Forex Bonuses

Forex bonuses today it is the opportunity for the successful start in trading with no risk of losing your own funds. Various offers, deals, for instance, complimentary, training, no deposit bonuses from Forex with an with no withdrawal, will be of use for novices in Forex trading, who would try in this kind of investments and is not ready for risk yet investing his own money. It is not this fear only preventing the successful start, but also the labyrinth of confidence in own strength, lack of trading experience.

It is important for the Forex broker of today not only not lose his customer in hard competition, but also offer him the chance of comfortable experiencing the platform and market, quicken his interest providing exciting and lucrative offer insights. Professional traders also constantly look for solid brokers keeping their promises for continuity. Today plenty of beneficial offers and deals are available, which let you trade bonuses effectively and feel yourself more confident. There are both, deposit bonuses (accrued by deposit replenishment) and no deposit Forex bonuses, which are more of demand and may be used immediately after registration at the broker platform with no need to add funds to deposit.

Forex Bonuses


No deposit Forex bonus

In truth, no deposit Forex bonus (what is Forex?) is one of the bonuses popular by traders, these are funds accrued to the user’s account after fulfilling certain conditions, mostly the trader shall undergo a registration procedure, be a novice by Forex broker’s platform (most such bonuses are just for new customers). No deposit Forex bonuses are attractive for professional traders, too.

To gain your bonus you just need to sign up and fulfill other conditions like one of the most common for such bonus – the complete user verification. On the official website of the Forex broker you can check out detailed no deposit bonus conditions. The trader, which used no deposit withdrawal bonus can withdraw it from the platform in case he works it off. Such way to get real profits with no own investments is very exciting for traders today. No deposit Forex bonus 2017 is an unique opportunity to take a stab at trading no spending own money.

If Forex trading brings you profit and you feel confident with it, you can transfer money for deposit and keep trading. If you see that this job is sure not for you, no deposit bonus will bun out but you will not lose a coin of your money. Nevertheless, the feedback from traders about brokers in Internet often speak for unconcern about such bonuses, that the users attracted by the exciting offer take it and then can’t withdraw the funds for long, which they seem to deserve. What is the issue?

The exciting offer always hides its use conditions (compulsory working off etc), initially not noticed or not studied by traders, especially the beginning ones. So here you are, trading bonuses, wishing to withdraw them to a card. This is where the issues start, he broker declines the withdrawal request and it’s not its fault that you didn’t get to know about bonus use conditions.

The brokers of today whatever customer-centric they be, don’t operate at a loss, you can’t withdraw no deposit Forex bonus for nothing, you can do it observing its use conditions only. All brokers have different bonus conditions, even the bonus itself may be withdrawn, but after the essential turnover is reached. Part of the bonuses of Forex brokers are limited in timing constraints and upon lapse of time the funds are impossible to withdraw.

Because of the love-hate feedback from traders about brokers many users develop the show-me attitude towards such offers. And yet you’d better appreciate trading bonuses with Forex and asses your own circumstances right. If you are looking for a favorable offer or a Forex trading offer, our main advise for you is – read the bonus use conditions carefully. Don’t buy into sexy slogans, get into details of the offer, it may be a trap with complicated working out and withdrawal conditions behind it.

Study the company granting no deposit Forex bonus, as there may be a flashman with exciting and superlucrative offers longing to wangle a customer along with its money. .The trader gets attracted with the bonus and starts trading but doesn’t have a clue that the profit is designed in the system. Elated by success it starts transferring his own funds and loses them. This is quite a common scam scheme, so you shall study the  broker companies, offering bonuses, too, otherwise you my simply lose both time and money, along with the inspiration about Forex trading.

Forex Bonuses: No deposit Forex bonus


Forex bonus up to 100% fom Alpari for registration

The favorable offer from Alpari broker . All you need to gain it is:

  • Open an account on Alpari official website (follow the special link pressing the offer banner on the home page of the company’s website),
  • Deposit the real account for any sum up to 100$ within 7 days,
  • That’s all, the bonus is yours.

