«Stiller» Trading Strategy With Forward Contracts

The main challenge of the market player in profitable trading is gaining positive statistics of trading forecasts generation. Crucial is, if the trader works with highly volatile assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Only generating at least 65% effective forecasts for rates on these tools you can continuously increase your trade capital. Exactly for these purposes we offer «Stiller», professional trading system for active traders. The technical pattern of this analytical method is based on combination of highly accurate, effective indicators. This approach to trading in the derivatives market allows making up to 90% rewarding contracts.


«Stiller» trading system – setting technical pattern

There is a certain issue here, in limited technical potential of all trading platforms for forward trading. So the market analysis we will perform on the supportive technical chart of the specialized portal tradingview.com. Here you can get access to live charts of any basic asset of the financial market, along with a set of huge amount of tools for technical analysis, including indicators applied in our strategy. To set the technical pattern of the options strategy «Stiller» you need to use the following standard indicators:

  • Indicator of price channel building based on the huge volume of technical data Donchian Channels – this technical tool is applied in the system for specification of range limits, where the market shows the price fluctuations.
  • Indicator for trend development specification ADX and DI – the classical trend indicator for identification of new volatile trends generated.
  • Indicator of oscillator format MACD – and sure, you can’t build an effective strategy without a high class filter of signals. Here is nothing like the indicator of oscillator type with highly sensitive reaction on minimal changes of market behaviors.

The set of automated services for quotation estimation we put on the time frame technical 1 minute. Hence the chart marking becomes like that:

«Stiller» trading strategy with forward contracts

For forecasting quotes and generating forecasts here the principle of mutual filtration of indicators is used, which results in the high level of forecast accuracy and efficient trading.

As main platform for the perfection of trading forecasts in derivatives market we recommend the terminal of Binomo, the company with European legal competence. The platform of this company let you use highly accurate technical services of  forward trading, as well as optimal conditions for work in the market.


«Stiller» strategy – identification of trading signals

Technical signals generating forecast for the rate with forward contract DOWN, have the following format:

  • Trading asset rates started shaping descending trend after the short term touching the upper level of Donchian Channels indicator
  • The ADX lines show the trend turning down – green moving crossed the red moving down
  • MACD oscillator service built the signal as crossing and dynamical divergence of moving averages down.

«Stiller» trading strategy with forward contracts. How to buy contracts DOWN?

Technical signals building the forecast UP for the forward contract rate have the following format:

  • Trading asset rates after the short term touching the low level of the Donchian Channels indicator means the beginning of the ascending trend development
  • The ADX lines show the trend turning down – red moving crossed the blue moving up
  • MACD oscillator service built the signal as crossing and dynamical divergence of moving averages up.

«Stiller» trading strategy with forward contracts. How to buy contracts UP?



Transactions in this format of trading forecast generation we recommend to fulfill with contracts, which paying out will make the range of 5 minutes to 15 minutes. This expiration period is conditioned by frequency of the analyzed chart and continuing effect of the market forecast. Apart from this, in the given expiration trade range the strategy of electronic options «Stiller» showed the maximal efficiency by testing.


Money management

Keeping the trade maximally safe for deposit we apply the following rules of trading risks limitations:

  • Transactions with contracts with the minimal volume of trading means we apply on deposits with initial investment parameters.
  • The rates with price limits on the level 5% of the capital sum we use on accounts with the status Gold and VIP.
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