Binaries Profit Strategy «Sunset»

The strategy of the binary trading «Sunset» is the proven analytical approach for the market by means of technical indicators. It works with any basic assets, brings over 85% completed to profit options and generates the simple trading signals. Looked for a simple and efficient strategy? Then you will certainly like this system.


How does it work?

By the strategy rules the market analysis is performed by two technical indicators of the range of all professional traders – МА Cross and Awesome Oscillator. All together these analytical tools estimate the trend perfectly and catch its turnaround moments.

МА Cross is a trend indicator consisting of two moving averages at the same time – the quick and the slow one. The trick of this indicator is that the motion direction changes of the quotations the indicator shows by crossing its lines, at that the fact of crossing itself the indicator dashes on the chart. The awesome Bill Williams’s oscillator, or the Awesome Oscillator, is an analogue of MACD, which we already know, just differs with hypersensitivity to the turnarounds of the current price motion due to the principle of composition by median prices. Thus, in this strategy of binaries with precise signals МА Cross will display the market break, and AO prove its new motion trend.


Pattern setting

The only complication of this system application if that for setting up the conventional indicator marking we need to use the additional analytical resource Tradingview, s there are no mentioned indicators on the platforms of broker companies. This resource has the services we need for setting the pattern, so you can easily use it as technical platform receiving signals.

For the trading platform is very important also that the broker terminal used for the transfer worked smoothly, provided the high proficiency of the contracts and enabled trading short time options. In our example we will use the Binomo platform, meeting these criteria.

Well, for creation of the indicator marking on the technical platform we choose an asset and add the indicators МА Cross and Awesome Oscillator on its chart without changing the settings. The chart frame we apply М1. Then the same asset and time frame we choose on the terminal of the broker Binomo (go to the website), for it to do deals quickly.

Finished with all the settings we get the following strategy pattern, where we see two moving averages and an oscillator panel under the chart with the histogram:

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset». Pattern setting


«Sunset» indicator strategy signals for binaries

About the market turnaround and relevant transaction completion conditions the indicators inform by parameters simple for definition. МА moving cross together in a certain direction and a cross will appear on the crossing point, and АО histogram will change the location against zero level. Also the height of the oscillator bars shows the market intensity – the longer is the oscillator bar the more intensive quotations move.

The indicators parameters for UP trading:

  • The cross of МАCross moving happens in the upward direction
  • AO histogram bars start forming-up above the zero axis and become blue

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset». The indicators parameters for UP trading

After we get the signal we switch at once on Binomo platform and there purchase the option with UP forecast.

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset». The indicators parameters for UP trading on Binomo platform

The indicators parameters for DOWN trading:

  • The cross of MA moving happens in the downward direction
  • AO histogram bars start below the zero axis and turn red

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset». The indicators parameters for DOWN trading

After the signal is got we turn to Binomo platform (go to the website) immediately and and there purchase the option with DOWN forecast.

Binaries profit strategy «Sunset». The indicators parameters for DOWN trading on Binomo platform


Expiration time

For completing transactions the optimal expiration time is the term from 5 minutes to 10 minutes – this duration of the contracts is determined by 1-minute chart interval and durationof the indicators parameters. If required we can use also the interval М5 and expiration for 5 candle sticks, meaning for 25 minutes.


Money management

The classic management rules will provide trading with small risk – no more than 5% of the deposit amount in each transaction consumated. With the humble trading capital the lot size shall be decreased to the minimal.

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