You can take your advantage of this offer only once, it is applicable for the company accounts standard.mt4. To withdraw the funds you need to make the trade volume equal to the bonus sum within 30 days. If the trade volume will be completed before 30 days the trader may immediately withdraw the bonus funds.

Forex bonus up to 100% fom Alpari for registration

Get a registration bonus


Bonuses of the program Alpari Cashback from Alpari

The loyalty campaign of this broker is the one unique in Forex industry. To become its member you only need to sign up following the special link. Due to the program the trader can trade, deposit accounts, invest and gain bonuses in the form of credits (alps), which he may use in any way convenient for him: exchange for real money, apply for turnover of costs, spent on different commissions (this may be spreads, negative swap deals). The credits are given for simple actions, too: for example registration at the broker’s platform, opening an account, loading the deposit. The more active you are at Alpari platform, the more credits you gain and the biger is the sum for withdrawal.

Bonuses of the program Alpari Cashback from Alpari

Participate in Alpari Cashback


Welcome bonus of 250% from InstaForex

Bonus of 250% by registration is one of the most lucrative offers of InstaForex the chance to increase the deposit for 250%. The more sum you have on your account, the more chances for gaining profit from Forex trading you get. To be a member of the bonus program you need to:

  • be a new company user,
  • open an account and undergo the complete verification by broker,
  • deposit the real account,
  • send a special request on the website for getting the bonus.

You can withdraw all incomes from trading bonuses, all you need is to reach a certain trade value (it’s calculated as follows: X*3 lots, X = the sum of bonuses).

Get a 250% bonus


Forex bonus 55% from InstaForex by deposit

The palatable bonus works by every loading deposit, this gives a chance to get fresh funds automatically and trade deposit 1,5 times more than the existing sum. To use the bonus you shall:

  • open an account in the company (the offer doesn’t work with other bonuses),
  • deposit it,
  • send the request about your wish to get the bonus.

So the bonus funds will be paid for any loading of your deposit no matter of trade results. This option lets any trader (both a novice of the platform and a current customer) work with big volumes. You may withdraw all incomes from trading bonus funds, but you need to reach a certain trading volume first (can be calculated using the following formula: X*6 lots, X here = bonus funds volume).

Forex bonus 55% from InstaForex by deposit

Get a 55% bonus


Forex bonus 101% from FreshForex by deposit

The favorable offer from FreshForex is a chance double the volume of funds on deposit, and that means even more opportunities for getting profit from Forex trading. The bonus works for any account loading. To take the advantage of the offer, you shall do the following:

  • open an account (the bonus works for accounts ClassicMT4 or Market Pro MT4),
  • complete the verification procedure,
  • deposit for at least100$.

Forex bonus 101% from FreshForex by deposit

Get a 101% bonus


Riskless trading day from Grand Capital

The gainful Forex bonus from Grand Capital will let users trade the whole day with no losses. To participate on the bonus program you need:

  • open an account,
  • Complete the full verification submitting identification documents,
  • The in the personal account (in the section with offers) choose this bonus, specify the account and date for withdrawal, when you wished to get yur funds turnovered;
  • The bonus will be carried in right after you send your request.

Any customer trading on Real Options, Real Options Pro accounts may use the bonus. The bonus works by those traders depositing at least once a month. To withdraw it you are supposed to work it out fully making the trade value, 40 times exceeding the bonus sum.

Riskless trading day from Grand Capital

Take part in the bonus


No deposit Forex bonus 500$ of Grand Capital

No deposit Forex bonus 500$ of Grand Capital is one of the biggest offers of this kind among the brokers. Any existing customer of the company or a new one can use it. The traders get 500$ for real trading for 7 calendar days. After the period of bonus finishes, the bonus is charged off automatically and the trader is left with the profit on his account, which he gained trading the bonus. This sum becomes the real account and may be used for deposit and withdrawal. To activate this real account one shall deposit the sum equal to the profit gained from the bonus trade.

