The Crypto Trading Strategy With Alligator

You can use cryptocurrencies to earn an income in a variety of ways. Considering the fact that the prospect for the application of this asset has been steady for recent years, it’s not necessary to acquire digital coins. After all, you will have to wait until their exchange rate undergoes changes in your advantageous direction, and then sell your digital coins on a specialized exchange for real money. Moreover, this method doesn’t enable you to quickly earn a lot of money, especially if your initial investment was modest.

The crypto trading strategy with Alligator

Of course, it would be more logical to apply less risky and simpler ways of making money. Let’s have a closer look at one of the best ways to trade in crypto assets, using a trading platform from Binomo. This new prospective approach will give you an excellent opportunity to earn up to 85% from each transaction, and it’s only in 60 seconds! Even if the chosen cryptocurrency starts diving, you will still be able to earn on it (how to get money out of cryptocurrency?). Regardless of the current trend you can steadily derive benefits from crypto trading. You only need to set the time of the option and make your bet on the growth or fall in the value of the asset. Now let’s see how to make a highly probable forecast.


Crypto trading in with Alligator

The platform Binomo (go to the official site) gives an opportunity to work with Bitcoin, Litecoin and CRYPTO IDX.  The most promising and popular is CRYPTO IDX – it’s considered to be optimal for trading. There aren’t any gaps on its chart that can be noticed on other assets, and its profitability is high, accounting for about 70-85%. CRYPTO IDX is calculated by averaging the price values of four cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The trading system, we’re going to illustrate, is based on one of Bill Williams’ tools – the auto-indicator Alligator. Bill Williams is a famous authority of the world-famous stock exchange, whose strategies and indicators are very popular among successful traders around the globe.

Alligator is a trend tool. It can determine the current phase of the exchange and reliably predict the spread of quotations. It’s represented by three different colors of Moving Averages – the blue «jaw», the green moving average «lips» and the red «teeth». The main signal is the start of the jaw closure, when the red line intersects with the green one.

The auto-indicator signals:

  • The deal «Up» – «lips» cross «teeth» up from the bottom, the «jaw» crosses the other two moving averages and shifts downwards.
  • The deal «Down» – «lips» from top to bottom cross «teeth», then the «jaw» crosses the other two moving averages and shifts upward.

You should open a trading position right after the green line intersects with the red one. You shouldn’t wait for the moment when the blue moving line is on top or bottom. Another crucial factor is the tempo of movement of quotations before the intersection of moving averages: the more pronounced the trend, the more likely the upcoming turn.


How to earn

Even a newcomer can Increase his trading deposit with the help of the crypto trading system «Alligator». The screenshot below shows the size of our initial deposit. Open the quotes of CRYPTO IDX, then apply Alligator on them (without changing the parameters of its periods). Use the time frame 15 seconds and the expiration time 1 minute. Wait for signals.

The crypto trading strategy with Alligator: how to earn?

After the evident leap in the price of the asset, the «lips» of the indicator intersected with the «teeth» – we should be ready for the subsequent increase in the price of the asset. Don’t wait until the «jaw» goes down – conclude a contract UP for the amount of 10 dollars. If you’re lucky enough, 79% of the option volume will be yours.

The crypto trading strategy with Alligator

In a minute Alligator hasn’t failed us and the uptrend is still here. As a result, from the initial $10 deposit we’ve obtained $17.90 – nearly $8 of pure profit!

This small initial deposit ($10) is quite optimal, since the demands for money management have been completely met.

We should remind you that the main rule of capital management is that for one transaction you shouldn’t spend more than 1-5% of the total volume of the deposit.



The system «Alligator» is technically simple, which doesn’t harm its effectiveness. Trading in crypto assets on the Binomo platform (go to their official site) using this method we have achieved 79% of revenue in just one minute! If you want the same profit from direct investment, it will be necessary for the currency exchange rate to almost double.

However, Bitcoin, which demonstrated a record growth in 2017, wouldn’t have allowed to earn this sum for less than 1.5 months.

It turns out that the main advantage of getting income on the Binomo platform is the absence of dependence on the exchange rate fluctuations. So, you can learn in any situation. When the vector of the market movement is predicted by you correctly, then even one point of the price change will bring you a high profit.

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