Indicator-less Strategy «Success Flag»

To effectively trade on binary options, it is not necessary to use the technical indicators that, firstly, often  confuse the trader (especially a novice), and secondly, in 90% of cases are retarded (i.e., give a signal with a delay). It is much more convenient to use trading strategies based on clear and simple analysis of candlesticks. One of these strategies is the «Success Flag», which makes it easy to earn income on the options market, both for experienced and novice traders.

The strategy of a «Success Flag», as you can guess from the title, is a graphic figure of the «flag». This figure is formed as a downward and an upward trend and represents a continuation of the current trend.

Features of the strategy:

  • any asset
  • view option – Binary (classic, with the expiration of 15 minutes)
  • time frame: 15 minutes
  • level of profitability: high (depending on the % of the profits of the option)
  • level of risk: low
  • Recommended broker: the Verum Option (a convenient platform, over 200 assets, a minimum deposit of $ 5, the rate of 1 US dollar).

The main characteristics of the «flag» figures  are: rapid price movement in the direction of the current trend (flag pole), and then roll back the price movement in a narrow corridor (width), and then – a breakthrough flag borders and the continuation of the trend.

Consider this, with the example screenshot below:
Indicator-less Strategy «Success Flag»

As you can see, the pair US dollar / Turkish lira has made great strides up the direction of the current uptrend. This is a flag pole. The price then rolls back down and continued to move within a narrow descending channel, which borders (the level of support and resistance level) just to form a cloth flag:

Indicator-less Strategy «Success Flag»

The following screenshot noted that the green «bull» candle pierced the upper boundary of the channel, and it means that the upward trend will continue:

Indicator-less Strategy «Success Flag»

This is a signal to buy, after which you can open the «UP» option. To be safe, you can await until the second candle following the warning, confirms a return to the uptrend (to avoid a false breakdown), and then confidently make a deal.

So, let us formulate the basic rules of trading on the «success flag» strategy:

1. Open a 15-minute chart of the asset market
2. We observe the formation of «flag» figures
3. We wait for a breakthrough flag borders (if the trend is up – the upper boundary, if the downward – the bottom).
4. Open a deal in the direction of the main trend
5. Get profits in 15 minutes .

As you can see, nothing is complicated. All you need for successful trading this strategy is to choose a reliable broker and show a little perseverance and care !

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