The «Unity» Binary Options Strategy

The use of combinations of different market analysis formats gives excellent performance indicators for binary trading. Our “Unity” trading system uses analysis formats that utilize chart tools and an automated algorithm for determining the boundaries of quote fluctuations of the underlying asset – the Bollinger Bands indicator. This approach demonstrates effectiveness of forecasts for options contracts at the level of 90%, and results in capital growth dynamics of an average of 250% in a week.


The optimal conditions for the use of the strategy

The simultaneous use of indicators and chart tools for market analysis is available on a limited number of trading terminals. In addition, the conditions for risk management and money management rules for the “Unity” trading system require the minimum initial capital parameters and cost of trading positions, which is also sufficiently rare on the binary market. Against this backdrop, when trading according to the “Unity” strategy system rules, we recommend using the Binomo broker’s terminal, where you can find all the necessary tools to build the strategy template, and the optimal parameters for trading conditions and the minimum base costs – an account from 10 USD, trading contracts from 1 USD.


The «Unity» trading system – the working markup format

So, for the formation of the “Unity” binary options strategy template, you need to install the Bollinger Bands indicator on the trading chart with the default settings. Then, define the market consolidation area, which is formed in the vicinity of significant levels of asset price or after impulse price movements of a financial instrument, and outline it with the “Rectangle” chart tool. Identifying consolidation areas is quite simple: in this period of chart building, fluctuations in prices have a minimum range of fluctuation and a horizontal Bollinger Bands direction of building. In practice, this situation looks as follows:

The «Unity» Binary Options Strategy


The «Unity» binary options strategy – registration of contracts

After installing the indicator and determining the consolidation area of asset price fluctuations with the chart tool, it is necessary to wait for the moment when quotes hit the border of the established area in one of the directions of market movement and the lines of the Bollinger Bands indicator that determine the price corridor start their multidirectional movement.

A practical example of the signal for positions UP has the following form:

The «Unity» binary options strategy - registration of contracts

For trading contracts DOWN, signal building works in the opposite direction:

The «Unity» binary options strategy - registration of contracts

Use of this format of the “Unity” trading signal system is recommended in conjunction with contracts, the maturity period (expiration) of which ranges from 60 to 180 seconds. In this mode of trading, the binary options strategy provides the highest rates of efficiency and profitability.


Money management

This combined approach to the formation of vector forecasts for contacts, despite its signal accuracy and high level of efficiency, provides a certain amount of losing contracts. To achieve the most secure trading regime for your account, it is necessary to follow these rules of money management:

  • Risk limits for options trading positions should be set at no more than 5% of the amount of the trader’s capital
  • When applying the trading signals of this strategy on accounts with the initial parameters, use contracts with the minimum cost volumes
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