What Should You Trade On The Market?

When every investor first approaches trading contracts on the market on a regular basis they are faced with the same dilemma. Which tool should they use for analysis? And, as follows, which asset rates are most applicable to their chosen trading method? There are a multitude of indicators that have a significant influence on traders’ end results, ranging from their overall approach to profitable positions to the forecastability of an asset market.

We will provide you with a break down on what trading tools and assets you have to choose from on the exchange, and which are most effective for trading with highly-dynamic contracts.

First and foremost, when starting to evaluate which assets on the market are most effective for trading, it is remembering that this type of contract can be used as a trading tool with any available asset. The algorithm of fixed-term contracts itself clarifies everything. The most important aspect of producing a positive result is to correctly identify the price direction of a particular asset. Thus you can trade with any type of asset. Liquidity rates are made available to investors through trading platforms.

What Should You Trade On The Market?

Currently, trading platforms that offer fixed-term contracts provide access to a fairly wide selection of assets. Professionals divide trading tools into the following categories:

  • Stocks – this involves securities issued by public companies.
  • Raw materials – this classic asset type includes hydrocarbon (oil, gas) and ore
  • Currency pairs – in classic trading tool the value of one currency considered in relation to another
  • Indexes – this is a particular tool that reflects a relatively wise range of indicators, from the shareholder value in a specific economic sector to the combined market prices or collection of assets
  • Cryptocurrency pairs – this is an innovative tool that came about thanks to the appearance of online accounts

Every one of the asset types described above has a set of advantages and disadvantages that every trader should know. In general, skilled investors can profit off any asset. Here, the question isn’t how effective a trading tool is directly, but which strategy the investor used to analyze a particular market for an asset. Hence, when you choose an asset to trade with, you need to analyze how effective the tool is in terms of your system for analyzing the market and, of course, if it suits your individual preferences and fits into your trading plan. Let’s consider each asset on its own and identify effective approaches the to analysis that produce the best results.


Fixed-term contracts on stocks

Financial market professionals consider this type of asset to be the most effective and lucrative tool for investment. This explains why there is such a wide selection of company stocks available (Tesla, Intel, Citigroup, Twitter, Nike, Coca-Cola and others), as well as dedicated traders who demonstrate these assets’ rates. Fixed-term contracts don’t require a long-term investment. Hence, these stocks aren’t a popular choice for long-term investors. Other than that, fixed-term contracts on stocks produce more humble rewards, on average up to 65%. Despite that, these assets can be a great tool for generating profit, as their rates are highly forecastable.

Fixed-term contracts on stocks

In terms of which strategy is best suited for evaluating these assets, simplest approaches are best suited, such as trading in price channels (Fractal Channel, The Channel Alligator, Trading In The Channels, Breakthrough Channel, Night Channel, Extension Channel), indicator systems based on Fibonacci levels, and, of course, trading the news. Stocks react strongly to press releases regarding relevant company statistics!


Raw materials as financial tools

Raw material assets are popular for trading with fixed-term contracts, as they produce a higher return on investment, up to 80%, therefore creating an opportunity to earn more. Other than that, the popularity of these assets has lead to sharp fluctuations in the price of oil over the past couple years. The high volatility in particular makes it an effective tool for fixed-term trading. In this case, in terms of choosing the effective system of analysis, the most lucrative strategy is to trade the news. Raw materials react strongly to statistics and geopolitical press releases, making it, for all practical purposes, possible to forecast market movement without any mistakes.



These assets are the most popular and effective tool for fixed-term trading. Firstly, they offer traders with the highest reward per trading positions, up to 90% from the total cost of the contract. Secondly, there is a wide selection of pairs to choose from. Thirdly, these assets demonstrate the most volatile price fluctuations within the span of 24 hours, which is necessary for trading effectively on the exchange. And, of course, the main advantage of this tool is the wide array of suitable systems for analyzing their rates. You can adopt nearly any well-known forecasting approach, from trading the news and indicator systems to approaches involving market fluctuation patterns.


Trading indexes

This isn’t your typical asset for fixed-term trading, as it requires in-depth knowledge of the trading process, as well as experience. As we previously mentioned, this tool encompasses entire economic sectors or markets for particular types of goods as a whole. Therefore, in order to forecast market movement, traders need to do in-depth fundamental analysis, which isn’t that effective with fixed-term contracts. As a result, many online investors completely avoid using these assets. For an analysis system, multi-indicator systems work best, as well as using fundamental analysis.


Fixed-term contracts on cryptocurrencies

The specific tool with a very interesting pricing formation process! However, despite of certain complications, this asset is very popular in today’s trading as it allows getting the high results. The awards for trade positions with these assets are not high – up to 25%. But the volatility of tools and high predictability of the market let you get your profit on a regular basis. For cryptocurrency trading the simple indicator systems fit perfectly, along with the strategies based on the estimation of trade volumes in the market, and news trading.



Ultimately, the fixed-term contracts is a universal trading tool allowing to get results with any asset, the main thing is to choose an appropriate analytical technique and manage the capital efficiently.

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