This no deposit Forex bonus may be granted for a trader just once. To take the advantage of it you need just:

  • open a training account,
  • get your identity verified (for this you need just download the passport scan to your personal account and confirm the mobile number),
  • leave a request for participating the program.

No deposit Forex bonus 500$ of Grand Capital

Get a $500 bonus


Cashback up to 7$ from any lot of NPBFX

The gainful cashback of NPBFX is a chance to get payouts while executing deals by Forex trading. To take the advantage of the offer you shall:

  • make a deposit for at least 100$,
  • send a message to the broker’s e-mail, airing out your wish to participate the offer.

Forex bonus lets get up to 7$ for each deal completed. While trading the scalping, automated trading with robots and advisers are possible. Cashback is available for withdrawal, and for trading transactions as well.

Get a cashback of up to $7


Forex competition on demo accounts of Tickmill broker

The competition on demo accounts of Tickmill, with a chance to try your skills in no risk trading along with gaining one of cash prizes (the common prize pool is 3000$), including the main prize in the amount of 1000$. The winner, who secured the premier place, will get apart from a nice money prize a free VIP account. The Forex competition takes place on a monthly basis and any user may take part on it (both, novices and existing users of the platform).

To take part on the competition you need to:

  • open a demo account,
  • fill in the request for the participation,
  • then you can start trading and get the prizes deserved.

Participate in the competition on the demo


Forex bonus +10% for a reference from NewForex

The bonus of the Forex broker NewForex will let you get extra 10% for trading into your deposit, both novices and loyal customers of the platform may take the advantage of the bonus.

Any trader can get the bonus, he needs only:

  • open an account of a kind First Stream or New Grade,
  • leave three feedback about the broker on the relevant sites and forums about Forex,
  • send a e-mail message to the broker with the feedback links and screenshots attached.

The maximal bonus sum may be 100$. The broker pays the bonus no matter of trading to be effective or not. All bonus means may be withdrawn.

Forex bonus +10% for a reference from NewForex

Get your feedback for this review


Forex bonus for registration

Bonus for the registration on the broker’s platform is the Forex bonus witt no deposit, the chance to start trading easy and with no risks. To take advantages from it you need to complete the registration procedure and start trading. If you are not happy with your broker, the quality of terminal operating etc., you can change the platform without losing money. If you want to withdraw funds and change the broker, keep the bonus conditions in mind.


Take a lead from the bonus for registration

To get profit on no deposit bonuses you have to keep in mind the conditions of their working out. Forex brokers are not ready to give their money away for nothing.  If you want to withdraw bonus funds you have to meet some requirements, for example, verify your identity submitting the scans of the documents, this all is usually specified in the bonus conditions. They are for you not to be able to get this bonus again. Then, after you got the money onto your account, you have to reach the certain trade value, for example 30-50-times the turnover.

Often the sexy bonuses for registration are the illusion of “free cheese in a mouse trap”, focusing on new customer acquisition. In this case, even if you meet all the required withdrawal conditions, the scam artist will yet find his reason to decline your withdrawal request. To avoid such outcome, choose a broker, you plan to work with, carefully, do not buy into promising slogans, study the feedback of traders about brokers.


Forex bonus for the first deposit

Such bonus for the deposit offer almost all today’s Forex brokers.  After a trader adds funds on his deposit the broker transfers him the welcome bonus, which may be up to 100%. Most often this sum does not exceed 30-50%. And again, here you can’t withdraw the money immediately. You have to work it out reaching the turnover of bonus funds of 20-50 times. This is for the trader not to withdraw the bonus at once he got it (considering himself a smart ass), but to do some actions, deserve it to be withdrawn and spend the way he wants.

