«Slice» Trading Strategy For Binomo

The range of Binomo broker platform indicators includes a quite large selection of tools, among which there are quite a number of oscillators. In this review, we will consider a short-term trading strategy.

Three oscillators are the basis for the system. They provide triple filtering of signals. Despite the general principle of operation of all three tools used, they are very different from each other. Differences can be traced in terms of the mathematical formula for calculating.


Review of indicators

Slice strategy is based on three indicators: Awesome Oscillator, CCI and Stochastic. The last two tools are similar in many aspects, but at the same time they are not interchangeable. Each of them is unique in its own way. Awesome Oscillator deserves special attention. Its creator is the well-known person in the world of trading – Bill Williams. Having created this indicator, he was so fascinated with the result that he chose to call it – «an awesome oscillator».

  • CCI. This is a tried-and-true tool, initially created for commodity exchanges. However, traders in practice appreciated its advantages. As a result, the indicator rather quickly began to be used for analysis in the stock and currency markets. Currently, the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is used both in Forex and online trading platforms of the Binomo type (see platform). It consists of one curve line.
  • Stochastic. This indicator is considered the main oscillator, along with the RSI. It consists of two curves – fast and slow. This gave traders another type of signal: the intersection of lines between themselves.
  • Awesome Oscillator. Type of this indicator is reflected in its name. Exteriorly it is implemented as histogram rather than line that is irregular choice. Columns are formed around neutral dividing line – above or below it. There is also color indication: green columns – increase, red ones – decrease.


Setting of trading terminal

To begin, we select the underlying asset and set the schedule interval to 15 seconds. This is not a strict requirement. The asset can be any, the main thing is high profitability (preferably above 80%). As for the timeframe – it can also be any. But depending on the selected interval, the terms of the expiration of contracts should be adjusted. The formula is as follows: timeframe *4 = transaction duration. Given the dynamic timing, a deviation of up to 3-6 price bars is permissible.

«Slice» trading strategy for Binomo. Setting of trading terminal

Settings of indicators:

  • Awesome Oscillator – standard;
  • CCI – period: 20;
  • Stochastic – period: 20, level of both areas: 50.


Trading signals

The strategy is simple. Attention should be paid to the standard trading signals of used indicators. This is mainly the intersection of the levels located in the middle. The index of the product channel by default has the N/A line. We manually configured the Stochastic in the same way.

Signal for a rise – crossing of neutral level with white line of Stochastic and CCI. As a result, the curves should rise to the overbought area, located above the N/A level. The signal is confirmed by changing the color of the columns in the histogram of the Awesome Oscillator from red to green. Their position relative to the neutral line does not play a key role. They can be located both above and below.

«Slice» trading strategy for Binomo. Signal for a rise

The signal for a fall – crossing of the level of N/A on top. The CCI and Stochastic curves should go down into the oversold area located at the bottom of the indicator window. The signal should be confirmed by changing the color of the columns in the histogram of the Awesome Oscillator – from green to red.

«Slice» trading strategy for Binomo. The signal for a fall


Example of trading with the strategy

At the end of the review, we traditionally present a practical example of trading with the considered system. Besides confirming the efficiency of the strategy, this allows you to consolidate the learned material by visual repetition.

Example of trading with the strategy «Slice»

CCI crossed the N/A level from below, now the way to further rise is open for it. A similar situation is observed in the Stochastic window, but it is a bit late. Therefore, immediately after the formation of a green column in the histogram, we open a deal to rise. The dates are minimal, but in our case – 6 candles from the chart.

«Slice» trading strategy for Binomo: Example of trading

As a result of this exemplary transaction, concluded specifically for this review, we received a profit. However, this did not happen at its best. Immediately after entering the market, the chart fell down, but by the time of expiration it managed to restore its position. Therefore, in general, the signal itself has worked out at 100%.



We conclude the review with a piece of practical advice for traders. Firstly, you should remember that best moment for transaction opening is turning points of strongly expressed trends. Secondly, keep from trading on languid market. It is better to switch to another asset. For example, CRYPTO IDX as against currency pairs always demonstrates middle loyalty level. Thirdly, follow common rules of risk management, restricting the investment volume of maximum 5% from deposit.

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