The Anaconda Strategy

At trading on binary market the most important thing is a clear and correct prediction. But, on the tick charts that are used in trading, the quotes perform in quite sharp, multi-directional moves, which complicate the analysis. To build an accurate signal in binary options on short-term charts we offer you a binary strategy «Anaconda», which features an exclusive setting indicator that generates an accurate forecast of the trend movement. The use of this trading system allows you to get more than 80% of transactions with a profitable result.

The «Anaconda» trade system, indicators and their settings

This binary strategy uses two types of classic trend indicators. To build a template to apply to the trading schedule such means of technical analysis:

  • Alligator indicator 13/8/5 shift -8 / -5 / -3
  • Indicator Alligator 26/16/10 standard shift
  • RSI Indicator 75, set the scale level 50

Tick Chart of base assets after the installation of a template «Anaconda» strategy will receive a markup like this:


Before continuing the study of the trading system we will focus on a list of support conditions for the use in high-performance trading strategy on the binary market. There may be a number of problems associated with the technical characteristics of the trade terminals work. The fact that a limited number of platforms have indicator sets, and hardware configuration parameters are generally available on the particular exclusive terminals. For this reason, and in order to simplify the choice of broker companies, we advise you to use an optimal platform for trading – a Binomo terminal . Here, the trader can effectively apply the rules and signals to trading strategies and get a list of trading tools and conditions:

  • The terminal with a highly professional analysis tools and extensive trade opportunities
  • The minimum possible trading conditions – the initial working capital of $ 10, the amount of the contract starts from $ 1
  • Essential trading assets choice
  • Wide range of expiry
  • Exact quotes
  • Analytical support
  • Quick withdrawal

quick withdrawal

Binary strategy «Anaconda» – trading signals

The DOWN Contracts we run with following parameters of indicators:

  • On the quotations chart the lines  of the Alligator indicator with a negative shift crossed down the MA of the medium frequency Alligator indicator
  • Technical indicator RSI crossed the level 50 from top to bottom

anaconda strategy

The UP contracts we conclude with such parameters of indicators:

The quotations chart the lines of the Alligator indicator with negative shifts crossed upward MA of the medium frequency Alligator indicator
Technical indicator RSI MA crossed the level of 50 bottom-up

anaconda 2

Previously installed configuration parameters of «Anaconda» indicators allow you to accurately determine the tick chart of trend reversal movements or hesitations. As a result of the these indicators combination, it generates a filtered clear trading signal for binary contracts. This method allows you to trade with a profit increase of 200-250% within a week.

Money management and expiration

Given the accuracy of the signals and trading system performance, the level of trading risk limits can be set to 10% of the amount of operating funds. If a trader uses the «Anaconda» binary strategy trading rules with a minimum deposit, we recommend to make trading transactions with an initial value.

The optimal expiration time  for signal use is the time period from 180 seconds to 10 minutes. This expiry time showed the highest performance of the indicators in real market conditions.

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