Trading In Binary Options – Gambling Or Work?

The rapid popularization of binary options and the obsessive advertising of brokerage companies make uneducated folks think that option trading has much common with casinos and gambling. In addition, many brokers openly… more

The Forecast For The Main Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple And Monero For 2018

Bitcoin’s daily mind-blowing records ruin the boldest analytical forecasts. The leader of the crypto market leads the rest of the digital coins, and most analysts agree that investors and speculators… more

How To Buy Bitcoins On Binary Options?

Digital coins are no longer a new trading asset in the arsenal of many brokerage companies. Buying options with cryptocurrencies is as easy as with other assets (traditional currencies, indices, commodities, stocks)…. more

What Has Changed In The Crypto Market In Early 2018?

At the end of 2017, analysts’ forecasts as for the crypto market largely came true, but in some ways they didn’t meet expectations. The warnings that the crypto market is difficult… more

The Second Wave Of Bitcoin

Analysts of the crypto market increasingly prefer to remain silent, instead of giving 100% realistic predictions for 2018. For the last few months Bitcoin has more than just added negative points… more

«Mystery» 5 Minutes Strategy For Binomo

«Mystery» 5 Minutes Strategy For Binomo

The technique for quotation forecast offered in this article is a specially designed strategy for transactions with five minutes contracts. This is the most optimal period of expiration to gain most… more

Crypto Digest: Bitcoin Growth, Danger Of Investment, Forecasts

Cryptocurrencies were one of the most rated topics of 2017. When in December 2017 the exchange rate of Bitcoin approached the shocking value of $20,000, the entire world learned about it. The… more

Scalping On The Crypto Index – The «Favor» Strategy

Scalping On The Crypto Index – The «Favor» Strategy

The development of the crypto market as an innovative direction for investing funds led to the emergence of new assets for trading with urgent bids. A typical example is a crypto index,… more

The Crypto Trading Strategy With Alligator

The Crypto Trading Strategy With Alligator

You can use cryptocurrencies to earn an income in a variety of ways. Considering the fact that the prospect for the application of this asset has been steady for recent years,… more

The strategy of crypto trading «Advanced trader»

The Strategy Of Crypto Trading «Advanced Trader»

For unknown reasons, trading systems using crypto assets aren’t particularly popular today. Although the very acquisition of Bitcoin is currently in full swing, the use of this asset in the binary… more

The Strategy Of Profitable Trading «Robin»

The Strategy Of Profitable Trading «Robin»

Today’s trader has practically unlimited possibilities for forecasting the market movements with the help of various tools of technical analysis. The enormous potential of many trading platforms enables to carry out… more

Trading With The Use Of Technical Analysis Figures

It’s terrible to confess, but humans see only what they want to see, and they hear what they want to hear. Anna Akhmatova In this article, we’ll have a look… more

The Trading System «Toledo»

Every day developers of innovative indicator services for the analysis of financial quotes expand the opportunities of traders to effectively determine trends in market fluctuations. As a result, active investors… more

The Strategy For Scalping «Kolibri»

If you want to quickly enlarge your trading deposit, the best solution would be the use of a scalp mode. If you prefer dynamic trading, you’re welcome to take advantage… more

The Strategy Of Trading In Cryptocurrencies Using Stochastic For 60 Seconds

The Strategy Of Trading In Cryptocurrencies Using Stochastic For 60 Seconds

Stochastic is a classic indicator of technical analysis related to the class of oscillators. When calculating its readings, the speed of the price movement and its intensity are taken into… more

Crypto Trading Using Parabolic SAR

Crypto Trading Using Parabolic SAR

The Parabolic SAR system was developed more than 40 years ago by Wells Wilder. This indicator shows traders the maximum allowable distance that the price can pass without changing the… more

The Trading Strategy «Prime»

The Trading Strategy «Prime»

What could be better than a trading strategy, in which automatic indicators will determine the most profitable places for making deals and report on it in time with clear trading… more

The Trading System For 15 Minutes «Deviation»

The Trading System For 15 Minutes «Deviation»

On the market you can use contracts with a very wide range of repayment – from 60 seconds and almost to infinity. However, the bulk of investors use a fairly standard… more

The System For Trading On The Downtrend Of Cryptocurrencies «Forester»

The System For Trading On The Downtrend Of Cryptocurrencies «Forester»

For crypto assets the beginning of 2018 was marked by a serious downtrend of market quotations. Active sales of digital coins were mainly caused by security issues on crypto exchanges… more

The Trading System «Array»

The Trading System «Array»

The bulk of players in the financial market in their analytical analysis of market quotes tend to apply high-quality multi-indicator strategies. It’s quite logical because the expansion of technical tools… more

Complaint And Reviews About CT-Trade

The complaint came from Aina, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello! I opened the deposit of 250 USD in the company CT-Trade for «automated» trading binaries, but took are just in time… more

Complaint And Reviews About BnrOptions

The complaint came from Yury, from e-mail: [email protected] I ask you to help me with working out and withdrawal of 250$ back from the platform bnr options (website to… more

Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from Svyatoslav, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello. are shameless phone spammers. Where shall I complaint for them not to call me anymore? I do not need their services! Not only they call and… more

Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from Valeriy Nikolayevich Bakaev, from e-mail: [email protected] Subject: Complaint against Coinfornex – trading platform I signed up on the trading platform of Coinfornex (their website), started working, performed… more

Complaint And Reviews About FXIBA

The complaint came from Alexander, from e-mail: [email protected] Subject: SCAM ARTISTS Hello. I want to tell about FXIBA broker (website: I have been cooprating with this platform since… more

«Stiller» trading strategy with forward contracts

«Stiller» Trading Strategy With Forward Contracts

The main challenge of the market player in profitable trading is gaining positive statistics of trading forecasts generation. Crucial is, if the trader works with highly volatile assets, such as cryptocurrencies…. more

«Picker» trading strategy based on trend indicators

«Picker» Trading Strategy Based On Trend Indicators

We keep publishing the articles series describing highly efficient systems of trading forward off-exchange contracts on assets of cryptocurrency market. Today we offer for you  the system designed on the integrated… more

Trading strategy «Shape»

Trading Strategy «Shape»

This system is specially designed to evaluate cryptocurrency quotes – its work takes into account the basic subtleties of the formation of quotations of this type of trading assets. In general,… more

Trading strategy «Trunk»

Trading Strategy «Trunk»

Trading in the derivatives market brings unlimited profits to investors, especially when trading on a variety of financial assets, including cryptocurrencies. When using high-quality universal trading systems with efficiency level of at… more

Trading system for 30 minutes «Glacier»

Trading System For 30 Minutes «Glacier»

Trading 30-minutes contracts is a preference of system traders who strive for maximum stability of their results. The reasons for choosing this trading format are minimal financial risks and the ability… more