Binary Options Trading System For 30 Minutes «Suzuki»

The availability of cutting-edge information technologies when it comes to assessing and analyzing the financial market today allows traders of the futures market to use a huge number of indicator services to generate trading forecasts. However, the creation of trading strategies (there are more than 350 strategies in the blog) of the indicator format by merely combining analysis services in a simple way doesn’t always give a positive result.

Only clear settings and a systematic approach to the choice of analysis services allow us to form a highly efficient trading strategy. Today we’d like to offer you a method of binary options trading, which has become the product of long-term testing of various indicator analysis tools – Suzuki. This method of generating signals for trading has a very simple mode of application and the level of efficiency of forecasts, which together allow any investor to trade successfully.

Suzuki services

The system that we offer you as a professional analysis tool is developed for trading binary options for 30 minutes. Therefore, it’s based on indicator tools capable of calculating the probability of the formation of medium-term trends in the market. This is an extremely difficult task, since most of the time when working in the futures market, investors use minimal timeframes of charts characterized by rapid changes in the direction of price movement and a large amount of noise. In order to make the system generate the most accurate signals, apply the following market analysis services to the chart of your trading asset:

  • Pivot Boss 4 EMA: this trend indicator is designed to determine points on the asset chart, where the price makes a reversal to form a new trend. It’s based on the principle of calculating values on the moving average algorithm in various construction modes and periods. Thus, with the help of a single tool, we can cover the maximum amount of data when assessing the market, which is extremely effective for generating an effective forecast.
  • MACDgen: using an oscillator in the operation of any strategy is a very effective technique for filtering market noise and spurious signals. In this case, we use a high-tech oscillator MACD, which uses an advanced data evaluation algorithm.
  • TheLark Volume Momentum – appears to be an auxiliary oscillator used in the system as a tool for determining specific points for opening trading positions. Thus, we get clear signals and can open positions in the most optimal conditions.

To create the required technical strategy pattern, you can use the resources of your own trading platform. However, there’s a problem – major terminals for futures trading don’t provide such indicators. Therefore, we recommend using a technical resource with the system. It offers all the necessary tools and assets for trading. After setting the chart, its work area will acquire the following markup format:

Binary Options Trading System For 30 Minutes «Suzuki»: Suzuki services


System application conditions

  • The underlying asset: when choosing an asset it’s necessary to take into account several indicators: the level of daily volatility of the financial instrument, the stability of the trend movements of the asset, the noise level of the market of the trading instrument. Here it’s recommended to use stock market assets, cryptocurrency indices, and highly volatile currencies.
  • The market evaluation period: despite the fact that the system operates in rather a wide time range, the optimal timeframe is M1. Thus, we create conditions for the correct operation of the strategy.
  • The trading time: the most dynamic movements the market take place during the main trading sessions. Therefore, we recommend using the system in day trading.
  • Expiration: when working with system signals, we recommend using positions with the redemption of 30 minutes as the main range of expiration. To increase the effectiveness and dynamics of your trading, you should stick with the expiration of 10 minutes.
  • Money management: the system is very efficient. It doesn’t generate a lot of false signals for trading. Therefore, when trading futures, you can use positions with a higher level of risk. Ideally, they shouldn’t exceed 7% of your trading deposit.
  • The trading terminal: we recommend using high-tech platforms with a high level of security. For example, you can conveniently use a service from the company Binomo.


Signals to trade in the strategy «Suzuki»

To open a long position, you should have the following conditions:

  • The yellow, blue and gray lines of the technical indicator Pivot Boss 4 EMA have broken the red level of the service upwards.
  • All of the MACDgen trend oscillator moving averages have crossed the technical level of the scale upwards.
  • TheLark Volume Momentum Histogram columns have arisen above the scale level.

Strategy «Suzuki»: how open a long position?

To open a short position, you should have the following conditions:

  • The yellow, blue and gray lines of the technical indicator Pivot Boss 4 EMA have broken the red level of the service downwards.
  • All of the MACDgen trend oscillator moving averages have crossed the technical level of the scale downwards.
  • TheLark Volume Momentum Histogram columns have dropped below the scale level.

Strategy «Suzuki»: how open a short position?

During operations on the futures market, the active traders will be able to receive stable performance statistics at the level of at least 85% of successful trades based on signals from the Suzuki strategy.

Thus, you receive a good opportunity for a relatively quick and safe increase of your trading deposit.

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