The Comparative Overview Of Brokers UTrader, Binomo And Binarium

Today, brokerage companies of the binary market offer a huge number of versatile services, but it doesn’t allow traders to make an optimal choice for their own trading platform. In addition, the market is saturated with so many companies that often position themselves as professional brokers with the highest quality services. Unfortunately, it increases the possibility of becoming a victim of numerous scammers. For this reason, today we will conduct a comparative review of brokers, direct competitors – UTrader, Binomo, and Binarium, which have a fairly good reputation in the market.

The very purpose of the material is to identify the leader among these three brokers. We should choose an optimal broker for all parameters of the work of a specialized trading platform for. The winner’s platform should perform effectively in the binary market, coming up with consistently high results.

For a basis of our estimation of work of trading platforms we will take the indicators, which have the greatest influence both on a trading result in the market, and on a choice of traders, when picking up a trading partner:

  • The broker’s trading conditions
  • The broker’s trading terminal
  • The speed of the profit withdrawal

It’s that list of indicators many traders use when choosing a trading platform for working with binary options in order to obtain optimal trading conditions.


Trading conditions of brokers

When considering this crucial parameter of binary trading offered on competing sites, we will assess not only the availability of work at the broker but also the optimality of the ratio of the companies’ requirements to the minimum deposit and the cost of trade bets. It will help to determine the company with the optimal trading conditions, which ensure trading safety, as well as a site with the minimum possible amount of initial investment. Now let’s see what the competitors offer:

  • The Broker UTrader offers the minimum trading bet 20 USD and the minimum operating capital 200 USD.
  • The Binarium broker offers the minimum trading bet 1 USD and the minimum operating capital 5 USD.
  • The broker Binomo offers the minimum trading bet 1 USD and the minimum operating capital 10 USD.

As we see, the broker UTrader, despite the optimal ratio of the amount of the initial deposit and the cost of its bets, puts forward the highest financial requirements. Considering this, trading on this trading platform can’t be affordable for most online investors. Today, such an amount of initial investment is unaffordable for the vast majority of traders. Additionally, the broker Binarium comes up with another extreme thing. Against the background of the lowest conditions for the initial capital among its competitors, the company offers to trade with the minimum bet $1, which doesn’t allow investors to use the optimal trading mode for safe management. Only 5 trades on the minimum deposit can’t help to increase the trading deposit.

The Comparative Overview Of Brokers UTrader, Binomo And Binarium. Trading conditions of brokers

Against this background, the Binomo broker seems to be extremely advantageous, except for a minimum initial investment. In this case, traders can use the optimal ratio of the value of trading positions for safe trading. The amount of a bet of$ 1 enables you to make up to 10 trades on the initial account, which expands the investor’s opportunities in money management. So, in this regard, we give priority to the Binomo broker platform. Work in the terminal of the broker Olymp Trade, which has similar conditions of trading.

Binomo broker seems to be extremely advantageous


Trading terminals of brokers

Undoubtedly, the working platform of the brokerage company is the major technical tool of any trader. Therefore, not only the comfort of working in the market but also the investor’s trading result depends on its services and tools. In this regard, the brokers offer the following products:

  • The broker UTrader offers SpotOption.
  • The broker Binarium offers SpotOption.
  • The broker Binomo comes up with a trading terminal of its own highly professional development.

Notwithstanding the wide popularity and distribution on the binary market of the trading platform SpotOption (the official site), it’s quite outdated today. Therefore, it doesn’t provide all the necessary technical opportunities for professional binary trading.

The broker Binomo comes up with a trading terminal of its own highly professional development

Of course, the brokers Binarium and UTrader are trying to optimize the work of this trading terminal on their own. However, the very structure of its work no longer satisfies professional market players. Thus, in this regard, we have chosen an unconditional leader – the broker Binomo. The company was the first to confirm its customer orientation policy and offered its traders a new terminal, specially designed for binary trading. The trading terminal offers a set of professional tools for technical analysis and a bunch of worthy auxiliary services:

  • A wide-format working chart, which supports individual settings;
  • More than 80 assets;
  • A rich choice of Indicators and graphic instruments;
  • A high-speed trading mode;
  • A detailed market history and the archive of the trader’s transactions;
  • A statistical indicator of market analysis;
  • The optimal range of expiration from one minute to 24 hours.

Considering such tools and technical characteristics of the platform, the trader can get the most effective conditions for conducting financial transactions in the binary market.

The broker UTrader offers SpotOption


The speed of the profit withdrawal

When choosing a brokerage platform, traders take into account this crucial parameter. It clearly shows the comfort and quality of partner relations, and also the security of the trading platform. As a rule, these brokers pay their clients without delays and additional conditions. They also offer a wide range of payment options. Here we estimate only the speed of the profit withdrawal. In this regard, the brokers ensure the following:

  • The broker UTrader makes payments for up to 7 banking days.
  • The broker Binarium does for 7 banking days.
  • The broker Binomo can do it for no more than 24 hours!

Here, we see that Binomo is an indisputable leader. A relatively fast withdrawal of earnings speaks for the client-oriented policy of the company. Additionally, it suggests the high level of security that attracts new customers.



So, let’s sum up the review. We have the leader and the best platform for working on the binary market. It’s the trading terminal is from the professional broker Binomo (here you can read a review of the demo version of the terminal). High-quality services, optimal working conditions with the broker, as well as a professional trading terminal of the company are the key to the success of each trader of the binary market.

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