Forex Brokers Rating And Reviews

BrokerMin 1st DepositLeverageSpreadFoundedReviewOpen Account
IQ Option$101:1000from 0, 007 points2013ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Just2Trade$2001:500from 0 points2015ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
easyMarkets$1001:30 EU (1: 400 other countries)from 0.5 points2001ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
EXNESS$11:100-1:2000 and morefrom 0.0 points (on ECN accounts)2008ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FXPRIMUS$1001:500from 0.1 points2009ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FinmaxFX$1001:50-1:300from 3 points2017ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FBS$11:3000from 0 points2009ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Plus500100$ (100€)1:30from 0.1 points2008ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
XM Group$51:30 - leverage applies to all EU regulated entities of the group. Leverage depends on the financial instrument traded and the country that the action is takenFrom 0 points2009ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
24option$2502010ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FOREX CLUB$2001:10 - 1:500from 0.00004 points1997ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
eToro50$1:100from 0.18 points2006ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Admiral Markets$2001:500 - 1:10from 0.1 points2001ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FXOpen1$1:500from 0 points2003ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
MTrading$1001:1000from 0 points2013ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
World Forex$11: 500 (up to 1: 200 for W-ECN)Narrow spreads from 0,2 pips2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Grand Capital$101:1-1:2000from 0.4 points2006ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
STForex$101:10-1:1000from 2 points2014ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Alpari$1Up to 1: 1000ecn.mt5, pro.ecn.4: from 0; ecn.mt4: from 0.1; standard.mt4, mt5: from 0.31998ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FXB Trading$2501:100-1:500From 0,0 points2016 годReviewVisit BrokerDemo
BinaryFXNo minimum deposit1:1000from 0.9 points1999ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FxPro100$1:500from 0.4 points2006ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Tradefred$2501:200 (currency pairs)From 2.5 points2016 yearReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Spectre$10From 0.1 pointsReviewVisit BrokerDemo
VerumFX$1001:200from 1.5 points2015ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
NPBFX$101:1000from 0.4 points1996ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
LiteForex10$1:500-1:1from 0,1 point + commision for 1 lot 5$2005ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
GKFXNo minimum deposit1:500-1:25from 0 points2009ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Miki Forex20$1:500from 0.5 points2003ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Dukascopy$1001:300from 0.5 points1998ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
UFX$1001:400from 2 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Tickmill$1001:500from 0.0 points2014ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
NewForex1$1:1000from 2 points2013ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Esplanade$1001:1000from 0.0 points2014ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Adamant Finance1$1:500from 0 points2014ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FXGlory1$1:3000From 0.7 points2011ReviewVisit BrokerDemo$1001:300from 3 points2006ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FXFlat200€1:200from 0.8 points1997ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
IC Markets$200500:1from 0 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
TurboForex$2501:500from 0.5 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Exante$10 0001:50from 0.3 points2011ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
XTrade$1001:400from 2 points2008ReviewVisit BrokerDemo$101:500from 0 points2004ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
AMarkets$11:1000from 0 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
ForexTime$51:1000from 0 points2011ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
WELTRADE$251:1 - 1:1000from 0 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FTO Capital$2501:20-1:500from 0.06 points2016ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Rimarkets250$1:40-1:500from 0.1 point2017ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Imperial Trade250$from 0.1 point2003ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Nadex 250$from 1:50from 0.02 point2009ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Saxo Bank$20001:100from 0.1 points1992ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
BCS Forex1$1:1-1:200from 0,2 points2004ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Alfa-forex$11:200from 0,01 points2003ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
FreshForex$11:2000from 0.9 points2004ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
AvaTrade$1001:400from 0.03 points2006ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
ForexStart1$1:500from 0 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
AMEGANo minimum deposit1:1000from 0.5 points2017ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
MaxiMarkets$5001:400from 2 points2008ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Nord FX$51:1000from 0.0 points2008ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
Forex4you$11:10-1:1000from 0 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
OANDA1$1:100from 0.5 points1996ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
TeleTrade$20001:200from 0.00008 points1994ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
HYCM$1001:200from 0.2 points2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
TenkoFX10$1:500from 0 points2012ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
AKDForex100$1:100from 0 points2017ReviewVisit BrokerDemo
iFOREX$1001:400From 0.5 points1996 yearReviewVisit BrokerDemo
AxiTrader$2001:100, 1:400 (on special request)from 1 point2007ReviewVisit BrokerDemo

Please find hereby the relevant rating of Forex brokers, which achieved a strong position in the market and offer earning capabilities for traders of different level of competence.

