem to be cosmetic: capital management systems and key indicators remained in place. But those who are familiar with Forex Trading in more detail understand the fundamental difference:

1. Profit is generated from the difference in exchange rates at the time of contract signing and at the time of the asset «sale». Therefore, the program began to consider not only overbought, position of the wave grid and volumes, but also the volatility of the asset.

2. Unlike the contracts with fixed profit, even in case of incorrect prediction, the trader can save the money, closing the deal earlier than planned. When trading binary options in such a situation, the rate would have burned down the whole.

3. The opportunity to make a profit is provided by leverage, even at small jump in prices. This is a kind of loan that provides the broker. In case of a successful deal, the trader gains profit from it, but at the same time undertakes to pay for the service, if his actions led to the discharge of the deposit.

4. All the previous points lead only to one thing: to the emphasis on the relevance of the stop-loss and take-profit functions. This is respectively risk insurance and profit taking. Making a deal through Abi, the trader sets the bars: first of all, to avoid a serious loss, if the course goes wrong and secondly, not to miss a good moment and sell the asset at the most profitable price.


How to Work After the Upgrade

Respectively, it is required to place the following settings at the updated Abi:

  • Kind of cooperation (automat or signals);
  • Capital management system (math algorithm, classic, levels);
  • Level of risk (average percent of leverage from the specific broker);
  • Assets by which signals will be received;
  • Indicators, which will be oriented by automation;
  • Closing bars of trades at profit and loss— stop-loss, take-profit.

Anything that’s left is to run the program. The robot will do the rest. You can check how productive the program deals with its tasks in the statistics mode. Reviews also demonstrate the look of these scanty figures in the accounts of real traders who trusted Abi.


Full Review

Abi trading robot is a full-fledged automated complex for binary options trading, which will suit both novice traders and professionals.

First of all, it is worth noting that the system is absolutely free, and most importantly, it can be checked on a demo account. Most modern developments do not give such an opportunity, and risk for the useless purchase does not make sense.

As for the ease of use, the installation of this robot also will not cause any difficulties. Just go to the official website and pass the registration procedure. A questionnaire with personal data is small; you only need to enter your name, e-mail and phone number. Then you can proceed to the settings of the robot and its launch.

Abi robot allows you to trade automatically, as well as with the help of online signals, if you are a supporter of active trading. In this case, the robot is equipped with a wide list of settings, each of which is described by the developer on the official website. As a result, everyone will be able to understand and adjust the trading system to their trading style. Abi can work not only according to the standard algorithm: individual settings are also available in personal account. The robot can make transactions depending on the settings.


Abi: Is It a Scam or Not?

The answer is a resounding «no»: the robot is not a scam to users, and not only due to its strategy. This automatic system is supported by the majority of the most prestigious brokers with an excellent reputation, who would not risk by allowing Abi to work on their platforms. In addition, robot’s algorithm contains a high-quality trading algorithm based on several indicators; there is support for users and real screens from the broker’s account. If this is not enough, then, as already mentioned, the robot can be tested on a demo.


Abi Operating Principle

Abi trading strategy is applicable both in the trend market and during the trading range (flat).
The main idea is to use six indicators:

1. TREND – complex from Linear Regression & Bollinger Bands.
2. RSI.
3. Stochastic.
4. %Williams.
5. MACD.
6. CCI.

The signal is the coincidence of all the indicators in favor of opening a deal in the right direction. This approach allows robot to trade with 87% of positive trades, and this is very worthy.

Robot uses 3 different systems for capital management:

1. Classic.
2. Martingale.
3. Fibonacci.

Each of the systems is suitable for different purposes. For example, «Classic» is a purely conservative option with minimal risks, «Martingale» is suitable for those who plan to accelerate the deposit, and «Fibonacci» is the best option with high accuracy of entry into the transaction.

A wide range of settings will allow even the most sophisticated traders to customize the system for themselves, and beginners can just leave the default settings, which will also give the result.

It is necessary to distinguish the following among the main parameters:

  • Expiry time (expiration of the option) – from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
  • Transaction amount – from 5 to 500 US dollars.
  • Tool function – EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD, etc., including indexes and commodities.
  • Number of simultaneous transactions – from 1 to 8.
  • Disabling and enabling indicators.
  • Risk management system.

Description of each section is available at the official website of the developer.


Abi Pros & Cons


  • Absolutely free distribution, through which free funds can be deposited.
  • Possibility to test the robot on a demo account to verify its performance and profitability of the trading strategy.
  • Easy setup without downloading unnecessary files, which makes it possible to run the robot even from your smartphone.
  • Easy to understand and a wide range of settings, which is fully described on the official website of the developer. This allows both novice traders and professionals to use the robot successfully.
  • A large number of trading instruments, including currencies, shares, commodities, precious metals and indices.
  • Various capital management systems that will attract both conservative and aggressive traders.
  • Active support by the developer on all matters relating to the robot.


  • Small inaccuracies in the signals that require control from the user; for example, during the period of news release under the particular financial tool. However, when the market is calm and the settings are correct, the robot shows about 87% of profitable transactions.


Short Summary

Abi is a professional trading robot, which will allow you to achieve decent results. However, there are no trading strategies that give only positive transactions in 100% of cases, but the above 87% is enough to generate a stable income from the market.

This robot will be a great choice for novice traders due to its ease of use and setup. As for the more experienced market participants, Abi provides a fairly wide range of settings for using the robot at different stages of the price movement. Also, the system makes it possible to trade almost all popular types of options, in particular, on shares, indices and commodities, which allow you to diversify risks and experiment with trading strategy.



The research work of Abi robot showed that its trading algorithm is one of the most promising in today’s automated trading market. The robot surpasses its competitors in all categories, from free distribution and demo testing to comprehensive market analysis and developer support. All this in the complex will give you the best trading result in as little time as possible.

The robot is clear for trading by top brokers with the highest level of reputation, which once again proves its reliability and quality. In addition, Abi has repeatedly been awarded several international awards, has many positive reviews, a full description and operating procedures.

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