2018 Cryptocurrency Forecast

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It is important for the company to follow the market trends. Today, there is a new, but already well-established trend in financial markets – strikingly profitable trading in cryptocurrency (see how to make money on crypto currency here). So, everyone is trying to buy bitcoin profitably, the forecast of the dynamics of its cost is always a separate topic for conversation among traders. Following such trends in the popularity of digital coins, the Finmax website offers a comfortable, profitable and secure trade in cryptocurrency. Each trader can invest in bitcoin, especially since the forecast of bitcoin for 2018 is more than positive. What is the advantage of Finmax in contrast to the popular crypto-exchange market? The matter is that the broker guarantees the stability of the terminal, the security of your funds as well as personal information. It also protects the website from hacker attacks.

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2018 cryptocurrency forecast

Already in early 2018 all top notch cryptocurrencies demonstrate high volatility, huge volumes of purchases and sales, which opens up new opportunities for investments from the FinMax broker. In addition to the fact that customers can easily and profitably buy bitcoin, you can currently trade binary options using short-term deals. In order to more objectively assess the crypt-currency market this year and spot prospective directions for making money on digital coins, we offer you to get familiar with the 2018 cryptocurrency forecasts.

2018 cryptocurrency forecast


2018 Bitcoin forecast

Being the most traded digital coin, bitcoin started 2018 with constant falls and bounces, but market experts are confident that the price of this digital currency can soar to $100 thousand. Don’t overlook mind-blowing prospects, fresh opportunities to earn money on bitcoin. The rate to the US dollar: the forecast for 2018 here will be only positive. It is no coincidence that this coin is called “the sensation of 2017”, so this phenomenon stirs our consciousness, constantly attracts attention. Today, this leads to the fact that bitcoin trading is one of the most popular investment solutions, everyone trades in the digital coin: both traders, amateurs, and professionals.

The forecast of Bitcoin for 2018 is formed not only from market factors. Here one should also consider the policy of many countries as for the digital currency, the prohibitions on trading in this cryptocurrency (the whole truth about crypto assets you can get here), as it has a huge impact. So what’s the status of the cryptocurrency? What’s its forecast for the new year? There is a psychological mark, at the achievement of which a panic among investors is possible – that’s $7-8 thousand. While bitcoin is kept to this level, bounces are taking place in a positive direction.

Economic news influence the dynamics of the bitkoin surge rate. For example, the ban on trade in this cryptocurrency in several Asian countries provoked a collapse in the price of the digital coin, as expected. Therefore, forecasts for bitcoin for 2018 should be built around various factors. You should also consider the availability of new promising ICO campaigns as well as other successful blockchain startups. To properly make a bitcoin forecast for 2018, it is necessary to take into account the attitude of key politicians and society to the cryptocurrency as a contradictory phenomenon, the phenomenon of a new time.

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2018 Ripple forecast

As for Ripple, the forecast for 2018 is more than just promising. So, in this case, its development in two directions influences the positive dynamics: as a variant of profitable investments for the interests of a large audience, as a stable payment instrument in the sphere of banking. We’d like to remind that these coins appear to be the only ones among virtual currencies that can be exchanged for precious metals. Ripple, news and expert opinions on the positive dynamics of which appear more often, are used as long-term investments of investors’ capital.

In many respects, all of this increased the prospects for Ripple’s growth in 2018, which makes it possible to single it out against the background of other virtual money. It should be noted that the market of Ripple occupies one of the leading positions in the capitalization market (about $ 8,942,589,148, 4th place). In general, Ripple forecast for 2018 is, of course, growth, an opportunity for decent earnings for many traders. Some experts of the cryptocurrency market note that the price can easily reach the mark of $6,0000 and even $10,0000, and it shouldn’t be considered the limit of the coin’s growth!

2018 Ripple forecast


2018 Lightcoin forecast

While everyone is monitoring the growth of bitcoin and its prospects in 2018, other traders and investors are seriously thinking about investing in altcoins, which are significantly strengthening their positions in the market. Lightcoin also shows a steady dynamic, it reaches new peaks of value, which causes an additional wave of interest. Of course, you’re eager to know the forecast for lightcoin for 2018? Many of us today are wondering what caused the growth of lightcoin on 11.12.2017. They also want to know what events can affect this market in general and how to make money on the cryptocurrency. Small cryptocurrencies in many respects depend on the price of more authoritative assets. The same applies to lightcoin. The forecast for the end of this year ascertains that the digital coin is definitely worth the money invested in it.

This asset, being a direct fork of bitcoin, directly depends on the value of its «big brother». For the last year, its price has increased more than 40 times ($4 in early 2017 and $171 in December). This dynamics was influenced by the participation of the digital coin in the transaction between different types of blockchains, and the fact that it was closely connected with the pool industry, and the rapidly growing market of LTC miners. Now there is a high probability of continued growth in the cost of lightcoin. One can confidently say that this is one of the young, but promising coins for investing and getting a decent income. If its creator, Charlie Lee, continues to expand the functionality and technical capabilities of the currency, analysts of the cryptocurrency market are assured that the stable growth of its rate is guaranteed.

Thanks to the availability of a unified management, lightcoin quickly adapts to the new realities of the market. Thus, the forecast for lightco in 2018 is more than optimistic. Market experts and analysts are assured that the currency is going to rise to $500 per coin. Litecoin will become more popular also due to the fact that Bitrefill’s mobile phone replenishment software plans to introduce the digital coin to make payments around the world. An analyst Cliff Hai stressed that with constant development this currency can easily outperform all competitors and it won’t have any rivals in the market. Haya’s colleagues are confident that by the end of the year the given cryptocurrency is going to edge up to $700.

2018 lightcoin forecast

Studying the issue of forecasting the cryptocurrency for 2018, we note that interest in this contradictory phenomenon keeps growing. Certainly, you’d like to know what coin to invest in 2018? When making a choice in favor of a particular digital currency, consider its popularity in the market, the size of the capitalization, its trading volumes and the general news background around the currency. For efficient bticoin trading in 2018, make use of the reliable and stable platform of the broker Finmax.

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