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Complaint came from Vladimir Sergeevich Burakanov, from e-mail: [email protected] Bumped up against the site in the internet and deposited there 199 dollars, activated the basic level, wanted to withdraw 199… more

The Trading Strategy «Riband»

The Trading Strategy «Riband»

Among the diverse techniques of assessing trading charts of various financial assets, there are a number of professional and most effective systems that ideally fit trading in the binary market…. more

Complaint And Reviews About Capital Markets Bank

Complaint came from Maria Ziangirova, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello. I woul llike to leave the complaint against the illegal actions of the broker company Capital Markets Bank. I transferred the money… more

Trading by means of the Moving Average Arno Legu

Trading By Means Of The Moving Average Arno Legu

Moving Averages along with oscillators are very popular indicators. On their basis, many tools for technical analysis have been developed. The most significant drawback of classic moving averages is an obvious… more

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Complaint came from Irina, e-mail: [email protected] Good evening.  I apply to you since I have no idea where else to address. I exchanged the cryptocurrency through the exchange office, I… more

Main Mistakes Of Binary Traders

Despite of the huge army of investors engaged in binary trading, just very few go far. The reason of this are common mistakes following the performance of nonprofessional investors in the binary market. In our article we will analyze the main list of technical… more

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The complaint came from this email – [email protected] The foreign broker requires too much personal information. The verification procedure takes place after the trading account is replenished. In case… more

The Strategy Of Options Trading «Grace»

The Strategy Of Options Trading «Grace»

In order to formalize a profitable market contract with a binary option on the market, it’s necessary first of all to come up with a good forecast for the forthcoming movement… more

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Complaint came from Victoria Victorovna, from e-mail: [email protected] Is it possible to audit the company Goldextrade? Outright fraud. Regards. We, the team of website, didn’t work with this broker. In the… more

Trading Of The Future: Cryptocurrencies

In the modern world, opportunities for making money on investment and trading are constantly developing. The future inevitably approaches, entails progress, affecting all aspects of people’s lives, including the financial… more

Trading With The Figure «Head And Shoulders»

The effective trade on Binomo platform is possible without indicators and other tools, based on visual estimation only. In this article we will study the popular technical analysis figure «Head and Shoulders»…. more

Basics About Contracts For Difference (CFD)

Today’s trading and investment world offers loads of ways to make money. Among them are daily currency trading, precious metal exchanges and raw exchange market, along with professional investments. One… more

How To Choose A Broker?

To pick a good broker, you need to know what to look for and which criteria to consider. Knowing exactly, what characteristics to look for, you can compare different brokers… more

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Complaint came from Alexey, from e-mail: [email protected] The broker leaked my deposit on trust management, where shall I apply for my money to be returned and for the broker… more

Trading System Of Binary Options 5 Minutes «Brook»

Deep system analysis of trading quotations of basic assets for binary trading with the help of specialized tools has enabled us to create a high-quality forecasting system «Brook». In a stable mode,… more

Complaint And Reviews About Eu Capitals (

Request came from Stanislav, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello, I‘d like to get more informed about the broker Eu Capitals ( There is no feedback in internet about this company.

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset»

Binaries Profit Strategy «Sunset»

The strategy of the binary trading «Sunset» is the proven analytical approach for the market by means of technical indicators. It works with any basic assets, brings over 85% completed to profit… more

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The message came from Sergey Ryzhenko, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello. In internet I got to know about the automated binaries program and its broker Checked the performance on… more

The Use Of MACD With Fast RSI

The Use Of MACD With Fast RSI

The simultaneous use of several indicators of technical analysis makes it possible to improve the overall accuracy of signal filtering for trading, discarding false alarms and all kinds of noise… more

Complaint And Reviews About

Complaint came from Dmitriy,  from e-mail: [email protected] Hello! I want to complaint against the binary broker I deposited 514 dollars and they disappeared. The customer service doesn’t respond. Then… more

Complaint And Reviews About

Complaint came from ELENA KEPLIN, from e-mail: [email protected] Good afternoon. I already sent you an e-mail. In April 2017 I deposited in the binary of the company VIX500 ([email protected]). I… more

What Is Verification In Binaries

Each binary broker sets special technical conditions on its platform for handling accounts of traders. Some, for example, request one payment service, others set commissions or limitations for minimal and maximal withdrawal… more

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Complint came from Kirill B, from e-mail: [email protected] Good afternoon! Kindly check the broker The issue is this. I deposited a little sum of 350$, traded a bit. The deals were both, in the black and in… more

Complaint And Reviews About Wssolution

The request came from Yana Mozes, from e-mail: [email protected] I’d like to know if you could recommend the company Wssolution (website: as a reliable broker to work with. It’s… more

Complaint And Reviews About 53 Capital Trade

Complaint came from Elena The company 53 Capital Trade (website: is just a hoax caller. One day I registered on kind of a website, I don’t remember already, and… more

Complaint And Reviews About Swis Trade

Complaint came from Irina, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello, I want to tell you about another website I got a call from their consultant Philipp Makarov, he left his skype… more

Trading Strategy «LeConfort»

Trading Strategy «LeConfort»

The strategy is based on use of 2 indicators, classic oscillator CCI and Bollinger Bands. Two-level filtration lets you get highly accurate trading signals. Entering to the market happens while maximum price deviation… more

Cryptocurrency trading strategy «Valley»

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy «Valley»

For a very short period of time cryptocurrencies became maximally effective tool for investments. At that this tool lets getting profit not only through direct asset purchase, but also trading different… more

«Break Down» Strategy On Bollinger Bands And RSI

«Break Down» Strategy On Bollinger Bands And RSI

Bollinger Bands – is one of the basic indicators available right on Binomo trading platform. This tool lets you estimate the inequality coefficient of the current price position on the chart… more

Trading Strategy «InterMA»

Trading Strategy «InterMA»

Moving Average is quite a primitive tool at the first sight. Despite of its simplicity though this indicator is very powerful. The secret is in use of right combinations of several… more