Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy «Valley»

For a very short period of time cryptocurrencies became maximally effective tool for investments. At that this tool lets getting profit not only through direct asset purchase, but also trading different contracts, including binaries. On the back of such vogue of crypto currencies on binary market we introduce you a system with high level of yield «Valley». This technique for token quotation analysis lets you mostly accurately define the delayed trend moods of cryptocurrencies, as well as quickly react on volatile turns of the underlying asset price. Using «Valley» on cryptocurrencies you significantly increase your capital.


Strategy system tools

The analysis of the token quotations is based on use of set of indicator tools, which perfectly react on the market moods and let you define the long-term trends, which distinguish the market moves of cryptocurrency assets. To create a trading system work mask you need the set of following tools:

  • Ichimoky EMA Bands indicator – this service we use in standard settings. This indicator lets us estimate flat zones of the market move, short-term turns of trends, along with current market maximums and its volatility. The variety of indexes and relatively wide range of the market evaluation results in generation of highly-precise signals for trade lot execution.
  • MACD_VXI – technological oscillator for identification of thin volume trends and technical filtration of signals of the main strategy indicator. Combination of system tools significantly increases the accuracy and general efficiency of the strategy.
  • Elliot Wave Oscillator – in the service system settings set the periods 10/20. In this mode we get the additional oscillator service, which allows evaluating quotations with the shift of signals for some candle sticks. It lets you refine market noises and false transaction entry points on highly volatile assets.

As you can see, there is the set of quite exclusive analyzing services are applied in the system, which doesn’t allow using strategy directly on the platforms for forward trading. So for analysis you can use the professional terminal МТ4 or live charts service on the website These auxiliary resources let you use any indicators for forecast and work with any asset including cryptocurrencies.

After setting pattern on the liquidity chart you get the following system marking:

Cryptocurrency trading strategy «Valley»: Strategy system tools


System trading signals

For UP lots the following signals shall be used:

  • On the technical chart of quotations the price candle sticks crossed the flat cloud Ichimoky and the midpoint level EMA Bands from above.
  • Elliot Wave Oscillator histogram started to build the ascendant columns above the axis level actively.

Trade lot open by forward contract only after the full set of system indexes is generated:

Cryptocurrency trading strategy «Valley»: how to buy a UP option?

For DOWN lots the following signals shall be used:

  • On the quotations technical chart the price candle sticks crossed the flat cloud Ichimokyand the midpoint level EMA Bands down.
  • Oscillator MACD_VXI formed the moving turn point down.
  • On the indicator Elliot Wave Oscillator the histogram started to build the descendant columns above the axis level actively.

Trade lot open by forward contract only after the full set of system indexes is generated:

Cryptocurrency trading strategy «Valley»: how to buy a DOWN option?



Cryptocurrency assets often show the high level of the price volatility with corrective abrupt turnabouts. So for effective processing of free signals by urgent entries we need 5 minute contracts. This way we will get the most optimal period of time for binary trading.

Binomo is a broker with own advanced trading platform, perfect analytical services, quick withdrawal and minimal thresholds for the trading start: deposit up to $10 and entry up to $1.

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Money management

The system let us work highly effective due to accurate trading signals, this allows using entries with increased level of risks. Working with lots up to 5% of the deposit sum would be perfect. Trading with minimal account use your entries with the initial price index, which are available on your provider’s platform.

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