Installation Algorithm Of Trading Strategies

Often the authors of articles on this subject get comments stating that a detailed analysis of the installation patterns and redundant system of indicators is already known to all. However, our site is being visited by a considerable number of newcomers that can be even afraid of the MTS terminal installation process. Not dealing with the video making, that could show the installation procedures, we decided to create a brief instructions that discloses the process of trade systems installation onto the Metatrader 4 terminal. In case of any difficulties for beginners, you can just refer them to this text.

The actual instructions for strategies, bundled with a variety of files, intended for installation on the terminal, in case of the indicator-less strategies, for example, it is fully based on the combination of the «candlestick»,  because this situation does not require any settings. However, if the files are present, we must act according to the guide below.


Installation Instructions for trading strategies

1. On your PC, you must have already installed the «Metatrader 4» trading terminal .

2. It is necessary to view the archive files of the trading system. Usually these are templates, indicators, occasionally the strategies that require the participation of the subsidiary advisers. The files «.ex4» or «.mq4» are being copied into «MQL4 / indicators» folder, and then we go to the directory. We get into this directory by starting the terminal, selecting  “File -> Open Data Catalog.”

Often there is a file with a template strategy for a rapid installation on the chart. It has the extension of «.tpl». Copy it to the «Templates».

3. Then, restart the terminal , then click on the top panel menu “Tools → Options → Expert Advisors, check the options as it is shown on the screenshot below, and complete the process by pressing OK button.




4. Open the ‘Market Watch’ window, with a right mouse button, we click the name of the currency pair, which the system will work with. Select the «Chart Window».



5.Then we should change the time period (time frame) of the chart to the desired value, in order to trade on our system. We click on the already open chart anywhere with a right mouse button, selecting «Period-> desired time-frame»

Note: In the absence of a right tool, use a right mouse button and click on any pair, selecting “Show all symbols.”

6. If you have a template, bundled with a system, click on the graph with your right mouse button , select «Pattern-> Template name strategy» The system is now ready for operation. In the absence of a template, you should install indicators on the chart manually.

Note: Once the installation of the indicators on the chart is complete,, it is possible to save your own template. Right-mouse click on the chart, select the «Pattern-> Save Template».

As you can see, everything is very simple.

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