Forex (Forex, or FX, English – FOReign EXchange ) — the market of interbank exchange at open prices (the quotation is building with no limits and fixed values). Forex market is the expression widely used. (English: Forex market, FX-market). Learn more in Wikipedia. Most often this expression is used meaning currency interchange. In fact in the English-speaking world it is the currencies market, foreign currencies generally; Forex in Russian means marginal trading through dealing centers.

Forex appeared in 1976, just then all world states have given up the gold standard and started using Jamaica system, where the rates are settled not by a state but by the market. Such solution was the crucial option for the global economics strengthening. What makes this market so popular today? Forex is the international market over the counter, with no relation to a specific trading venue, it is rather a certain cyberspace, which members execute transactions from all over the world. Trading process is going on literally every single moment, currencies, stocks, shares, futures, CFD, metals, oil.

To start trading in the market a trader needs internet access and minimal capital. For Forex trading to be safe and executed in whole lot of money you need a broker offering the leverage level to his customers – added capital for transactions. This is exactly the marginal trading, making it possible for a trader to increase his profit within a short time. For your trading to be stable and secured we recommend you to choose brokers which are the market leaders. For this have a look to the relevant and up-to-date Forex brokers rating presented in our project.

So the palmary examples of a strong company in the market are Forex and  CFD broker — Forex club (here is the feedback from customers), taking 8th position in our rating project. The brand is active in enhancing its services, which makes it possible to offer more unique options providing 100% smooth trading. About 600 contributors are happy to serve one purpose: to make dealing with brand gainful and smooth and the chance to make money real. Plenty of awards Forex Club was honored prove these words: «Broker of the year» (2008, 2010, 2012), «One of the rapidly growing companies of America», «The best FOREX broker in Russia» (2010). The company does its best to operate actively, optimizes and improves its service. It may be trusted and let you trade on a stable platform Libertex. Among its tools the customers can find today stocks, crypto currencies, CFD, metals and others. Besides there are analytical materials of the company, drafted on a daily basis by professional traders effective in real trading.

Forex trading (the whole truth about Forex here) is very popular today also because they offer high yield, continuous profit no matter of market trends presence/absence. Traders get profit by revaluation and devaluation of currencies: the devaluation of one currency does not cause the market fall, just the cost increase of one currency against another, while the fall of stocks on the securities market results in a trend change. A user can work here when he feels convenient, and its location does not matter, the trading is going 24 hours (except of weekends), as the main exchange platforms (for instance Asian, American, European and others) are situated in all time zones.

Trading, and especially Forex is an interesting job which suggests you to keep abreast of the news, economics growth and be in continuous development. Daily market turnovers are over 4 bn dollars, this makes Forex one of the most profitable segments of the global financial market. The chance to get unlimited profits attract traders, inspires to change life, fall into the market analytics, execute transactions again and again.

Forex trading advantages:

  • Forex availability for anyone just with internet access, minimum of money on the account and a wish to shoot the moon;
  • 24 hours trading from any place and any time convenient for a trader;
  • ones of the most low running costs. The spreads of the major currencies are either minimal or do not exist;
  • no chance for cornering this market is the warranty that its insiders may effect the price for their own purposes;
  • fair leverage level, which lets you trade with the minimum deposit and make good profit;
  • the chance to turn Forex into your job and get unlimited profits at evaluation/devaluation of currencies no matter of their dynamics;
  • there are plenty of training materials, courses, webinars in the Internet supporting you by getting the feel of the market and effective trading start up.