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Fractal Channel Trading Strategies To Utilize On Binomo

The assortment of integrated indicators on Binomo’s platform is provided in the form of 14 tools. These ranks not only include Bill Williams’s Alligator with an option to show fractals… more

Trading Signals For Binary Options

A LazyBear Indicator Trading Strategy

A benefit of interactive charts on TradingView ( is you can develop your own indicators and scripts. Thousands of users take advantage of this. The solutions developed are compiled in… more

The options trading system «Seagull»

The Options Trading System «Seagull»

The trading strategy «Seagull» will undoubtedly please enthusiasts of the indicator approach of technical analysis. The system effectively works with all the assets of the foreign exchange currency market, bringing up to… more

How To Quickly Increase Your Trading Deposit On Binary Options?

How To Quickly Increase Your Trading Deposit On Binary Options?

The natural desire of investors working in the binary market for quick profits is quite logical and doesn’t cause any censures. Every trader, when starting to trade, normally sets high… more

The Comparative Overview Of Brokers UTrader, Binomo And Binarium

Today, brokerage companies of the binary market offer a huge number of versatile services, but it doesn’t allow traders to make an optimal choice for their own trading platform. In addition,… more

Getting Profits Without Money On Binary Options

For many people trading in financial markets, and in particular in binary options, today seems to be an occupation, which requires huge investments. However, this and many other myths are… more

The Trading Strategy Based On The Figure «Double Top»

The Trading Strategy Based On The Figure «Double Top»

To conduct effective technical analysis, it’s not necessary to use indicators because, on a clear chart, the most important information is initially presented. So, there are many reversal patterns that… more

Finmax: The Broker Of Unlimited Possibilities

A broker of binary options FiNMAX is a popular trading platform. It’s very innovative, functional and reliable. Finmax is a vivid example of a modern successful broker, offering one of the… more

The History Of The Student Of The Pedagogical University

A student of the pedagogical university was expelled for poor academic progress and unauthorized absence. However, meanwhile, the girl was simply working hard for the future. She managed to earn… more

Binary Options Without Deception: Is It Possible?

The Internet is stuffed with materials on the topic of fraud in binary trading and scammers, using this tool for their dirty deeds. However, most of these articles have nothing to… more

Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from this email – [email protected] I underwent a bunch of hardships (I lost my husband, and I’m out of money). I was looking for an extra opportunity… more

Complaint And Reviews About Walton Capital

The complaint came from this email – [email protected] Good day! I want to complain about the financial company providing binary options trading Walton Capital. Their site is Their manager… more

Trading Strategy «Atomizer»

Trading Strategy «Atomizer»

In this article we will review the trading strategy «Atomizer». There is the indicator Madrid Moving Average Ribbon behind it, with RSI and MACD used as filters. We reviewed the «Madrid» strategy already, talking… more

Trading signals for the strategy

The «Way» Trading Strategy For Binomo

The wide variety of trading strategies available provides the trader with free choice, which is of key importance for beginners. Due to their limited experience, they have not yet developed… more

Complaint And Reviews About Olymp Trade

We have received two complaints at once. The first came from [email protected] Hello, on January 30, 2017, during the trading session on the platform Olymp Trade, my trading account was… more

Trading Strategy «LinReg»

Trading Strategy «LinReg»

Each trader knows that the price mostly moves within one channel. Visually recognized and put on the chart it allows you make quite effective forecasts. You can define support and… more

Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from this email: [email protected] Hello. I ask you to check the company Superbinary for fraud ( The financial controller of the company is FSA. On February 18,… more

Trading signals on the strategy

The Trading Strategy For Binomo

The “Triple Line” strategy is a trading system that consists of three linear indicators. All the tools used are available in the standard range of trading platforms from Binomo. Therefore,… more

Trading signals for the system

The 5-minute Trading Strategy

Modern services offer traders a wide range of functionality for effective market analysis. Professional platforms for technical analysis used to only be available to a limited number of users, but… more

The signal for binary options

The «Direction» Universal Trading Strategy

The ADX is considered a unique indicator. Its addition to the range of Binomo tools has significantly expanded opportunities for traders. If, for example, the RSI differs little from the… more

The «Slice» Trading Strategy For Binomo

The assortment of Binomo indicators includes a rather large selection of instruments, among which there are many oscillators. In this review, we will consider a strategy for short-term trading. The… more

Trading strategy «Elder’s force»

Trading Strategy «Elder’s Force»

This strategy is based on EFI indicator, developed by Alexander Elder (Wikipedia). This is a well known trader born in Saint Petersburg and immigrated to USA. He is popular in the world… more

Complaint And Reviews About Plus Option

Complaint came from Ernest, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello! Help me to withdraw the funds from my deposit by the broker Plus Option ( At 19.11.2016 they seemed to hypnotize me… more

«Topping», the strategy for 5 minutes options

«Topping», The Strategy For 5 Minutes Options

The binary trading with 5 minutes contracts is optimal by indexes of capital growth and contract execution speed. Many investors use just this mode for the day-trading in binary market. But this trading… more

Complaint And Reviews About EQMarkets

The complaint came from Soya Svetlana Victorovna, from the e-mail: [email protected] Hello. The other day I let myself be tempted of the actively promoting itself (through frequent phone calls) broker… more

Option system «Ginger»

Option System «Ginger»

For investors in the binary options it’s very important to have in their trading strategies range the system, which will work universally, which means evaluate any financial asset and generate signals in a right way in… more

Complaint And Reviews About (Binary Uno)

Complaint came from Alexandr, from e-mail: [email protected] This company diddled me out of 8650 USD. He money was transferred by VISA and MASTERCARD. They say the company doesn’t have… more

Trading Quotations Charts In Binary Trading

In investment business in the binary market there are no minor indexes for investors when it concerns getting high results – here a service or market situation, slight at first… more

Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from Lia, from e-mail: [email protected] Since 16 January 2017 I started «staking on» with the broker, the minimal deposit by them is 250$, so I put… more

Practical Recommendations To Earn On Your Smartphone

Due to the dynamic development of high technologies, we can’t imagine today’s life without a variety of mobile devices, which enable us to use them not only as a convenient… more