The «Triplex» 5-minute Binary Options Strategy

The “Triplex” trading system is a simple high-precision means of signal generation for options processing on the market of any asset. This trading approach to analysis is built on a combination of the professional MACD indicators, which, in different settings formats, identify the start of trends and allow the trader to register contracts on the binary market in the most profitable market conditions.


The «Triplex» trading system – the optimal conditions of use

The technological aspects of the “Triplex” strategy, the rules of money management for the system, and the way of obtaining the best results through the practical application of this approach together require certain conditions and a set of tools on the trading platform. For its effective and correct application, we will need the following:

  • A terminal that supports the MACD indicator
  • A wide selection of assets with high volatility
  • Exact quotes of trading assets
  • The minimum trading conditions for compliance with the risk management rules
  • High-speed opening of trading positions

During testing, the most efficient terminal proved to be the one developed by the Binomo broker, on which market participants can take advantage of the following set of features:

  • An indicator set integrated into the platform
  • Over 80 highly volatile assets
  • High-precision trading asset quotes
  • A position opening speed of 1.7 ms
  • Conditions of access to the market – a 10 USD account, options costs of 1 USD


The «Triplex» 5-minute binary options strategy – indicator settings

The trading system uses the principle of identifying trend reversals in different time periods of quote construction. This provides for the highest possible accuracy of trading signals and allows you to achieve good trading statistics. For these purposes, it is necessary to install three MACD indicators on the chart with the following periods of construction:

  • 12/26/9
  • 24/52/9
  • 50/100/9

After constructing the “Triplex” trading system template, the chart of the trading asset will appear as follows:

The «Triplex» 5-minute binary options strategy


The «Triplex» trading system – application in practice

The registration of binary options UP with expiration durations of 5 minutes should be carried out upon the formation on the three MACD indicators of a trend movement reversal pattern in the form of an intersection of the oscillator lines upwards and the simultaneous growth of the histogram above level 0:

The «Triplex» trading system - application in practice

For options DOWN with expiration durations of 5 minutes, the opposite form of trading system signal building is valid – the three MACD indicators simultaneously show a declining trend reversal through the intersection of oscillator lines downwards and the histogram dropping below level 0:

The «Triplex» trading system - application in practice


Money management for the trading system

For the security of your trading funds and stable growth of your capital, trading risks must be accurately calculated. The highest trading results and most secure trading conditions occur under the following restrictions:

  • To work on the minimal amount of trading funds, use contracts with the initial cost
  • Upon growth of your working capital, increase the risk level to 5% of your total current assets

In this way, you’ll get stable dynamics of capital growth and the most secure trading for your account.

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