«High Range» 5 minutes strategy

What opportunities does the binary options trader get, having a good trading strategy? Unlimited! Although, a stable deposit growth is enough with just 65% of profitable trades closures. The «High Range» strategy allows about 72% of transactions to close at a profit! In other words, a simple strategy for binary options with the symbolic name «High Range», allows to achieve such remarkable results. Here is a layout of the «High Range» strategy.


A simple strategy for Binary Options. Rules of «High Range».

The main focus of the profitability of «High Range» system is aimed at trading signals, that in this strategy, are obtained from technical indicators. It is because of them it can be so profitable to trade binaries. Another important factor in the profitability of option trading, is a binary options broker, which guarantees the transactions without slipping. What’s wrong with slippage? The slippage is a problem with a loss of precious points, the existence of which is very important at the time of expiry of the transaction. You think that 3-5 points is not enough? No, that’s a lot! Even these a few items can harm up to 10% of total trading results! For example, if the strategy of trading binary options for 5 minutes brings you a 70% profit, then minus the 10% slippage, you get only 60%, which automatically makes your trade unprofitable, because the growth of the deposit should be at least 65 % for a profitable strategy. That is why it is important to choose a broker that ensures no slippage in prices.

We tested «High Range» system on the Binomo platform, where deals are being made at a speed of 1.8 milliseconds (the fastest in the options market). That is, at the conclusion of transactions you do not lose any points! But the advantages of Binomo do not end there. They trading platform offers:

  • The minimum amount of securities – $ 10
  • The minimum amount of the lot – $ 1
  • Candlestick type quotes
  • Modern platform with large-screen quotations
  • Quotes from Thomson Reuters
  • Very fast withdrawals
  • Additional useful services


Obtaining trade signals

Since the strategy «High Range» works on the basis of technical indicators, by which the signals are obtained for a trader, you need a special service where these indicators can be taken from. For example at  tradingview.com. Once decided what assets to sell, for the signals, use this service, just go to their website, enter the name of the option in the search box:

search box

After entering of the above data, you will get an open chart of quotations. Now you need to set it up, so you set its time frame for 1 minute:

time frame 1 minute

Additionally,  you need to add to the chart all the necessary indicators. Therefore, you choose Volatility Stop and Williams% R indicators from the catalog


That’s all it takes for a simple strategy for binary options have been prepared for use. So now, the 5 minute binary options strategies with a help of Binomo broker and trade signals, bring you some profit.

Receiving signals in «High Range»

For convenient and efficient trading, place next to each other the Binomo platform windows and a chart with technical indicators. So you can immediately make a deal, having a signal from the indicators.

After that, just follow the result of the indicators that should show you the best time for the opening of the transaction. The signal for the UP deal would be:

1. The emergence of green dot that will mark the beginning of the trend’s growth.

2. The Williams% R crossing the upper extreme level will warn of increasing growth trend.

3. The appearance on the graph of these signals, indicates the right time to conclude an UP deal, which we need to make at the Binomo terminal:

green dot

The signal for the DOWN deal will be:

1. The appearance of red dot that will mark the beginning of the trend’s falling.

2. The Williams% R indicator crossing the lower extreme levels will warn about the increase of incidence trends.

3. The appearance on the chart of these signals, indicates the right time to make a DOWN deal, using the Binomo terminal :

deal down

What is a level of profitability in «High Range» system? We mentioned earlier that the rate of return of this strategy is able to reach up to 72%. Meaning the use of the Binomo binary options platform. This is an excellent result for a huge push to increase your deposit!

Expiry Dates

Trading binary options is 5 minutes, is to set for each option transaction a 5-minute time limit. Thus, you will ensure your transactions for maximum profitability!


Capital Management

The binary option trading requires precise execution of money management rules. A binary options trading strategy for 5 minutes is no exception. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the maximum amount of risk for each transaction can only be an amount equal to 2% of your deposit. Moreover, if the deposit you have is rather small, then your deal amount should be minimal. By the way, the Binomo broker offers the minimum bets of $ 1. You can trade on «High Range» strategy, having a tiny financial investment.

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