The full truth about Forex is that the brokers don’t want to grant their money for nothing, it’s not profitable, as the traders once he got the money may leave the platform forever, that means the bonus funds were wasted.

The companies consider the policy of customer care, supporting those who wants to trade with Forex and get more. So if you are serious in your intention to learn a trader job, you have nothing to be afraid of. But there is more to come. Taking part on the welcome bonus program you have to know that you won’t be able to withdraw neither bonus, nor your money. But what if you want to change the platform, are not happy with the terminal and service quality? You have to work your bonus out, then you may change the broker.

Forex bonus for the first deposit


Forex tournaments: how to work the bonus out?

Tournaments in Forex are arranged by brokers to encourage active users, they raising the experience in trading, let you get good money in case you win. Brokers keep arranging competing events, and they are popular by brokers as very valuable prizes are offered for the victory. Often contents let the broker company to notice promising traders, which they can include into their staff.

Such Forex contents задействуют both demo and real accounts. Participating on contents on a demo account the trader gets a chance o gain money with no investments. For the winners of contents and tournaments the very different Forex bonuses are offered: valuable gifts, money prizes, which may be withdrawn at once or played out first in some lots. Before you take part on a tournamentin Forex, study well the conditions.


What does the term turnover mean?

This term means trying not to be in the red for the whole trade value.  If a beginning Forex player can trade profitably, with no losses? Hardly probable. So it’s not always good for novices in Forex to use bonuses, just if they have the positive experience of the real Forex trading. If you are well experienced in trading, then it may be real for you to reach the turnover required. For Forex novices it will be difficult to reach the given level, thus they will have to leave all the money for the broker, find another broker company, where the situation may happen again just because you bit more than one can chew.


Complimentary Forex bonuses

Complimentary bonuses of  Forex brokers  are known also as temporary, offered for traders in honor of big event, holiday or offer. Complimentary offers attract users especially with various prize, even valuable, may also promise an impressive percent on bonus. Such bonuses keep being carefully imposed to the user by company managers, which will repeatedly call you and beg to add funds on your deposit asap, as the offer is open till the tomorrow morning only.

Be careful participating on such bonus programs, don’t buy into managers’ fast talk, which need only get your money and disappear, the rest you will have to clear yourself: most often it will be unprofitable, unreal bonus working out conditions. Apart from this, the complimentary Forex bonuses are offered on a constant basis, so think twice before taking part on.

Complimentary Forex bonuses


Special Forex bonuses

One of a kind of complimentary Forex bonuses. For example the broker company suggests you to double your incomes during the offer validity period.

So, if you can bank on 10-15 times with the same sum, the broker doubles your incomes from them. The bonuses work on special conditions, which are supposed to be learned before, otherwise there may be the condition to reach 500times the turnover (this also happens, so be careful).


No risk Forex bonuses

No risk transactions are also popular by traders today. Brokers offer them both to new users and professional market players. More often there may be such cases on the market: «three (four-five etc.) first transactions with no risks», «The day of no risk trading» (which means the whole day of lossless trading). According to the broker’s promises, all funds lost while trading will be returned to the deposit. Sounds hot attracts lots of traders, as it seems you can trade as much as you want – there are no risks! Study the conditions of such bonuses carefully: the funds turnovered become bonuses automatically and required to be worked out otherwise they are impossible to be withdrawn. One more bonus Caffus? As things stand now, yes, beware of such “presents” of your broker.


Deposit insurance

Another kind of no risk bonus. If the stake was adverse for you, the broker turnovers it to your deposit automatically, your entire capital turns into the bonus one and to be withdrawn it is supposed to be worked out in the trade value. It appears that again, you are a bonus addict.


Training Forex bonuses

Training bonuses of Forex brokers are not a rear thing on the market. To participants of such bonus programs different free training materials – books (often useless for you) are offered, or accesses to seminars and webinars, you need just add funds on deposit. Webinars, which the trader gets as a complimenting bonus may be both useful and alternatively, appear to be the simple trash.


