Precise Signals For Binary Options – «Triangle» Strategy

The effectiveness of binary options trading depends on a correct approach to trading. The simpler and more profitable it is, the higher the resulting trading outcome will be. If you are tired of receiving lagging technical indicator signals, we offer you the “Triangle” chart strategy, the precise signals of which will bring you successfully closed transactions at a rate of at least 85%.


How to trade on the «Triangle» technical analysis strategy

For many years already, chart models of asset price charts have allowed traders to accurately determine future developments on the financial market. One of the most famous figures in chart analysis of the asset market is the triangle, on the basis of which this trading system is built. The “Triangle” strategy should be used on a trading platform that is equipped with chart market analysis services – this will allow you to most accurately identify trading signals. We, for this purpose, will use the Binomo broker’s terminal, which is equipped with the necessary tools for the correct use of this strategy.

So, to start working with the strategy, you will need to build the “Triangle” pattern on the asset chart. How to do it? The principle behind building a chart model is quite simple – you need to determine the segment of the market where the asset price, which is rebounding off the quote minimums and maximums, narrows its range of fluctuations, and then you select the trend levels using the “Line” tool. This pattern is displayed like this:

Precise Signals For Binary Options - «Triangle» Strategy

That is, the asset price, after narrowing its range of fluctuations as much as possible, breaks through the line of support of the triangular pattern, then further intensively moves in the direction of the break it created. This situation is repeated regularly on the market of the underlying asset: the price constantly makes triangular patterns, then intersects them and hurries to a new place, on which triangle models are again built.


Precise signals for binary options using the «Triangle» strategy

In fact, the trading signals for this strategy appear in the form of quotes breaking through the resistance or support level of a short-term trend.

Concluding a transaction that predicts an upward direction of quote movement must be done at the moment the resistance line is broken through:

Precise signals for binary options using the «Triangle» strategy

Accordingly, concluding a transaction that predicts a downward direction of quote movement must be done at the moment the support line is broken through:

Precise signals for binary options

Thus, by carrying out trading bets immediately after the price breaks through the trend level with a forecast in the direction of the break, it is possible to practically guarantee a profit, since the asset price always does the same thing – it moves towards the break it created, freeing itself from its constraining factors.


Expiration terms and money management

The expiration period for transactions concluded using the Triangle identifying pattern should be set to 3 – 5 minutes. This amount of time will not be enough for quotes to reverse their movement in the opposite direction of the forecast, but it will be enough to keep them in the positive area of the chart at the time the contract expires.

The efficiency of this pattern is certainly very high, but it can only predict market developments at a level of 85%. Therefore, in order not to drive your account into deep drawdown when receiving unprofitable transactions, the size of a trading position should not exceed 5% of the amount in your account, or you can use the minimum available amount if you have a smaller amount of capital.

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