A Million On Binary Options

Without a doubt, the main purpose of any binary trader is a financial well-being and independence. A million, made on binary options – this is a dream of all the participants of the binary market.  Is it possible to make a million on the binary options and what is needed for it ? We will try to create a short list of recommendations to achieve such a good result, which will help the trader in his daily highly profitable trading.


Recommendation number 1 – Use a professional platform for trading

Has anyone seen a professional athlete that won the Olympic Games, using an amateur equipment ? When it comes to a professional binary trading, it is the same.  In order to achieve excellent results you need to look for a real professional platform. What does trader need to get any sustainable results in terms of technical and support services ?

Here is the optimal list of things:

  • Professional trading broker terminal
  • Choice of effective analysis tools
  • Optimal trading conditions
  • A wide range of assets to trade with
  • Contracts with high yield
  • A certain range of options expiry
  • Set of additional analytical services
  • Rapid withdrawal of profits

Critically reviewing this list, it is hard to say that there are any claimed supernatural figures. But on the binary market, there is almost no companies that fully comply. The best option trading platform in this regard is the Binomo broker, at the website of which, the trader receives the following list of trading opportunities:

  • Private professional high-performance trading platform
  • Technically sophisticated market analysis tools: a set of indicators, graph services
  • Trading conditions at the lowest possible performance and at optimal ratio of the value of contracts and the volume of the initial deposit – the account of $10, the amount of the contract value of  $1
  • Great choice of assets – more than 80 items
  • Option contracts with a profitability level up to 87%
  • Expiration dates range from 60 seconds to 24 hours
  • Additional services in the form of free binary trading training and daily analytics
  • The most high-speed approach to withdrawals of profits

Applying binary trading professional tools offered by the Binomo broker, a single trader can expect a high probability to achieve this goal – a million made on the binary options.


Recommendation number 2 – for the use of trading trading system with high efficiency

Trading system – is the basis of the trader’s results. The overall result and the time to achieve the goal depends on the statistics of profitable and loss-making contracts.The optimal parameter of efficiency of the trading system for stable earnings on the binary market is considered to be 65-70%. But with such parameters, to make a million on binary options has to take a few decades, while the trader is committed to quick money. We offer you a trading strategy, with efficiency that exceeds 90%, it can accelerate the time of achievement of your goals.

The system consists of hardware, as such:

  • MACD indicator
  • Indicator MA Simple, a period of 50 (coloring MA – standard)
  • Indicator MA Simple, a period of 40
  • Indicator MA Simple, a period of 30
  • Indicator MA Simple, a period of 20
  • Indicator MA Simple, a period of 10

Change the moving average color settings to a blue color for the indicators. As a result, on the chart of the asset, you get the following system of indicators:

A Million On Binary Options

The strategy forms  the signal for the binary option with UP expiry of the contract – 15 minutes of this type:

  • A bunch of lines moving average of the blue color of the indicator has crossed up the line indicator MA in red
  • The moves of the Oscillator on the MACD indicator crossed at the top level of the scale 0

The moves of the Oscillator on the MACD indicator crossed at the top level of the scale 0

For the next DOWN action signal system:

  • A group of lines moving average of the blue color where the indicator has crossed down the line indicator MA in red
  • The moves of the Oscillator on MACD indicator crossed at the bottom level of the scale 0

For the next DOWN action signal system

A clearly accurate signal of the strategy allows us to obtain more than 90% of profitable contracts. To increase profits, it is really necessary to make series of contracts in one trading signal. Thus, you increase the dynamics of growth of your balance.


Recommendation number 3 – do not break the rules of money management

A professional trading platform and highly productive trading system, of course, will lead to success. But if the trader does not have a trading discipline and constantly violates the rules of risk management and efficient use of own trading balance, the only result is that he will eventually receive – a total loss of his investment. The million on the binary options will remain as just a dream. Traders who have already achieved our idea, place the money management in the first place in the  principles of effective trades. There are simple rules –  in order to reduce losses and commercial risks, it is necessary to use a contract with a minimum value or if the volume of trading tools, that allows the contracts where a value does not exceed 3-5% of the total amount of funds on deposit. Such a trade regime can be easily maintained at the Binomo broker terminal (see here) due to minimum parameters of trading conditions.

So, the million on the binary options, keeping in mind these recommendations and requirements is an achievable goal. Considering the average deposit growth of 300% per week at such trading mode, the goal does not require too much time.

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