«Slide On Average» Strategy

Bringing to your attention the original strategy of moving averages, trading with such is similar to surfing. Perhaps that is why the strategy’s name is «slide on the average»  The profitability of this strategy is  about 20% per week. That is extremely interesting for traders who are looking for a strategy of rapid acceleration of the deposit.


The strategy of moving averages – where to trade

Training on this “slides on average” strategy is only possible with the brokerage firms that have trading platforms with technical indicators. For testing it, we used the Binomo platform. This broker has minimum transaction amounts at $1 (or $100), with a minimum deposit of $10 (or 500 rubles). At present, the company’s trading platform has the and the moving average indicator and Bollinger Band indicator, which are being used to trade under this system. The trade can start with a zero deposit, since the broker provides new clients with free gift options. This offer is not a bonus and profits made on the free deals you can withdraw later on. So, choosing this broker with its technically advanced platform is the best option !


Moving averages binary options – how to trade

So, after the transition to the Binomo platform, apply to the chart quotes two technical indicators – Moving averages and the Bollinger Band indicator.

Leave the default parameters for Bollinger Band indicator , but for the moving averages change the period to “12”:

slip on average

Thus, we prepare a template that will be used to receive signals on the transactions. The Binomo terminal has two display options quotes graphs: “candle” and “line”. In this strategy is optimal to use the line graphs as shown on the picture. Also, we would like to note that the strategy of “slide on the average” shows the best results with minimal time of expiration, which at Binomo is 1 minute. To trade, it is best to choose an asset EUR/USD, where profitability is 85% to 87% with the option.

The Moving Average strategy gives these signals to the transactions:

  • For transactions on the price increase – sliding average (moving) in red crossed the center line of the Bollinger violet waves going up:

Bollinger violet lines


  • For transactions on price reduction – sliding average (moving) of red crossed the center line of the Bollinger Band purple down:

down deal

In case when  the lines cross in one intersection and the reverse crossing happened, then we make new deal in the new direction of crossing, but double the amount of the original transaction. Our strategy of “moving averages” is set up in such a way that in most cases one of the transaction sides will close with a profit. Doubling the lot and  making of a new trading position in a new way, you can cover the loss on the initial transaction and obtain gains on deposit !

And most importantly,trading on the “moving averages”  strategy you can without any money in your account. To do this, use the free deals at Binomo and test the system in real market conditions with no initial investment! Get some profit – excellent, sell more ! If not, do not worry, because the testing of this strategy has been paid by the brokerage company !

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