CFD Brokers Rating List

BrokerBonusMin DepositPayoutReviewOpen Account
FiNMAX2 types of bonuses$100Up to 90%ReviewVisit Broker
IQ Option$10Up to 91% *ReviewVisit Broker
FinmaxFX$100ReviewVisit Broker
EXNESSVarious Bonus Programs$1ReviewVisit Broker
FXPRIMUSBonus up to 100%$100ReviewVisit Broker
Plus500100$ (100€)ReviewVisit Broker
easyMarketsUp to 50%, not available in EU countries$100ReviewVisit Broker
XM GroupБонус до $5000$5ReviewVisit Broker
24optionBONUS UP TO 100%$250Up to 88%ReviewVisit Broker
FOREX CLUB6 types of bonuses$200ReviewVisit Broker
eToro50$ReviewVisit Broker
Admiral Markets$200ReviewVisit Broker
FXOpenWelcome bonus 10$1$ReviewVisit Broker
MTradingBonus up to 50%$100ReviewVisit Broker
PsyQuation$1ReviewVisit Broker
Spectre3 types of bonuses$10ReviewVisit Broker
World ForexSafe account up to 10.5% per annum$1Up to 100%ReviewVisit Broker
STForex$10ReviewVisit Broker
Libertex6 types of bonuses$200ReviewVisit Broker
Alpari$1Up to 100%ReviewVisit Broker
InstaForex5 types of bonuses$180%ReviewVisit Broker
Larson&Holz5 regular bonuses$250Up to 99%ReviewVisit Broker
uTrader$250Up to 85%ReviewVisit Broker
FXB TradingBonus 6%$250ReviewVisit Broker
BinaryFXUp to 100%No minimum depositReviewVisit Broker
FXCCCashback 200%100 USDReviewVisit Broker
FxPro100$ReviewVisit Broker
SuperForex6 bonuses$1ReviewVisit Broker
FXGiantsContests, bonuses$100ReviewVisit Broker
IFC Markets$1ReviewVisit Broker
Tradefred2 bonuses$250ReviewVisit Broker
AccentForexCashbackReviewVisit Broker
ICE FXBonuses30 USDReviewVisit Broker
OpteckBONUS UP TO 100%$25065% - 89%ReviewVisit Broker
VerumFX$100Up to 100%ReviewVisit Broker
JustForexBonuses100 USDReviewVisit Broker
NPBFXBonus up to $10,000$10ReviewVisit Broker
LiteForexBonus up to 200%10$ReviewVisit Broker
Miki ForexBonus up to 135%20$ReviewVisit Broker
Dukascopy2 types of bonuses$100ReviewVisit Broker
UFX$100ReviewVisit Broker
Tickmill2 kinds of bonuses$100ReviewVisit Broker
NewForex2 bonus types1$ReviewVisit Broker
Esplanade$100ReviewVisit Broker
Adamant FinanceBonus up to 200%1$ReviewVisit Broker
FXGloryBonus up to 50%1$ReviewVisit Broker
Markets.com2 types of bonuses$100ReviewVisit Broker
FXFlatBonus up to 250€200€ReviewVisit Broker
IC Markets$200ReviewVisit Broker
XTrade20$ for the phone number confirmation$100Up to 100%ReviewVisit Broker

We offer you the rating of CFD brokers providing an opportunity to earn money on the price difference (for different assets: commodities, metals, currencies, etc.) without mandatory acquisition of these assets. Having read the detailed reviews of CFD brokers, you can choose the right one for you, study the traders’ opinions about it, go through a quick registration and today you can start earning on the difference in the value of assets.

A contract for difference, CFD is a derivative financial instrument on a basic asset that allows you to receive income on raising/lowering the price of the underlying commodity or securities. Learn more in Wikipedia. It is based on an asset, and traders, participating in a similar contract, receive income or incur losses due to changes in its value. Such contracts between the two parties (that is, the buyer and the seller) are especially popular today. They assume that the seller is obliged to pay the buyer the difference between the indicators of the current value and the value during the contract. If the difference in the value of the asset turns out to be negative, the buyer must pay the seller.

CFD contracts don’t suggest the acquisition or sale of assets, and the issue of transferring ownership rights to them is not expected, which facilitates the interaction of the market stakeholders. That’s only the contract of the trader with the broker. Such a simple mechanism of interaction allows you to take advantage of contracts: both with an increase in the value of assets (long positions), and with its reduction (short positions).

Interestingly, CFDs arose around the 1980s in England. At that time they were utilized only for shares and they weren’t available to a wide range of investors. Today, everything has changed: such contracts can be concluded for any instruments; any interested trader can trade them. You only need to use our current rating of CFD brokers, choose the one suitable for you, register with it and start making a decent income with the help of the leverage option.

Usually in the foreign exchange market (the whole truth about Forex is here) traders work more with currency pairs, the appearance of CFD significantly expands opportunities for earning money, while the threshold of entering the market is significantly reduced, which makes this trade available to a large number of users. Assets can be any tradable instruments of financial markets: stocks, indices, oil, metals, bitcoin contracts and other cryptocurrencies (find out how to earn on cryptocurrencies here), etc. For the CFD contract to be valid, it’s crucial that the terms of its cost and calculations should be clear to both parties of the deal.

In CFD contracts, due to the possibility of using the leverage (that is, borrowing capital from a broker), a trader can receive even more revenue, but in this case it is important to remember not only about the decent income, but also huge risks of such a trade.

Advantages of CFD trading:

  • Absence of commissions; the trader does not actually buy the asset and has no obligation on it;
  • Low entry threshold, which makes CFD trading available to all traders;
  • A possibility of CFD trading with leverage, which will significantly increase earnings;
  • CFDs do not go out of circulation, they do not lose relevance, they will always be on the market;
  • The ability to hedge transactions – a trader can open an oppositely directed transaction, if the initial deal leads to losses;
  • A wide range of instruments for trading, including a CFD for bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies (learn how to make money on cryptocurrencies here);

Choosing A Reliable Broker

BrokerBonusMin DepositPayoutReviewOpen Account
FiNMAX2 types of bonuses$100Up to 90%ReviewVisit Broker
OlympTradeUp to 100% deposit$10Up to 90%ReviewVisit Broker
IQ Option$10Up to 91% *ReviewVisit Broker


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