The 15 Minutes «Key Rate» Strategy

The 15 minutes of «Key Rate» strategy allows you to make transactions, 90% of which are closed with a profit. You can work on the strategy, 4-5 times a month, with a high percentage of probability to make a profit, allowing to overestimate risks in transactions, and rapidly increase the size of the trading account. This strategy can be used as a primary or as a supplement to any other system of binary options trading.


The essence of binary options strategies 15 minutes’ key rate “

The strategy of 15 minutes «key rate» – a type of trading on the news. But in this case, the trade goes for only one kind of macroeconomic news, namely the announcement of the Central Bank of a country whose currency is traded on the market – the size of a new key rate.

The 15 Minutes «Key Rate» Strategy

The list of central banks and their asset-dependent solutions:

  • Bank of Canada – USDCAD
  • Bank of England – GBPUSD
  • Reserve Bank of Australia – AUDUSD
  • The Reserve Bank of New Zealand – NZDUSD
  • The Swiss National Bank – USDCHF

Each of these controllers set the decision on the interest rate only once a month. But due to the fact that there is a big number of such currency regulators, and even more assets, depending on their solutions, with the «key rate» trading strategy for 15 minutes you will be able to enter every week and make profitable trades consistently.


Where to track decision on interest rate

To find out the date and time of the publication of the decision on the key rate, you can use any portal of financial topics, on which there is a calendar of macroeconomic news. Using  an interactive calendar, you can see the on-line size of the fixed rate and quickly decide on the direction of trade:

Broker for trading

You should understand that immediately after the publication of this important news about the «interest rate», the asset prices literally become «crazy», and the binary options market gets closed at this time, or the transaction concluded with a huge slippage. That is, instead of making, you will either receive a loss, or even not be able to trade. Therefore, for trading on the important market news, you better use the Binomo platform, on which there is no slippage and trades on the news are permitted :

Moreover, the minimum deposit with this broker is 10 USD, and the minimum bet at the Binomo is only 1 USD, which will help you to start trading on this moneymaking strategy with minimal investments. Whereas 20 free options that Binomo gives to all new customers, will help to test this strategy for FREE !


How to trade on the 15-minutes «key rate» strategy

So, to determine the date and time of the publication of a new key rate, you need to open the Binomo platform exactly at the scheduled time and wait for the heavy traffic in quotations, which, in 99% of cases begins immediately after the announcement of the new interest rate level.

It does not matter, whether increased rate or was it reduced. What is important is that this news is of a great importance for the foreign exchange market and its release causes the active unilateral irrevocable movement of quotations. That is precisely what is needed for profitable trading on binary options. So, wait for the news to make profit, as it is only necessary to make a deal in the direction in which the activity is moving the price. As mentioned above, 90% of the transactions are closed with a profit!


Expiry Time and money management

«The key rate» – a strategy based on 15-minutes expiration. Accordingly, in all transactions, you need to use options with a term of expire of 15 minutes. As for the money management, the trade may be used up to 8% of the size of the deposit. The expected increase in the month to the size of your funds in the account is about 25% -30%.

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