Technical Strategy Of Market Analysis «Bullet»

When working in the derivatives market, the majority of investors tend to deal with the minimum frames of the trading chart. This makes sense: reducing the range of evaluation of trading quotes, traders increase the dynamics of trading operations to the maximum and, accordingly, are able to make more profit. However, the risks increase significantly in this mode of trading! In order to get stable indicators with high trading dynamics, you will need a market evaluation system with a quick response to changes in the vectors of trend movement.

In this regard, we can offer you a high-tech system «Bullet», based on a combination of indicator services. Using the system investors will be able to determine the trends of asset quotations quickly and accurately and receive more than 80% of profit positions. For effective binary options trading, we recommend you always to choose the reliable brokerage platforms. For example, try to work with the company Binomo (site) that offers attractive conditions of trading and extended options for users with any level of knowledge about the financial markets.


System template

To build the layout of the strategy template on the work schedule, we turn to professional technical service (site: It is necessary for a simple reason – here traders can get access to the necessary list of indicator services, as well as to the liquidity of the underlying assets. To create a strategy layout, use the services library from which you need to install the following services:

  • VdubusBinaryPro 1 – is a specialized service that created to work on the derivatives market directly. Its algorithm based on the principle of market evaluation that based on the combined use of classical indicator services of Bollinger Waves, SMA and fractals. Combining the most effective methods of analysis in one indicator, experts have created a high quality predictive resource. This is the main tool in the work of the system.
  • Bollinger Waves, SMA and fractals. Combined the most effective analysis techniques in one indicator the experts created a very quality forecasting resource. This tool is the main one in the system operation.
  • LarkLaguerre RSI – the second combined market analysis service is required in strategy operation as confirmation tool for technical signals of the main analysis service. Its operation let you estimate the market trend reverses in the near term. Therefore we get the effective filtration system for forecasts.
  • MFI – the additional trend indicator required in strategy operation as a tool for estimation of mid-term market trends. So we extend the time range for evaluation of quotations and get the chance to adjust the system operation in the light of common market trends.

The system template for generating signals on the «Bullet» strategy has the following format:

Technical strategy «Bullet»: system template


Strategy operating conditions

  • Trading time – the system is made to work in active markets, so we refuse to use it at night. We recommend using the system during the European and American sessions, but at the same time take into account the news calendar of the market, as spikes in volatility in the output of statistics and macroeconomic news create negative conditions for trading on the strategy.
  • Expiration of trading positions – we make a calculation of the range of repayment contracts depending on the choice of evaluation frame of the market, the current asset volatility and historical data of the price movements. When trading on the minute chart, we recommend using positions with a temporary repayment of 5 to 15 minutes. In this range, you can get the maximum number of successful trades.
  • Money management – in terms of risk calculation, the system offers to work on the market with trading positions at the level of the involved capital not more than 3-5% of the total amount of the investor’s funds.
  • Choosing a trading platform – in terms of choosing an effective trading platform for this trading system we can recommend the top ten ratings of companies that are offered on our website (rating of binary options brokers). For example, it is a trade on the platform of one of the most promising brokers in the market, Binomo (go to website). Here you can find the most optimal financial conditions and a high level of security for capital. In general, according to the technical parameters, you can use any trading service that is suitable for you.


System signals

For transactions in the growing market, use the following indicators:

  • After the low fractal formation by VdubusBinaryPro 1 service on the chart, the quotes pushed repeled of it and crossed upwards the red moving of indicator.
  • Service LarkLaguerre RSI changed the color to blue after leaving the technical oversold zone, that confirms the probability of quotations growth.

Technical strategy «Bullet»: the signal for an increase

For transactions in the falling market, use the following indicators:

  • MFI, the evaluation service for the mid-term market figures shows the stable descending trend dynamics.
  • After the low fractal formation by VdubusBinaryPro 1 service on the chart, the quotes pushed repeled of it and crossed downwards the red moving of indicator.
  • Service LarkLaguerre RSI changed the color to red after leaving the technical oversold zone, that confirms the probability of quotations drop.

Technical strategy «Bullet»: the signal for a fall

Using signals of this format, you can get up to 10 profitable trading positions within an hour. As a result, capital gains will be sustainable and very dynamic. In addition, working on the strategy, you get at your disposal a very effective system that can bring your trading to a new level.

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