The Strategy Of Profitable Trading «Robin»

Today’s trader has practically unlimited possibilities for forecasting the market movements with the help of various tools of technical analysis. The enormous potential of many trading platforms enables to carry out the effective analysis of the market by means of a variety of combinations of technical indicators and their adjustments. Someday an unknown trader created the strategy «Robin», and today we will tell you about it, including its rules.


How this strategy works

The cornerstone of this system is represented by two automatic indicators, which are often used in trading in futures contracts – William’s Alligator and MACD. These are trend indicators, capable of determining the points of market breakthrough and the emergence of a new short-term trend. Alligator, displayed on the chart in the form of three Moving Averages with different periods and shifts, will report that the market has awaken up and now a new impulsive movement will begin.

The MACD oscillator, which appears under the chart in a separate window, will determine the price reversals, not allowing you to conclude a deal on chaotic price fluctuations.  In simple words, these two technical analysis tools, insuring and filtering the indicators of each other, will tell you in the form of simple trading signals that a favorable market situation has shown up, so you can open a trading position.


How to set up a template

To work with this trading system, you will need to create its technical template on the quote chart. We strongly recommend doing this on the trading platform where you will directly conduct transactions because using third-party technical sites can reduce its effectiveness. For example, in order to show you the principle of determining trading signals, we used the platform of the company Binomo – it has all the necessary options for correct trading with the strategy «Robin».

So, for trading you’d better choose an asset with moderate volatility and the operating time of European and American stock exchanges. The strategy indicators should be applied to the asset chart with the following parameters:

  • Alligator – Jaws (the evaluation period – 5, shift – 8), Teeth (the evaluation period – 4, shift – 5), Lips (the evaluation period – 3, shift – 3),
  • MACD – the parameters are standard.

As a working timeframe we will use the interval 30 seconds. However, if you’re used to trading on the minute charts, you can safely use the interval M1. After all the settings, the price chart of your trading terminal should look like this:

The strategy of profitable trading «Robin». How this strategy works?


The rules of trading with the strategy «Robin»

Your main task will be to identify the trading signal, which should be displayed in the form of a breakdown by the green Alligator’s moving average of the other two lines, and the intersection of the red line with the white line in the MACD window. The signals will show up almost at the same time, so the transaction should be concluded immediately when the two described indicators appear.

The bid for the price increase is made when:

  • The green line of the Alligator has broken up the other two of its moving averages. So the indicator informs that a new price upward impulse starts on the market,
  • In the MACD window, the white line of the oscillator has crossed the red one up. Thus, the indicator confirms a break in the trend.

Let’s see how this signal will look on the chart:

The strategy of profitable trading «Robin»: how to buy a UP option?

The bid for the price decline is made when:

  • The green Alligator line has broken down the other two of its removals. Thus, the indicator says that a new price downward impulse starts on the market,
  • In the MACD window, the white line of the oscillator has crossed the red one down. Thus, the indicator confirms a break in the trend.

Let’s see how this signal will look on the chart:

The strategy of profitable trading «Robin»: how to buy a DOWN option?

In the screenshots above, we see that the signals of the strategy are highly cyclical, which means that in an hour of trading you will be able to conclude at least 4 deals. In general, the profitability of the system is 85%, which will ensure stable capital growth if you follow its rules.


Select the expiration date

When choosing a timeframe for trading 30 seconds, the expiration period of deals should be set for 5 minutes. It’s because the price of the asset during this time will have time to run the proper distance to stay by the time of expiration of the contract in the positive area of the chart. If you trade on a 1-minute timeframe, the expiration time should be extended to 10 minutes.


Money management

The risk in one contract shouldn’t exceed 3% of your deposit amount. If you trade with a small capital, use the minimum size of transactions.

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