The 30 Minutes «Puria Method» Strategy

The professionals shared a secret, and now everyone can earn on the binary options.Would you like to meet today with a trading algorithm that is trusted by thousands of traders? If the answer is yes, then the current strategy, the «Puria method», is for you.

It should be noted that the proposed system was originally developed for the currency market. Below it will be described as a modified version, prepared specifically for binary options.

Let’s begin with a study of the advantages:

The high quality of the incoming signal (more than 75% of all transactions are closed at a profit); a simple algorithm that in 10 minutes can master even a novice, who just learned about this method of investment, flexibility (to carry out the transaction can be any asset); strategy can be used on the job principal place of business (conditions of the system allows you to monitor and respond to incoming signals without significant time costs).

To set the schedule, download a template and add it to the folder «templates» in the Meta Trader 4 Terminal. If done correctly, the schedule will look like this:

Wether you are using a «live» graph or not,  set it up manually, download the template strategy. To do this, follow the following algorithm:

The 30 Minutes «Puria Method» Strategy

1) Add three moving averages with the following parameters:

MA with period 85 red (Low; Linear Weighted); MA with a period of 75 red (Low; Linear Weighted); MA with a period of 5 yellow (Close; Exponential).

With these lines, a trader can keep track of the current trend and find moments that are optimally suited to enter the position.

2) Attach the MACD (15, 26, 1).

This oscillator will remove most of the low-quality signals.
We now proceed directly to the study of trade rules.

The deal for an increase

The yellow MA crossed two red Moving Average at the bottom and all lines continue to rise. A controlled candle is completely over the entire beam moving average (shadow touch allowed, but highly undesirable) MACD. The histogram is being placed above the zero level. The column, which corresponds to a control candle must be above the previous one. An appearance of a new spark – a signal for buy.

Time frame – M 30. Expiration – 3 hours (6 closed candles) . Go with caution and do not trade in the output period novostey. Permissible risk – 2% of the bill.

An example of a deal to buy

An example of a deal to buy

The deal for a fall

Yellow MA crossed two red top Moving Average, and all lines decrease. A controlled candle placed under the is sliding in the middle. The MACD is in the negative zone and below the current column. Opening of the next candle – the time for sales.

An example of a deal to sell

An example of a deal to sell


Work with the system would be much more convenient if the user has completed the layout chart and determined its significant horizontal levels.

If you are just starting to learn the binary market, focus all attention on the euro / dollar pair. Just securing the skills, you can add other assets.

Unfortunately, even such a powerful algorithm is subject to criticism. The main problem is that novice traders are taking too little time for training. Do not rush, and at least work for 1-2 weeks on a virtual account or with a small deposit. In addition, there is a number of frequently recurring errors that users make unintentionally. Let us examine them in details.

Reducing time frame

Number of tools included in the TS “Puria Method” are not designed for intensive trade (more than 3 times a day). Therefore, if you use intervals of 15 minutes or less, you just physically can not filter out all the wrong signals.

Using a large number of assets

Here everything is simple. In pursuit of the signals, traders often forget about quality. Plan your trading day, realistically assess the chances and focus on tools that bring you profits.

Trading during the thin market

During the holidays (especially during the Christmas period), most of the major participants prefer to stay out of the market. Due to this, the price action often becomes unpredictable. To avoid a loss in the period between the 20th of December and January, arrange a holiday celebration and refrain from trading.

Ignoring the angle of moving averages

If the three moving averages are rising, so only buy if decrease – sell. This simple condition is mentioned in the general rules of the system. Oddly enough, it was about how people forget and try to enter the market against the major trend (flat or established).

Cuts off the excess, practice and believe in success. In binary options everyone can earn!

Download the template strategy the 30 minutes “Puria Method”

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