The «Ticker» Universal Minute Strategy

The «Ticker» Universal Minute Strategy

The extensive range of indicators for technical analysis gives traders freedom. Experienced traders have already decided on a couple of proven tools that they regularly use. Beginners, due to lack… more

Complaints and reviews on

Complaints And Reviews About Midas Globe

The complaint came from Alexey, from e-mail: [email protected] I got a call on my cell phone. They offered me to register on to trade on the MT4 trading platform…. more

Preparing for trading on the strategy

The 5-minute Aroon Oscillator Strategy

The Aroon Oscillator is a very interesting indicator that was created relatively recently. It is not as popular as RSI, Stochastic, CCI or other prominent members of its category, but… more

Technical Strategy For Binary Trading «Cask»

Technical Strategy For Binary Trading «Cask»

In order to expand the technical potential of traders in the analysis of the binary market, we offer a system «Cask», which can be successfully used to determine the moving… more

Complaints and reviews on

Complaints And Reviews About

The complaint came from Alexander, from e-mail: [email protected] Hello, I was ripped off by the cryptomb exchange (their website is I just tried to withdraw my earnings and shelled… more

The «Vision» Second Strategy For Binomo

A trading strategy is a market analysis system consisting of a certain combination of indicators for trading binary options. Competent selection of the tools is a key success factor –… more

Binary Options Trading System For 30 Minutes «Suzuki»

Binary Options Trading System For 30 Minutes «Suzuki»

The availability of cutting-edge information technologies when it comes to assessing and analyzing the financial market today allows traders of the futures market to use a huge number of indicator… more

The Slow Stochastic Trading Strategy

The Slow Stochastic Trading Strategy

The Stochastic oscillator and the Parabolic system are a good combination for effective binary options market analysis. In this article, we will look at a strategy based on these two… more

Trading System «Luster»

Trading System «Luster»

Traders are offered a huge number of trading systems on the Internet today, but among them, you can find a few strategies that can boast up to 87% of successful… more

The Three Moving Average Trading Strategy

The Three Moving Average Trading Strategy

The Moving Average is a proven trend tool. Many indicators have been created on its basis and they make it possible to find the best points in which to enter… more

Binary options: let’s recall the basics

Binary Options: Let’s Recall The Basics

Different names are used to denote binary options. Traders working on interest rate and foreign exchange markets dub them digital options. Fixed Return Options (FROs) or «All-or-Nothing» options – these… more

Profitable binary trading system «Danson»

Profitable Binary Trading System «Danson»

In order to consistently receive decent results in the binary market, the trader needs an analysis system that will have a high level of efficiency when working with any underlying… more

Complaint And Reviews About Cryptobitup Cryptocurrency Exchange

The complaint came from Alexandr, from e-mail: [email protected] Subject: Cryptocurrency exchange Kindly help me to deal with this swindlers’ team, I topped up the balance and did everything required… more

«Multitude» momentum trading system in the binary market

«Multitude» Momentum Trading System In The Binary Market

The most strategies which are offered for users in the Internet, are not fully carried out all options of trading on trend market moves. Often these systems determining only points… more

Signals for binary options

The Sunrise Strategy For Effective Futures Trading

Many traders come to the derivatives market knowing that they’ll need a system with a high level of signal efficiency to quickly increase their profit margins. Conventional systems don’t generate… more

Complaints And Reviews On

Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from this email – [email protected] Cryptocurrency today is a trendy «fun» and only a «profane» does not know what bitcoin, livecoin, ethereum or stellar are. Skeptics have repeatedly… more

«Slice» trading strategy for Binomo

«Slice» Trading Strategy For Binomo

The range of Binomo broker platform indicators includes a quite large selection of tools, among which there are quite a number of oscillators. In this review, we will consider a… more

Social Trading With Fixed-Term Contracts

Social Trading With Fixed-Term Contracts

As the popularity of online trading has increased among private investors, new approaches to making profit have appeared. Today we have the ability to trade on the exchange market aided… more

WELTRADE client interview: successful trader's story

WELTRADE Client Interview: Successful Trader’s Story

There are a lot of information about profitable mechanisms of the Forex market trading in the Internet, however, the stories and interviews of real successful traders are the most valuable…. more

Fundamental Analysis In Practice

Fundamental Analysis In Practice

Despite the fact that daily trading with binary options or trading on Forex cannot do without technical analysis, you should never forget that it is necessary to know external factors managing the… more

The basic signals for trading

The 15-minute Sedition Trading System

The financial asset market offers investors a lot of opportunities for profitable work every day. However, you will need a trading strategy to determine specific points when to execute contracts,… more

Conditions for using the system

The «Spark» System For Futures Trading On The Financial Market

In order to conduct successful operations on the derivatives market, investors need a technical method for quote analysis which will enable them to get the highest possible number of accurate… more

Setting up the chart and trading platform

A Heiken Ashi Trading Strategy For The Bollinger Channel

The Bollinger Bands are a legendary indicator included in the TOP 5 of the most popular technical analysis tools. In this article we will look at a binary options strategy… more

Setting up the chart and trading platform

Trading Strategy For Two Double CCI Oscillators

The commodity channel index (aka CCI) is a popular oscillator used by traders to find the best entry point into the market. This is what differentiates this category of indicators… more

Trading signals on the strategy for binary options

The Adaptive 5-minute Strategy

There are several optimal template expiration periods. One of them is the 5-minute interval, and the 1-minute interval is also one. This duration period of trading contracts is the most… more

Common Trading Mistakes

Common Trading Mistakes

Many investors striving to generate high trading profits through short-term contracts don’t understand the reasons why they aren’t succeeding. By the point you receive disappointing results, you’ve likely already made… more

What Should You Trade On The Market?

What Should You Trade On The Market?

When every investor first approaches trading contracts on the market on a regular basis they are faced with the same dilemma. Which tool should they use for analysis? And, as… more

Why do I need a trading platforms?

Fixed-term Contracts, Who Uses Them And Why?

Ever wonder why people use contracts with fixed expirations – binary options? There are many types of participants drawn to the financial market. This includes traders, trading platforms, various other… more

Choosing The Best Browser For Online Trading

Choosing The Best Browser For Online Trading

The majority of trading platforms now are online, therefore the quality of the internet browser is important. This is one of the developments of modern online trading. Before, Forex traders… more

Categories of stablecoins by type of collateral

Stablecoins Or Cryptocurrencies With Stable Trends

All users that are familiar with cryptocurrencies know about their drawbacks as a form of payment. They are considered highly volatile with extremely unstable trends. In practice, this means that… more