The «Different» Strategy Of Moving Averages

The Moving Average indicator (Moving Average) – one of the most popular indicators used in the professional trading and the most sophisticated and simple strategies for binary options are built  on this indicator. Our today’s topic is the best strategy for binary options, the 60 seconds «Different».


The Moving averages in binary options

So, if someone still does not know, the moving average – is a calculated by the mathematical average, value of an asset for a certain period of time, which is represented on the graph as a line quotation. With the help of the moving average, it is simple to define any global changes and short-term price movement direction, and, as a result, to make a profitable deal in the right direction.

The only difficulties that arise in the course of trade using moving averages are deceptive maneuvers asset quotations, which, even at the right slope of the moving average, are able to bring down a trader astray and able to turn a deal to a wrong direction. But there is a solution to fight with this problem ! Our «Different» simple strategy for binary options  allows the time to turn the situation to its own, and to make a profit in all the manipulations of quotes.  Such a break-even trading will only be possible in case if you are using an advanced platform for binary options with:

  • Lightning-fast conclusion of transactions
  • Technical indicators
  • Display the level of open trades on the chart
  • High levels of profitability options
  • Huge window graphics quotes
  • Candlestick charts assets
  • Non-stop trade technology
  • The minimum size of transactions – from $1

If your trading terminal does not support all of these features, you can forget about the lucrative trade. Without these «bells and whistles» it is simply impossible to apply the strategy with moving averages, just like with any other strategies in binary options!
As a good choice of an advanced terminal – a platform of the Binomo broker, which has all the listed options and the order timing is of outstanding 1.7 milliseconds:

The Moving averages in binary options


How to turn the quotes  to your side

So, all of you know this scenario – you conclude a deal in the direction in which the indicator shows, while the quotes of an asset, like a silly horse, turn in the opposite direction, once again taking away a piece off your trading account. How to deal with it ? Just easily as it is! We conclude a deal in the direction of the current price direction. But it should be done without doubt and by a certain algorithm. This is what you will learn today, thanks to a simple «Different» strategy for binary options.

The place for the transactions in this strategy is the breakdown of asset quotations moving average line. That is, if the asset candle pierced the moving average and closed above it – conclude a UP deal:

conclude a UP deal

If the candle asset pierced moving average and closed below it – conclude a DOWN deal:

conclude a DOWN deal

Yes, the rules are well-known ! But what if the asset quotes are moving in this way:

The «Different» Strategy

In this case, without delay, with each new price crosses the moving average line, sign a deal at the intersection direction, slightly increasing the size of the transaction or the amount. So, to create a distortion of open positions in a profitable way. A simple «Different» strategy for binary options  is based primarily on the right money management. Here is an example:

The «Different» Strategy

As you can see in the screenshot above, each time the price is sewn line removals, we made a deal in the specified direction of the breakdown, while increasing the number of transactions. So we created a skewed profitable positions on unprofitable and eventually, when the price is surely going to one side, we are guaranteed a profit.

The best strategy for binary options 60 seconds, «Different» – especially

1. The expiry period set for 1 minute (this is a default setting for the Binomo platform ).

2. The size of the transaction set is the minimum – at Binomo it is $1 or 50 rubles.

3. We sell only in the afternoon, when there is a trend in the market.

The Moving averages in binary options for the time of its use has helped traders to earn profits several times higher than the rest of the indicators together! Try it and you will benefit with this unique display !

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