The Top Three Strategies To Quickly Increase The Size Of Your Account With Binary Options

Rapid growth in the volume of trading capital is a priority for any novice or professional trader. This is due to the increase in trading and financial capabilities for operating on the binary market. This can be observed in a simple rule: the more trading funds the trader has in their account, the higher the volume of profit the market participant can receive. When quickly increasing the amount of funds in the account, the basic parameters for this achievement are the following: a professional level of the operating terminal, the effectiveness of the trading strategies, and the proper use of the limitations of risk management. Our material will be devoted to recommendations on these issues; in addition, we will provide you with the three best strategies to quickly and steadily increase the capital funds in trader accounts.

So, for the successful use of any effective strategy, the player will require a terminal that has the most professional technical equipment, as well as the conditions and services with the most optimal metrics. In this regard, we recommend the terminal offered by the Binomo broker for working on the binary market. This tool for binary trading has the following features and specifications:

  • A large quote trading chart with a ton of settings convenient for forecasting and working on the market: timeframes, scaling, market history, quote building format
  • 80 highly liquid underlying assets
  • Bets with yield levels of up to 90%
  • A set of technical indicators
  • Chart services
  • The speed of opening trading bets on the market at 1.7 ms
  • Turbo and binary options contracts
  • Position expiration periods from 60 seconds to a day
  • Trading conditions – the initial level of investment in a trading account starts at $10, the minimum cost bet is $1

In addition, the company offers a wide range of bonus offers which allow the binary market participant to increase the volume of trading funds in their account before they start trading.

Let’s now proceed to the consideration of the practical techniques of effective trading and rapid account growth.


Strategy #1

For rapid growth of your account, there is a one best time-related trading mode – the use of turbo options in trading. The short expiration period of this type of bet significantly cuts the waiting time for results and increases the dynamics of growth of your trading funds. Yes, this approach has the highest risk factors, but when using technical and high-precision trading strategies, you can achieve great results. We invite you to work with turbo bets according to the following strategy that generates forecasts for traders using these indicators:

  • The EMA 200 (yellow moving average on the chart)
  • The Alligator indicator (standard)
  • The RSI 14 indicator, set the level to 50 on the scale of this technical tool

For forecasting, select the chart building range of 15 seconds. As a result, you will get the following technical template for the strategy:

The Top Three Strategies To Quickly Increase The Size Of Your Account With Binary Options

We carry out trading operations according to the following parameters and indicator signals:

For turbo bets UP:

The main signal has the following configuration – a beam of dynamic Alligator lines intersects the EMA line upwards, and at the same time, the RSI moving average breaks through level 50 upwards;

An additional signal to register bets UP – the Alligator lines intersect upwards when they are above the EMA indicator level, and the RSI line breaks through level 50 upwards:

The Top Three Strategies To Quickly Increase The Size Of Your Account With Binary Options

Thus, the combined signals make it possible to increase the cyclical nature of market position registration and the trading result.

We recommend using turbo contract bets  with expirations from 2 to 5 minutes for this trading strategy. As a result of the practical application of this forecasting method, you can easily grow your account by up to 300% in a week.


Strategy #2

The next strategy for quick growth of your account for binary trading is built on a combination of the following indicators:

  • The MACD indicator, oscillator settings 6/12/9
  • The MACD 25/50/9
  • The SMA 30 indicator

For market evaluation, we use a quote chart timeframe of 15 seconds. After setting up the chart, we obtain the following technical template of the strategy:

Strategy #2

In this case, we also use turbo options with expirations from 1 to 3 minutes. This high-frequency trading regime allows for more than 30-40% in profit in your trading account in just a few hours.

To register a trading contract UP, we use indicator metrics of the following format:

  • The SMA indicator – the price intersects the moving average upwards
  • The MACD 6/12/9 indicator – the lines intersect the centerline upwards
  • The MACD 25/50/9 indicator – the oscillator lines intersect upwards

To register a trading contract UP

To register a bet DOWN, use signals with the reverse building format.


Strategy #3

This example of a highly effective trading strategy for quick growth of your account is a combination – here we use chart approaches to the generation of signals, as well as indicators that serve as filters of false entry levels on the market. It is quite simple, yet effective. Use the “Line” chart service on the Binomo terminal to build the working template of the system. Using it, first connect on the chart the trading quote minima and then the maxima. As a result, you’ll get a market movement channel. After that, use the EMA indicators with intervals 20, 15, 10, and 5. Thus, you will get an efficient and versatile technical template for market forecasting.

Trading operations are carried out when the price reaches one of the channel boundaries and the EMA indicator line beam reverses inside the channel:

Binary Options Strategy #3

In this simple way you can get up to 20 trade signals in one hour, and 90% of them will allow you to achieve positive results on your bets. In the end, the trader quickly and steadily increases the profit funds in their trading account.

In the beginning we talked about risk management rules that contribute to rapid growth of your account. Now we’ll return to this subject in more detail. The fact is that the high risks of high frequency trading can quickly lead to a complete loss of funds, and that depends very little on the efficiency of the trading system. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the following rules to ensure the stability of the result and securely increase the funds in your account:

  • If you are trading on a minimum account starting at $10, use initial cost bets only
  • If your balance grows to more than 100 USD, you can increase the cost of bets to 3% of the amount of your capital

Of course, this will reduce the overall dynamics of capital growth, but as a result you will stably, and with minimal losses, steadily increase the size of your account.

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