How Not To Drain The Trading Deposit Away On The Binary Options ?

The problem of the trading deposit drain accompanies almost all traders in the initial stage of trade. This is not surprising, if to take into account the fact that the market participants ignore so many details in the pursuit of quick money. We would like to show you some useful recommendations which will give an answer to any question that a beginner player in the financial market could possibly have – how not to drain the trading deposit away on the binary options and how to earn a stable income while trading this instrument ?

So, if to summarize all the conditions that cause the losses of funds of a trading deposit by a beginner in a simple way, their list must look like this:

These are the moments of binary options trading in which traders make the most serious mistakes, which lead to a negative result. Let us examine each item separately.


Binary Options Learning

Probably the main reason for the loss of funds by a beginner trader is to start trading on a real account without completing the course of the binary options trading. An overconfidence and recklessness in trading binary options are unacceptable. Only those ones who know a lot about the binary trading processes learn approaches to trade and receive theoretical and practical experience will most likely avoid the losses. The basic learning does not take much time and does not require additional expenses. For example, a market’s leader – the Binomo company provides free trainings on binary options which are carried out with the help of the most advanced approaches:

  • Interactive tutorial
  • Knowledge base
  • Video lessons
  • Webinars

The maximum amount of time that a beginner can spend on training takes about 10 days. After this, the market trader’s eyes will be opened to many of the subtleties of binary options trading processes and he will be able to work fairly confidently on the market. In addition a great deal of getting the initial experience at the training terminal – a demo platform. Here the theory is converted into practice to give an excellent performance as a result. The Binomo broker gives a great simulator that fully allows you to consolidate the theory and provides a risk-free opportunity to gain valuable experience in trading. Learning and getting an experience is the main thing that the trader has to do initially to save him later trading capital, it is not worth to approach the actual trading terminal without keeping this in mind.


Trading strategy

Here, the problem is rather in the number of systems presented by the Internet and their aggressive advertising, as well as the use of trading systems without preliminary testing. Everything is very simple: a trader finds online trading strategy, reads the description, becomes acquainted with the principles of trade on it and immediately begins to use it on a real account. Of course, all the authors say that their system is amazing and will bring you fabulous profit, and so on and so forth. This situation is probably familiar to everyone. How to fix it? It is very simple. Stop to believe in the words and evaluate trading strategies yourself. To do this, it is necessary to test it with the help of the history of quotes; by the way, this function is available at the terminal of Binomo broker, as well as at a broker’s demo platform.

Thus, you will clearly understand the capability of the trading strategy, clarify what assets it uses to work on, find out if it is suitable for you personally or not, and analyze in general if the strategy is efficient, or simply designed to drain the trading account. In addition, do not take the strategies from the numerous unverified sites, which appear as quickly as mushrooms after the rain nowadays. It is possible to recommend the trading systems represented in the specialized sections of the websites of brokerage firms. Binomo broker has an excellent set of the most workable strategies specifically for binary trading:

Testing trading strategies before practical application, you completely exclude the possibility of the loss of working capital due to their inefficiency.


Money management

A big risk and commercial capital management is also one of the root causes of the deposit drains. Of course, greed and the idea of quick money in traders’ environment is quite a commendable phenomenon, but one must know where to stop. To guard the assets, it is necessary to understand the parameters of profitable and loss-involving contracts and estimate this ratio so that losses are minimized. The trading conditions of the particular broker at the site where you trade are also important. If the company overstates the initial value of the contracts, or requires a large initial investment, it is likely you will lose the deposit in the short-term perspective, rather than earn anything. The minimum parameters of trading conditions are needed for effective money management. Let’s come back to our example of an effective Binomo broker, here, according to the terms of trade, the initial deposit is $10 only, while the value of transactions begins with  just $1.

In these terms, you can manage your risk and finances more effectively. The rules of money management for effective trade are simple; apply not more than 3-5% of the total amount of your current assets at the registration of a transaction, or use the minimal value of the options’ cost. Thus, the level of losses will be low, and you will receive a steadily safe profit.

It is quite simple not to drain the deposit on binary options. Follow these guidelines and you will be rewarded with guaranteed results. Start trading after learning the system, with at least a basic experience in binary trading and risk management. There is nothing complicated or impossible!

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