The History Of The Student Of The Pedagogical University

A student of the pedagogical university was expelled for poor academic progress and unauthorized absence. However, meanwhile, the girl was simply working hard for the future. She managed to earn a million rubles!

The History Of The Student Of The Pedagogical University

The story starts traditionally. A young girl has been expelled from the university for absence. It would seem to be a typical case, considering young students’ love of freedom. However, this story has an intriguing continuation. Our heroine, named Tatiana Serik managed to earn a million rubles for just one year. It wasn’t difficult for her, and now she has agreed to share the secret of her success with our readers.

The rector of the university told that according to the attendance log, the girl was absent nearly the whole year. That’s why she was expelled. The management of the educational institution tried to reach out to the girl to find out the reason for her absence. Tatiana dryly commented, referring to her hard work. At the same time, many classmates of hers met her at parties, wearing expensive clothes and boasting a new expensive car. How did she become so rich? We offer you her answers to our questions.


How one can become a millionaire? What should be done to get a stable income?

It’s believed that higher education is a must-have thing now, but it’s just a prejudice and nothing else. It wasn’t my idea to enter the pedagogical university. I just didn’t want to disappoint my mother. Certainly, I disliked my specialty and had no perspectives, working as a teacher. The conservative approach to my life could give nothing except languishing in poverty. That’s why I tried to find a job to dress beautifully and have a lot of fun.

I worked in a café, wrote articles, but I was unable to earn a decent income this way. Everything changed, when I read on the Internet about a possibility of making money even without leaving home. I started to read what different people think about binary options trading. The Internet is flooded with information about online trading, but I’ll uncover the key principles of trading, which helped me to become rich in a short period.

On average, I currently earn 20,000 rubles a day or even more. I work 4-5 hours a day.


Are you still planning to get an education?

Yes, I’m planning to get an education. Of course, it will have nothing to do with teaching. Instead, I’m earning money for studying abroad and learning foreign languages, which will undoubtedly come in handy.

The History Of The Student Of The Pedagogical University. Are you still planning to get an education?

Our editorial office would like to stress that Tatyana is just one of the numerous traders of Binarium. There are many similar stories from the broker’s clients. Every day thousands of traders come to the trading platform and start their exciting journey. Of course, someone is coming off the track, while others are moving confidently towards the chosen goal.


How are you going to spend your first million?

I have a strict plan for what to do with my profit. I think that it’s necessary to manage finances in the proper way. Otherwise, I’ll quickly lose my million. Yes, as a young and beautiful girl, I like beautiful clothes and I’m fond of traveling, but I’m not going to consume my fortune. As I told above, I need a big sum to study in Europe – it’s far more expensive than in my country. Secondly, I’ll leave a large amount on the deposit with Binarium. I won’t stop there, and I need to work further. I need more bets in the options market. With my experience, the higher the rate, the greater the profit will be. I also bought a car, and now I’m capable of supporting my parents.


How should we start to become a successful trader of binary options like you?

As for me, I just made use of Alyona Korneeva’s strategy. I found her blog on the Internet when I was looking for ways to earn money.

Just go to the site and register. You can also choose the platform of the broker Olymp Trade (go to the site). It’s not difficult to open a trading account here. It doesn’t require large investments.

Register with Binarium, and I’ll now tell you in detail what you need to do:

How should we start to become a successful trader of binary options like you?

Fill in the registration form. Everything is clear here. You can choose the currency to invest in your first deposit. You need to specify an email address and choose a password to access the site.

When everything is done, just click the «Start Trading» button.

The trading account has already been opened. Let’s go to the personal office.

Here below, I’ll leave a link to the video, which helped me to become successful. Here you’ll find easy-to-understand tips from Alena Korneyeva. By the way, she also earns money, working with the broker Binarium.

If there are more questions and something is unclear, I will try to illustrate the entire principle of opening trading positions, including screenshots for clarity.

Well, you’ve just completed your registration. The trading account has been replenished:

The History Of The Student Of The Pedagogical University. The trading account has been replenished

You will certainly understand how to replenish your trading account. You have several options for this. You can use bank transfers or electronic payment systems for this purpose.

To start with, it would be enough to deposit 700 rubles. I invested more than 2000 rubles. I managed to make 10 thousand rubles out of 2 thousand in just a few days.

Your trading day

1. Go to the website Binarium in the section «Trade».

Your trading day. Go to the website Binarium in the section «Trade»

2. Go to the «60 seconds» tab. It’s an interesting trading tool. It enables you to earn money almost every minute.

3. Now you should open trading positions and make forecasts. First, open the first trading position. Choose a direction either up or down is not so important. The first bet should be 50 rubles. The second bet needs to be 250 rubles. The outcome for the first two deals isn’t so important.

The main result of the third option.

The bet in the third transaction is 2,500 rubles. However, you can invest just 1,000. In 98% of cases, this transaction will be profitable. Let’s see how our trading position was closed. The profit on the transaction was 1,700 rubles.

That’s my strategy, everything is simple. Anyone can earn this way without difficulty.

If you still don’t understand something, or you require clarification on some issues, feel free to contact support managers of in the online chat. Their support team is accessible from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 19 pm.

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