How To Quickly Increase Your Trading Deposit On Binary Options?

The natural desire of investors working in the binary market for quick profits is quite logical and doesn’t cause any censures. Every trader, when starting to trade, normally sets high goals and strives for their rapid achievement. However, in the binary market traders often start working with minimal trading deposits, so they can’t count on impressive earnings. Our article is solely devoted to the problem of the rapid increase of your trading account. We’ll discuss the key performance indicators, and have a look at examples of trading tactics, which can rapidly increase your capital.

Well, you’re a newcomer in this field, you’ve just entrusted your capital to one of the many platforms for binary trading in the financial market. The first thing you realize is your inability to earn a lot and on a regular basis. As a result, you start making a lot of mistakes, which logically leads to the loss of your trading capital.

These are the main factors, which influence the dynamics of efficiency and stability of profit-making:

  • The general indicator of the effectiveness of the trading platform, and also the security of the binary options broker, on the site of which the trader conducts transactions;
  • The activity of the trader when working in the market;
  • The precision of the forecasting system and cyclic recurrence of the trading signals of the system;
  • The investor’s discipline in terms of money management.

The correct choice of trade parameters, optimal conditions for trading in conjunction with a professional strategy and the exact calculation of risks will enable traders to steadily and dynamically increase their operating capital and, accordingly, to receive greater profits. Let’s consider some recommendations.


The platform’s efficiency and security

There’s a common mistake of many traders – they tend to find the easiest starting conditions for working with options. Simultaneously, they overlook other crucial indicators of binary options trading. In addition, such attractive trading conditions as a small deposit, profitable rates and also the initial value of trading positions can do harm to the investor and even make him or her the victim of scammers.

However, everything isn’t so bad. It’s because there are professional trading platforms that offer minimal conditions, but at the same time, they provide access to effective forecasting tools as well as highly productive contracts. We recommend the trading terminal from the European brokerage services operator – the company Binomo (or platform broker Olymp Trade). Here, investors can take advantage of the following conditions and opportunities for trading in the binary market:

  • The trading deposit from 10 USD;
  • Contracts from 1 USD;
  • The trading terminal with professional technical analysis tools;
  • Security is ensured by the national financial regulator CRF;
  • Liquidity contracts up to 90%;
  • A set of high-performance support services;
  • A huge choice of assets for working with options;
  • A convenient and high-speed withdrawal of earnings.

Thus, the company Binomo (go to the official site) provides a full range of opportunities to address the issue – how to quickly increase your trading deposit on binary options in a safe mode.


The effective strategy and the trader’s activity

These two indicators have a high level of interrelation, so let’s consider them together. So, the more active the trader is in the market, the more opportunities he or she has to get high results. However, at the same time, for each trading style in the market, there’s a certain list of optimal trading strategies. For fast increasing of the trading deposit, systems with a high cyclic recurrence of signals and their maximum accuracy are recommended. As a rule, in the initial stage of working with options traders use the so-called «scalping» – trading on minimum and short-term fluctuations in quotes. This approach is extremely effective because the dynamics of signal generation and the speed of trading operations enable to maximize profitable indicators. The key problems include high trading risks as well as the accuracy of the trading strategy when working in the scalping mode. We offer you an effective strategy to forecast the market with a signal efficiency of 87%, which can increase your trading capital by up to 200% per day.

For forecasting, you need to apply the following system of technical indicators to the chart:

To evaluate the market, you should use the technical timeframe of the asset chart for 15 seconds:

How To Quickly Increase Your Trading Deposit On Binary Options? The effective strategy and the trader’s activity

This approach to market valuation enables you to get up to 25 signals to open trading positions on the binary market.

The strategy generates combined signals, which gives an opportunity to execute contracts at the moments of short-term trend breaks and also during corrective market fluctuations.

The first format of the strategy signals looks like this:

  • The lines of the Alligator indicator have crossed the moving average of the EMA indicator upwards, while the technical line RSI is above the level of the scale 50.

The second format of the trading signal is:

  • The technical moving average of the EMA indicator indicates an upward trend, while after a short-term downward movement, the Alligator lines have crossed upwards. On the auxiliary indicator RSI, the line has crossed the technical level 50.

How To Quickly Increase Your Trading Deposit On Binary Options? The second format of the trading signal

When it comes to buying DOWN options, use the reverse mode to generate signals:

How To Quickly Increase Your Trading Deposit On Binary Options? Purchase options DOWN

Using this method of estimating and forecasting the market, you will get on average 87 profitable contacts out of 100. Thus, you will quickly increase your trading capital and move to the next professional level of trading.


The investor’s discipline in money management

Being totally overwhelmed with an idea to make fast money, the trader gets addicted. Unfortunately, the market never forgives excitement. When trading on a minimum deposit and in the mode of high activity in the market, it’s necessary to more accurately calculate the risks of binary trading. It will protect your trading capital from devastating losses and give you an excellent opportunity to earn a good income on a regular basis.

Adhere to these classical rules if you don’t want to face huge risks your options trading:

  • For transactions on the initial investment volume, use bets with an initial cost.
  • As the amount of funds increases, ramp up the amount of bets to no more than 3% of your trading deposit.

Your accurate and strict adherence to these rules as well as our recommendations will enable you to quickly increase your trading deposit and give a fantastic opportunity to earn more.

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