Market Forecast Strategy «Shield»

To keep getting profitable contracts each trader needs an efficient technique for the market estimation, which will each trader needs an efficient technique for the market estimation, which will generate for the investor the most effective signals. For this we introduce «Shield» system, designed for application of the contracts with the limited effective range in the market. Its implementation lets the investors not only receive effective contracts, but rapidly increase funds on the investment account.

At that the binaries strategy offers a very simple signal generation algorithm, which sure will be clear for investors of any skill level related to financial assets and fundamental knowledge in trading processes.


System tools

To get the most quality signals and trading forecasts concerning market moves, you need a very wide range of indicators. «Shield» strategy tool set includes tools estimating every kind of indicators. At that exactly system application of the analysis tool set makes the trade as effective as you need. Please note also the high level of indicators reaction on the market situation change – this is the unquestionable advantage of this system.

Well, to open the door for operation according to the system principles, sign up for a free account on the professional technical service of the live charts of financial assets This online resource lets you use in the market technical analysis a huge number of sophisticated indicators and the most complete amount of charts of underlying assets. This way we get the most optimal trading conditions. From the public library of analysis services we set on the asset chart the list of the following services for evaluation of market technical indicators:

  • Fibonacci Zone – this technical service can generate on the chart the dynamic levels and market zones, where it will most likely effect the trend move reverse. Therefore we get the technical information, based on which we can make the effective forecast for execution of contracts in the derivative market.
  • Vortex Indicator – the service estimates indicators of ascending and descending trends at a time, so it can become a very effective signal tool. Its algorithm is very accurate and shows the perfect reaction on trend market fluctuations. The benefits of the service include the lack of neutral indicators, option for estimation of current trend impulse strength and high level of market technical data smoothing.
  • CM_DI_Plus_Minus_V1 – Seemingly the indicator looks like the above mentioned analysis service. Yet, its technical calculation formula for indicators differs significantly, that gives the chance to get more detailed data for the forecast generation. Apart from this, the service generates perfect indicators estimating the new trend impulse and the market price zone, where the trend makes a reverse.

Therefore the system operation of the strategy tools results in the mostly effective forecasts in trading process. After you set the asset liquidity chart you get the system technical pattern of this format:

Market Forecast Strategy «Shield»: system tools


Operation terms with the system

  • Optimal timeframe – we work on charts with at intervals М1 or М5. This maximizes the signals accuracy and allows working in quite a dynamic format.
  • Trading asset – as optimal set of trading tools for gaining marginal benefits we recommend you cryptocurrencies, indices and shares, here can me added also raw materials and the list of the basic currency pairs.
  • Time for trading transactions – the system is to apply at any trading time except of the period of the crucial macroeconomic statistics release. Use the market news calendar for monitoring such periods.
  • Expiration – to get stable trading indicators and high trading efficiency use the contracts with time payment up to 15 minutes. At that you can use the position with any expiration in the range set.
  • Money management – the system is notable for highly effective signals, so the ultimate risk bar in this case may be set on the level 5-7%.
  • Trading terminal – when choosing trading platforms, we recommend you to use services of proven companies with optimal financial conditions.
  • Choosing a binary options broker — depends on a sum you want to start trading with. For deposits from $10 we recommend you the broker Binomo, for deposits from $100 — the broker Finmax.


Strategy signals system

For CALL contracts execution use the following set of strategy signal indicators:

  • The price candlesticks of the basic asset started out upwards from the dynamic red zone formed by Fibonacci Zone indicator
  • Vortex trend evaluation service crossed with its blue line the red moving upwards
  • On the tool CM_DI the green zone of the ascendant trend started to shape up and the cross of the moving by green line occurred, coloring it red.

Market Forecast Strategy «Shield»: CALL contracts

To execute PUT contracts use the following set of strategy signal indicators:

  • Price candlesticks of the basic asset started out downwards from the dynamic blue zone generated by Fibonacci Zone indicator
  • Vortex trend evaluation service crossed by its blue line the red moving downwards
  • On CM_DI tool the red zone of the descending trend zone started to shape up and the crossing of the moving by green line downwards occurred, coloring it red.

Market Forecast Strategy «Shield»: PUT contracts

The system signals open for users the option to gain from the market of at least 85% trading position, which is certainly the very high rate for termed trading.

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