Secrets Of Stable Earnings

It is quite difficult to understand for the ordinary citizen the principles of binary options and stable earnings of this instrument, just by reading an advertisement or a short informational article. For this reason, we decided to list some information on the subject. In this article we present the steps that are necessary to take for the novice player on the way to the stable revenue from the provision of useful recommendations. Therefore, the market participants will be able to assess fully their strength before the full immersion in the processes of binary trading.

So, the first thing that must be understood about trading on the binary market – is that your result is highly dependent on the broker you choose to trade in the financial market.
The problem lies in the fact that more than 200 companies working in this area, and they offer services at various levels of quality and functional content. In addition, there you can often be scammed by fraudsters. Choosing the right company, you get the opportunity to increase your productivity by more than 30%. How to choose a company, and what to pay attention to ?  To avoid any cooperation with scammers and choose a safe, professional and efficient company, it is necessary that the company meets the following requirements:

  • The presence of a specialized broker license from the regulatory authorities.
  • The broker should offer professional tools for trading – а trading terminal. A high-quality platform for trading is a wide range of different instruments, various assets of options and different types of work stability
  • Safe and efficient company raises the minimum trading conditions. This takes into account the amount of the initial deposit and the minimum value of the contracts.
  • The professional companies offer a free mandatory binary options training.
  • The broker should have a Russian-language customer support and high quality analyst,
    financial operations (sign up and withdrawal of funds) should be carried out with a choice of payment services without any additional conditions and in the shortest possible time.

For your consideration, here is the option of a safe and professional company for trading – the Binomo broker. Here you get these types of services:

  •  CySEC license
  • Trading proprietary terminal of the highest professional level with the necessary instrumental set
  • The terms of trade – the amount of initial deposit of $ 10, the amount of the minimum contract of 1 dollar
  • Free vocational training system
  • The Russian-language support and effective analytics
  • The widest range of payment services and the withdrawal within 24 hours


The next step is to get for a beginner is the necessary knowledge in the binary options trading process. It is worth to say at once that, without completing the course it is not logical to enter the market, as the low level of knowledge in commercial processes and methods of analysis will lead to loss of funds. The most effective training materials and training systems are not scattered. Thus, the Binomo broker site offers a systematic approach to this issue. There are ways of receiving professional knowledge through such education options:

  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Video lessons
  • Webinars
  • Knowledge base
  • Demo platform- a demo account with virtual funds for practice



The Binary Options Education takes place in a simple manner and does not take much time.However, completing a training course, you will be able to maximize the use of the binary market for profit.
And the last step that you need to do on the way to a large and stable income – the choice of trading strategies. The system of trading strategy is a specific rule, conditions and parameters of forming contracts. It gives a variety of approaches to market analysis, the methods of risk management and commercial capital. These systems maximize the profitability of the trade and allow to make the transaction, not based on intuition, but rather using clear signals. The strategies are divided into:

  • Indicators
  • Technical analysis
  • Trading on the news

As an example, consider a visual indicator on the basis of the Bollinger Bands strategy. This indicator is set directly on the trading chart. It is represented in the form of three colored lines, which define the range of fluctuations of quotations – a price channel. The transactions are executed at the touch of one of the channel boundaries in the direction of the rebound from it:

channel boundaries

Thus, using the signals generated by the indicator can be obtained of more than 80% of total lucrative trading contracts with a stable result.

We have listed the main steps of the initial stage of trading binary options to be implemented to produce consistently high results. We hope our recommendations and tips help you to achieve financial independence and a high level of well-being !

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