Multi-indicator Binary Trading System «Actuator»

You can find many strategies for binary contracts trading in Internet, but among them there are only several multi-indicator systems with forecast accuracy at 90%. Today we offer you exactly this method of market analysis, which is able to give urgent traders the highest trading statistics. The principle of the strategy «Actuator» bases on multi-component indicators which algorithm includes complex schemes of evaluation and calculation of market indicators. Despite the functionality of the system indicators and their complex technical algorithm, the strategy generates fairly simple and clear signals for the execution of binary contracts.


System indicators

Therefore, as a reason of strategy indicators application, we suggest you to analyze the most significant conditions to get profit in the derivatives market. In this case, we need to determine the market trend and on its basis to generate a trade forecast for the contract, to establish the most favorable level of opening a position, to calculate the optimal rate of expiration. It requires an analysis service with a multi-functional algorithm.

Besides, the market on the minimum frames that binary traders usually use to work, demonstrates a very nervous multidirectional movement thus creating a huge number of false technical signals to trade. To remove market noise, you will need a filter with a high-precision response to the market and smoothed technical indicators. As a result, we need a signal component of the strategy with a wide range of technical data evaluation and a filtering oscillator. That`s why we have created a strategy based on the following indicator services:

  • Donchian Fibonacci Zones with Trading Features – this main component of the strategy is one of the most multifunctional technical indicators. Its work bases on the construction of channels, determination of market fractals and calculation of dynamic Fibonacci levels. In addition, the moving average is used in the system algorithm of the indicator, which allows determining effectively the trend vectors and the optimal zones of contract execution in narrow ranges. As a general result of indicator work, we get a professional multi-signal system for effective trading of futures contracts.
  • DecisionPoint Price Momentum Oscillator – the next multifunctional component of the strategy is an oscillator that applies algorithms such as the determination of damping forces of the trend momentum, the principle of determining areas for profitable execution of contract of such classic leading indicator like Momentum. In total of the used calculation of market indicators, we obtained the high-tech oscillator that is able to determine accurately the zone of entry into the market based on the smoothed performance.

When installing such a set of analysis services, the following technical marking is building on the asset chart:

Multi-indicator binary trading system «Actuator»

Analysis services, on which the trading system is built, are not offered on standard trading platforms of the binary market, so we recommend you to use any third-party technical resource providing a set of these indicator tools. As an example, we can offer the online resource website


Strategy signals for binary options

To identify the optimal opening level of a trading position UP, use the following set of indicators of the strategy components:

  • On the working chart of the asset the indicator Donchian Fibonacci Zones with Trading Features formed DOWN fractal and dynamic level of local trend support. Afterwards the asset price bounced up from the lower border of the channel crossed upwards the zone of the previous lower fractal of the market. Then the moving line also broke the level up.
  • On the strategy signal filtering DecisionPoint Price Momentum Oscillator the movings crossed upwards, and the histogram rose above the median level.

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For the identification of the optimal level of the trading position opening DOWNWARDS use the following set of strategy component indicators:

  • On the working chart of the asset the indicator Donchian Fibonacci Zones with Trading Features formed the ascending fractal and the dynamic trend barrier. After that the asset price pushed off the channel upper limit, crossed the zone of the previous ascending market fractal downwards. Then the moving line broke the level downwards in the same way.
  • On the strategy signal filtering DecisionPoint Price Momentum the movings crossed downwards, and the histogram dropped under the median level.

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The system of strategy indicators determines trends of up to 15 minutes on the liquidity chart of the trading asset, so the most optimal trading mode in the binary market is to use the positions with a temporary repayment in the specified range.


Money management

For the safety of funds investment use the classic methods of capital management: on a minimum account work with positions with the initial volume of value, on accounts with a large volume of funds, use positions with the contract price limitation level of 5% of your capital.

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