Binomo Strategy For Newcomers «Fishman»

For highly effective trading we offer the system of financial market evaluation «Fishman», designed for binary trading. The architecture of the technical template of this system is based on a combination of oscillator indicators that can quickly determine all the necessary indicators for trading quotes. Accurate technical signals of this approach to trading in the futures market allows you to get the overall statistics of the investor at the level of 85% of term contracts with the effective expiration.


Trading system for Binomo «Fishman» – setting up indicators

To create a system template and get access to the necessary set of technical means, which, by the way, is quite exclusive, we will use a high-precision live schedule of the technical website for professional traders When you will have full access to the site, open the chart of the trading asset and apply the following set of technical analysis tools to the quotes:

  • Indicator for determining the strength and direction of the trend Fisher Transform (standard settings). This service perfectly shows the current performance of trading quotes, and the projection of the future vector of the price movement of the working asset as well. Thus, we open opportunities for correct forecasting of market movements.
  • A standard oscillator Stochastic, the parameters of the evaluation period 20/3/3. The second oscillator service in the system is used as a means to filter out false trading signals and more effectively determine the direction for the execution of a term contract.

Thus, on the technical chart of the trading quotes that selected for trading basic instrument with the M1 timeframe, a Fishman strategy forecasting template is formed, which will have the following form:

Binomo strategy for newcomers «Fishman»

The next step is to open the trading platform to perform electronic transactions in futures contracts of company Binomo. The choice of this platform is due to several reasons – the technical parameters of the platform and the optimal financial conditions for trading in the derivatives market, in particular:

  • Access to trading positions with minimum repayment period-60-300 seconds
  • High level of accuracy of trading quotes and their full compliance with the technical schedule
  • The level of positions profitability – up to 90%
  • The shortest period of execution of trade contracts-1.7 msec
  • Minimum possible conditions for trading on the futures market –  amount of the minimum position $1, minimum possible trading account $10


Strategy for the broker Binomo «Fishman» – a system of trading signals

For fixed-term contracts UP (Call):

  • Fisher service oscillator showed the intersection of its trend lines up
  • Stochastic has generated a similar quote reversal signal from oversold level

Strategy for the broker Binomo «Fishman» – a system of trading signals

After receiving such a combination of strategy indicators that generate a trend forecast, we move to the trading platform and open a trading position.

For fixed-term contracts DOWN (PUT):

  • Oscillator service, Fisher showed that the intersection of their lines is trending down.
  • Stochastic has generated a similar signal of a reversal of quotations from the overbought level

Strategy for the broker Binomo «Fishman» – a system of trading signals



The set of technical instruments and their indicators for trading identify optimally short-term trend movements of the price of a trading instrument on quotes. If we work on the minute chart of the asset, an optimal expiry period of trading positions will be a range of 5 minutes. Thus, 5 price candlesticks will be formed on the working chart, which is enough for the profit development of the trading strategy forecast.


Money management

To save capital and minimize losses, as well as to obtain a relatively safe mode of trading electronic contracts, you can use the classic methods of money management, which have the following format:

  • For the volume of investments with initial parameters-we use contracts with the minimum amount of involved funds.
  • For Gold and VIP trading accounts – we use contracts with a limited amount of value up to 5% of the total amount of your investment capital.

Using this simple mode of risk management, we will achieve relatively safe trading formats in various market situations and will be able dynamically, and most importantly — steadily to increase profits.


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