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The Adaptive 5-minute Strategy

There are several optimal template expiration periods. One of them is the 5-minute interval, and the 1-minute interval is also one. This duration period of trading contracts is the most… more

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Fractal Channel Trading Strategies To Utilize On Binomo

The assortment of integrated indicators on Binomo’s platform is provided in the form of 14 tools. These ranks not only include Bill Williams’s Alligator with an option to show fractals… more

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A LazyBear Indicator Trading Strategy

A benefit of interactive charts on TradingView ( is you can develop your own indicators and scripts. Thousands of users take advantage of this. The solutions developed are compiled in… more

The options trading system «Seagull»

The Options Trading System «Seagull»

The trading strategy «Seagull» will undoubtedly please enthusiasts of the indicator approach of technical analysis. The system effectively works with all the assets of the foreign exchange currency market, bringing up to… more

The Trading Strategy Based On The Figure «Double Top»

The Trading Strategy Based On The Figure «Double Top»

To conduct effective technical analysis, it’s not necessary to use indicators because, on a clear chart, the most important information is initially presented. So, there are many reversal patterns that… more

Trading Strategy «Atomizer»

Trading Strategy «Atomizer»

In this article we will review the trading strategy «Atomizer». There is the indicator Madrid Moving Average Ribbon behind it, with RSI and MACD used as filters. We reviewed the «Madrid» strategy already, talking… more

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The «Way» Trading Strategy For Binomo

The wide variety of trading strategies available provides the trader with free choice, which is of key importance for beginners. Due to their limited experience, they have not yet developed… more

Trading Strategy «LinReg»

Trading Strategy «LinReg»

Each trader knows that the price mostly moves within one channel. Visually recognized and put on the chart it allows you make quite effective forecasts. You can define support and… more

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The Trading Strategy For Binomo

The “Triple Line” strategy is a trading system that consists of three linear indicators. All the tools used are available in the standard range of trading platforms from Binomo. Therefore,… more

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The 5-minute Trading Strategy

Modern services offer traders a wide range of functionality for effective market analysis. Professional platforms for technical analysis used to only be available to a limited number of users, but… more

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The «Direction» Universal Trading Strategy

The ADX is considered a unique indicator. Its addition to the range of Binomo tools has significantly expanded opportunities for traders. If, for example, the RSI differs little from the… more

The «Slice» Trading Strategy For Binomo

The assortment of Binomo indicators includes a rather large selection of instruments, among which there are many oscillators. In this review, we will consider a strategy for short-term trading. The… more

Trading strategy «Elder’s force»

Trading Strategy «Elder’s Force»

This strategy is based on EFI indicator, developed by Alexander Elder (Wikipedia). This is a well known trader born in Saint Petersburg and immigrated to USA. He is popular in the world… more

«Topping», the strategy for 5 minutes options

«Topping», The Strategy For 5 Minutes Options

The binary trading with 5 minutes contracts is optimal by indexes of capital growth and contract execution speed. Many investors use just this mode for the day-trading in binary market. But this trading… more

Option system «Ginger»

Option System «Ginger»

For investors in the binary options it’s very important to have in their trading strategies range the system, which will work universally, which means evaluate any financial asset and generate signals in a right way in… more

The Trading Strategy «Riband»

The Trading Strategy «Riband»

Among the diverse techniques of assessing trading charts of various financial assets, there are a number of professional and most effective systems that ideally fit trading in the binary market…. more

Trading by means of the Moving Average Arno Legu

Trading By Means Of The Moving Average Arno Legu

Moving Averages along with oscillators are very popular indicators. On their basis, many tools for technical analysis have been developed. The most significant drawback of classic moving averages is an obvious… more

The Strategy Of Options Trading «Grace»

The Strategy Of Options Trading «Grace»

In order to formalize a profitable market contract with a binary option on the market, it’s necessary first of all to come up with a good forecast for the forthcoming movement… more

Trading With The Figure «Head And Shoulders»

The effective trade on Binomo platform is possible without indicators and other tools, based on visual estimation only. In this article we will study the popular technical analysis figure «Head and Shoulders»…. more

Trading System Of Binary Options 5 Minutes «Brook»

Deep system analysis of trading quotations of basic assets for binary trading with the help of specialized tools has enabled us to create a high-quality forecasting system «Brook». In a stable mode,… more

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset»

Binaries Profit Strategy «Sunset»

The strategy of the binary trading «Sunset» is the proven analytical approach for the market by means of technical indicators. It works with any basic assets, brings over 85% completed to profit… more

The Use Of MACD With Fast RSI

The Use Of MACD With Fast RSI

The simultaneous use of several indicators of technical analysis makes it possible to improve the overall accuracy of signal filtering for trading, discarding false alarms and all kinds of noise… more

Trading Strategy «LeConfort»

Trading Strategy «LeConfort»

The strategy is based on use of 2 indicators, classic oscillator CCI and Bollinger Bands. Two-level filtration lets you get highly accurate trading signals. Entering to the market happens while maximum price deviation… more

Cryptocurrency trading strategy «Valley»

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy «Valley»

For a very short period of time cryptocurrencies became maximally effective tool for investments. At that this tool lets getting profit not only through direct asset purchase, but also trading different… more

«Break Down» Strategy On Bollinger Bands And RSI

«Break Down» Strategy On Bollinger Bands And RSI

Bollinger Bands – is one of the basic indicators available right on Binomo trading platform. This tool lets you estimate the inequality coefficient of the current price position on the chart… more

Trading Strategy «InterMA»

Trading Strategy «InterMA»

Moving Average is quite a primitive tool at the first sight. Despite of its simplicity though this indicator is very powerful. The secret is in use of right combinations of several… more

«Mystery» 5 Minutes Strategy For Binomo

«Mystery» 5 Minutes Strategy For Binomo

The technique for quotation forecast offered in this article is a specially designed strategy for transactions with five minutes contracts. This is the most optimal period of expiration to gain most… more

Scalping On The Crypto Index – The «Favor» Strategy

Scalping On The Crypto Index – The «Favor» Strategy

The development of the crypto market as an innovative direction for investing funds led to the emergence of new assets for trading with urgent bids. A typical example is a crypto index,… more

The Crypto Trading Strategy With Alligator

The Crypto Trading Strategy With Alligator

You can use cryptocurrencies to earn an income in a variety of ways. Considering the fact that the prospect for the application of this asset has been steady for recent years,… more

The strategy of crypto trading «Advanced trader»

The Strategy Of Crypto Trading «Advanced Trader»

For unknown reasons, trading systems using crypto assets aren’t particularly popular today. Although the very acquisition of Bitcoin is currently in full swing, the use of this asset in the binary… more