My Success Story – How I Earned With Binary Options

I don’t think that I am a boastful person, but I really want to tell you how I was able to start making money on things I was skeptical about. We will focus on binary options ! If you immediately thought about the millions, it is not so easy ! I’m only starting to trade on the market, and I was able to increase my trading account from one hundred dollars to 4,500 in a week. In my opinion, this is an excellent result for a novice trader !


What are binary options and how do you apply them in practice?

If you just started to get interested in binary options trading and you don’t really know what it is, I will try to tell you that in essence. The binary options is a form of transaction on the stock exchange, which are executed online to determine the orientation of the quoted asset movement of stock quotes of the financial instrument, that can move up or down.

You have probably seen trading charts and noticed how the waves move on their quotes for an exchange traded asset. Now, imagine, that each wave can make a profit. All you need in options trading is to execute a trading position in the direction of the future quote movements.

If the price of a financial asset will move in the expected direction, then, according to statistics, it will bring up to 87 percent of the profit from the amount of the invested funds.

How I Earned With Binary Options

The trading algorithm of option is simple. I come now to the story about my win of market exchange of assets and I want to tell you about my initial earnings on binary options.


How I have become interested in trading of binary options

Recently, I was searching useful information on the Internet and stumbled upon an advertising saying that you can start to trade on the stock market absolutely for free, without an initial investing in trading, because the financial company will pay for the first 20 deals.

The broker of binary options, called as Binomo gave that advertising. I was a little gambling, then, I decided to check if this is true. Why not, if you don’t need to spend any money ?

Moreover, as mentioned in the advertising about this action, I can withdraw funds from the trading account or use them in the future trading in the case of profit gain, if I would be interested in the process.

I signed up at the Binomo website and received 20 deals without deposits, as a gift, then I started the trading process.

I chose a simple trading methodology. Although, I still had no idea about binary options, but even then, I clearly realized, if I want to get effective results, I need a trading strategy, because I was sure without that approach, the success is not possible.


How do I apply a trading strategy?

I chose a simple trading method, that even children could understand.

The conditions are based on the fact that trading positions can be executed according to 2 indicators of technical analysis, it accurately shows you the time to enter in the option market.

I’m talking about these technical indicators as “Wave Bollinger” and “Moving Average”. For the first technical indicator it is important to leave the standard settings, as I have seen at practicing. For the second – you need to change the settings to the following:

trading of binary options


How I have done trading orders – trading signals

When the quotes of a financial asset together with the moving (moving average) were beyond the upper mark of the Bollinger waves, and then came back, and the price candle closed at the lower direction, I performed a trading position on the quoted lowering of traded asset:

Trading signals

When the quotes of a financial asset together with the moving (moving average) were beyond the lower mark of the Bollinger waves, and then came back, and the price candle closed at the upper direction, I performed a trading position on the quoted increase of the traded asset:

How I have done trading orders

I traded over the week using this simple algorithm. I didn’t forget about the basic rules of money management (you shouldn’t exceed the rate of over 2 percent of the amount of your trading account) and then, I was able to achieve a result that I didn’t even expect (you can see my result in drawings above; the received result is located from above on the center, slightly on the right from my personal data + 4527,74 U.S. Dol.).

So, I used their 20 free deals and I was able to confirm the truthfulness of the Binomo(Visit broker’s website) broker and its stock (go to the broker’s website)! After that I decided to fill up my deposit account in the amount of $ 100 and I was able to check the efficiency of the chosen trading strategy within a week.

The results surprised me greatly! This is my story and I was able to change my life for the better! If you will be interested in some more details about trading option, you can do this, you can ask me and I will share with you the answers!

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