The «Pinstripes» Binary Strategy

According to most experts, the use of indicators in binary trading for the analysis of market fluctuations is the most effective and easiest method of forming vector forecasts for options. Against this backdrop, we offer the “Pinstripes” trading system for working on the binary market, which, thanks to a set of highly effective tools for analyzing and their detailed settings, makes it possible to achieve lucrative statistics on the market, where more than 85% of options transactions close with a positive result. In addition, the “Pinstripes” binary strategy is quite versatile and easy to use.


The «Pinstripes» trading system – indicator setting

In this method, for the formation of forecasts for options contracts, we use indicators not only with the same type of format for construction and operation, but also with a wide range of settings, as well as an insurance indicator, which is tasked with filtering false trading signals. For the strategy to work on the quote chart, the following set of indicator tools must be used:

The indicator settings analyze market fluctuations over a wide time range and allow you to identify short-term trends and corrective price fluctuations on the chart, as well as medium-term asset trend movement. By using this set of trading system indicators, you can create a highly accurate vector forecast for the binary contract. The strategy template after installing the indicators should have the following format of trading chart markup as a result:

The «Pinstripes» Binary Strategy


The «Pinstripes» binary strategy – the conditions for correct usage

The “Pinstripes” trading strategy demonstrates strong performance when working on the market, not only thanks to the settings and the combination of analysis tools, but also when using certain technical functionality of the specialized trading terminal, as well as the trading conditions set by the broker on the binary market. The system yields the best results when operating under the following technical and trading conditions:

  • A professional platform for trading
  • The presence of an indicator set
  • The use of highly volatile trading assets
  • A level of profitability of contracts of no less than 80%
  • High-precision quotes
  • The maximum speed for position registration
  • The minimum trading conditions for the optimal ratio of the value of contracts and the volume of the initial trading capital

The required set of technical functionality and the optimal trading conditions with minimal parameters can be found on the Binomo broker’s platform for binary trading, which we recommend for applying the conditions and rules of this trading strategy. Here, together with the professional trading terminal and high-speed mode of trading on accurate market quotes, the market participant has the opportunity to trade with the minimum conditions – an account from 10 USD, and the amount of the minimum transaction is 1 USD.


Choosing a Broker


The «Pinstripes» binary strategy – the signal system

The indicator signals that form forecasts for binary contracts UP have the following format:

  • A beam of moving averages of the SMA indicators gathers in one area and reverses upwards
  • On the oscillator of the MACD indicator, the moving averages intersect upwards

The «Pinstripes» trading system - indicator setting

The indicator signals that form forecasts for binary contracts DOWN have the following format:

  • A beam of moving averages of the SMA indicators gathers in one area and reverses downwards
  • On the oscillator of the MACD indicator, the moving averages intersect downwards

The «Pinstripes» binary strategy - the signal system

This list of indicators for the “Pinstripes” binary strategy works effectively when used to trade contracts with maturity periods of 60 to 240 seconds. Expiry periods should be adjusted in accordance with the current volatility of the trading instrument.


Money management

The high level of strategy efficiency and system indicator settings accuracy cannot completely protect market participants against losses. However, in order to reduce risks and losses, we apply money management rules that minimize these figures. For the security of your account, it is necessary to apply the following set of risk management rules when using the “Pinstripes” trading system:

  • For trading on the minimum operating account, we limit trading risks for contracts to the minimum cost established by the broker
  • For trading on accounts with a large amount of operating capital, we use risk limits for contracts at the level of 3% of the total amount of trading account funds
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