Forex contests and competitions

Forex contests and various competitions can’t be considered adequatebonuses, as for you to get rewarded prize, you have to take part on a contest. Today’s Forex brokers keep offering different contests, both for demo and real accounts. Such a scheme of Forex contests occures, where the trader gets an account with virtual money, and after the game he appears to be obliged to work the bonus out reaching the required trade value. In this case the conditions may be both, gainful and not. The big companies prefer to prepare real working out conditions though, for example 3-5 times higher trade value. The Forex contests are often offered for demo accounts, but the prizes giving by the broker are real. In this case you also shall study the contest conditions carefully, otherwise working out of prize pools may appear to be a challenge.


VIP bonuses in Forex

VIP bonuses Forex 2017 isn’t a rear thing in the market, neither. VIP-traders actually bring good incomes to the broker, so there are special programs, offers and Forex bonuses for acquisition of such users, they provide certain privileges for profitable customers. To take advantages from such bonuses, all you need is the a pretty penny (often up $30 000 to $100 000 and more), which are supposed to be transferred to the deposit for trading. Then an account manager will get in touch with the user, with the whole list of exclusive offers and opportunities and do his best to make your trading much more smooth.


Forex bonuses: good or bad

Forex bonuses 2017 have earned the most controversial image among traders. On relevant forums you can find a lot of negative feedback from traders about the bonuses of different brokers: the broker does not fulfill his promise, money cannot be withdrawn, the conditions to work the bonuses out are impossible, etc. After all, the “fair” Forex bonuses exist and, with a circumspect approach, they will be useful to you. If for a professional player of forex market bonuses are a real opportunity to increase his income, the newcomers simply give their money to the broker, which is happy to take advantage of their naivety. Experienced trading professionals have the more serious attitude to the trading process and are able to make the required turnover to withdraw some bonus money, that`s obvious. What about novices? In this case everything is quite simple and expectable.

With no information what is Forex, no experience in Forex trading and no confidence in their abilities and capabilities, new market players take part on the most profitable and interesting bonuses without thinking a bit. They believe that bonus funds are given for nothing. In the meantime, it turns out that they cannot be withdrawn, because the “cunning” broker demands to make turnovers. At this point poor excuse for traders loses all his money, because the terms of the offers turn out to be unprofitable and difficult to complete. There are many of such trader reviews in Internet, and market players often complain, as if a broker didn`t explain them the conditions of receiving the bonuses, even deliberately concealed them. Well, to trade in the Forex market you have to act on your own behalf and if you intend to work hard and efficient, you should not be afraid of tall tales.

One can say that a secret purpose of Forex bonuses (here is the whole truth about Forex) is to bind the trader to the trading terminal and he will not receive the funds till he works the bonus out. The advantages of this approach for the company are that the broker really becomes a customer who is trying to work the funds out. If you don`t want to work the bonus out, the broker will be happy anyway as the money remain with him. How not to be scammed by brokers offering bonuses? It is very simple: read the terms and conditions of giving bonuses, and think twice whether you need them or not, before you accept them.

Forex bonuses: good or bad


Forex bonus for the repeated deposit

Forex bonus on the repeated deposit is one more bonus of those most in demand. It seems the broker appreciates its users and grants one more bonus for the repeated deposit with real money. Sounds hot, traders use it. However there is more in this than meets the eye. One more way to “anchor” the user to the trading terminal making him work out the bonuses. Usually repeated bonuses are smaller than greeting offers by registration. If you are assertive, honesty of your broker, you can certainly use bonuses, don’t forget read the bonus conditions carefully. If you aren’t sure in anything, think twice, why you need such a “Caffus”, and if you do, you’d better gain experience with no rush, trading on your usual account.


