New Style And Binary Options Trading Strategies

When the segment of online trading in which the binary option is used as a trading tool first appeared on the financial market, a new style, form, and format of analysis emerged on the financial market. This is due to the large number of experienced traders who moved from the classic Forex, and based on their experience develop or adapt more and more trading systems to binary trading, as well as to this simple format of working with the binary contract itself. Thus, it is necessary to consider the new style and binary options trading strategies as a phenomenon of the financial market that could become a new round of promotion for private investment activities among the population. Today, we will look at the most effective forecasting style for the binary market, which has the highest possible trading capital growth rates for any investor in this segment.

So, the new style of binary options trading strategies is a system of forecasting short market periods that allow for the trading of turbo format options (expiry periods of 1 minutes to 5 minutes). These approaches result in maximum capital growth dynamics and allow investors with the initial level of investment to rapidly increase the amount of their funds, which makes them most effective for novice investors.


New style – the technical conditions for rapid growth of your balance

Let’s proceed to the practical aspect – when working with turbo contracts, traders need to evaluate the most narrow market ranges, which is a rather problematic task. For this reason, trading systems of this type require a professional operating platform, as well as a broker with the best conditions for high frequency trading. Given these figures and the difficulty in choosing a secure trading platform, we offer a professional recommendation – use the services of the systemic Binomo broker, which offers the most suitable trading and technical conditions on the binary market:

  • A trading platform with a wide array of professional functionality:  indicator and chart sets, a wide range of settings for the trading chart
  • Highly accurate market quotes
  • The binary options format – turbo with expirations from 1 to 5 minutes
  • The maximum speed of bet registration – 1.7 ms
  • Over 80 underlying assets with liquidity rates of up to 90%
  • Trading condition parameters – the level of initial investment is $10, the amount of the minimum bet is $1

Thus, we get the most efficient tool for high-frequency trading and trading conditions with the optimal parameters.


Turbo options strategy efficiency of 90%

This approach to building trading signals and forecasting uses classic automatic indicators with high-precision accurate settings, which allows you to effectively evaluate short market periods. So, open the trading chart on the Binomo platform, set the chart building timeframe to 15 seconds, and apply the Alligator 10/5/2 indicator, leave the standard technical signal shifts and the MACD indicator in its standard configurations. The finished technical template for the turbo options strategy takes on the following form:

New Style And Binary Options Trading Strategies

This relatively simple and affordable tool allows you to achieve 90% of your binary bets with positive results of expiration. For the trading signals, we have clearly directed simultaneous intersections of the lines of both indicators:

Turbo options strategy efficiency of 90%

The building period for quotes is 15 seconds, and the speed of asset market fluctuations allows you to get up to 30 distinct signals for processing bets within an hour. From this number of potential trading positions, 90% will yield income, thereby dynamically and consistently increasing the trader’s capital.


Turbo options strategy on classic indicators

The following market prediction mode we are offering is an adapted classic system of working with financial quotes that is widely known in the Forex market. But when using it classically, that is, when assessing long-term market periods, it was not effective enough in terms of capital growth dynamics. However, it has become the Holy Grail for binary trading. So, from the indicator set on the Binomo platform, we take two classic indicators – the Bollinger Bands and the RSI 14 with level 50, and we apply them to the asset quote timeframe of 5 seconds:

Turbo options strategy on classic indicators

The automatic indicators of this strategy accurately identify trend reversals in narrow market ranges, thus the system provides the optimal conditions for working with turbo contracts. For signals, use the following indicator metrics: clearly directed breakdowns of asset quotes with the central moving average of the Bollinger Bands indicator in combination with the same breakdown direction of the RSI moving average with scale level 50:

New style - the technical conditions for rapid growth of your balance

In this simple way, the trader is able to receive up to 20 trading signals in the course of an hour and profitability statistics at the level of 87%.

For the turbo options strategies above, the optimal range of expiration for bets is between 1 and 3 minutes. As for the rules of risk management, use the standard limitations – for minimum accounts, use trading bets of the minimum cost, for investment volumes of at least 100 USD, use bets with the amount of funds limited to the level of 5%.

So, we can clearly see the new style of binary options trading strategies which uses classic forms of working with quotes of the financial market, as well as innovative approaches to forecasting.

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