Cashback Bonus from Forex brokers

Cashback is the special program of partial reimbursement of money used in transactions. Such programs may be focused both on new users and on loyal customers of the company. The cashback happens usually both, for marginal, and for lucrative deals. Its amount and program conditions differ by every broker, you need to study the information carefully. Generally to get cashback you don’t have to do extra steps, everything comes automatically.


Forex bonus for an invited friend

Forex bonus for a friend invited (or one more bonus for a reference) is one of the widespread offers of brokers. To participate such offer and get bonus funds, you have to bring new customers to the company. Besides, the bonus sum may be up to 100$. But here you have to study program conditions, too, if you want to get the money, your friend is supposed to not only get interest into the broker platform, but be active in trading there banking on


Why you need Forex bonuses?

After the trader got to know about the main Forex bonuses 2017, he needs to realize why he needs them and f he needs them at all. Sure you need the bonuses and their advantages are indisputable. On the competitive market it’s not that easy for brokers to conquer their customers and different bonuses serve to attract new users and professional traders.

Bonuses let us increase the sum on the deposit or start trading in Forex with no investments at all, they are of use in the following cases:

  1. to start Forex trading with no need to invest your own money. So the user does not risk his capital and can gain and withdraw the real funds without investing a coin of his own;
  2. to minimize risks of possible losses increasing the deposit sum. The more funds you have on the account, the more chances you have to get profit. In this case, if the trader is experienced, he can apply his capital in appropriate way and get nice results;
  3. to cover the negative balance in case of losing entrepots, and keep trading in Forex with a chance to gain profit;
  4. to get experience working with the  Forex broker, its trading terminal, working conditions. Trading virtual funds of no deposit bonus, it’s quite easy to recognize in the broker a scam artist eatng its promises. n this case you may save your money and simply quit such a company.

Why you need Forex bonuses?


How to use Forex bonuses right?

if you got an interest in a Forex broker’s bonus, you need to:

  • study the broker’s image (the feedback from traders about this broker in Internet etc.) and choose a Forex broker,
  • study the Forex bonus use conditions,
  • study withdrawal aspects (which trade value is supposed to be reached to make the withdrawal possible),
  • get ready for a serious attitude while trading,
  • not buy into the bonuses which seem to be lucrative (especially offered by suspicious broker companies).

Don’t take part on the brokers’ s offers, which seem to be gainful, as the more is the sum of your deposit, the more complicated s trading, it’s easy to get confused and lose everything. Start trading with minimum deposit  (for instance up to 100$) and minimal bonuses whch don’t exceed 20%.

How to use Forex bonuses right?


Money management for Forex bonus turnover

Traders often think, the only thing they need to be successful in Forex trading (the full truth about Forex) is a gainful strategy and thy keep looking or it, try, but can’t avoid losses no way. Why does it happen? because they don’t consider money management – the simple clear rules, which may help the trader to decrease risks and always get profit, even if losses happen. A professional market player differs from a novice in that he trades the deposit consiously. Well, what are the rules of money management?
The sum of one transaction shall not be more than 5% of the sum on your deposit.

  • use stop losses, protective orders, which will protect you from possible losses.
  • in case of 2-3 losing entrepots it’s better to stop trading and leave the market.

Don’t try to win back and retrieve your losses. What to do then if the trade brings just losses:

  • to stop trading, since you either don’t understand the market or make mistakes forecasting etc.
  • to get back to the trade on demo account (and fix the results on a piece of paper, in the trader’s carnet).
  • after you get good results, you may be back to the real market.

The money management helps you organize trading deposit in the way its sum to get increased smoothly and the losses to become less.

Choosing A Reliable Broker

Broker Bonus Min Deposit Payout Review Open Account
IQ Option $10 Up to 91% * Review Visit Broker
easyMarkets Up to 50%, not available in EU countries $100 Review Visit Broker
OlympTrade Up to 100% deposit $10 Up to 90% Review Visit Broker