Trading Quotations Charts In Binary Trading

In investment business in the binary market there are no minor indexes for investors when it concerns getting high results – here a service or market situation, slight at first sight, may crucially effect the finite statistics of the trading. Today we will talk about such technical aspect of binary trading like asset chart picture format. The forms and formats of price charts open various prospects for a trader, both in forecasting and increasing the quality of the trading statistics.

Well, to perform the analysis of the efficiency of different forms of charts at most vividly,  will use as a guide the trading terminal of Binomo broker, where due to the recent updates the range of modes of operating charts is available, the widest in the market. The main list of technical sessions of asset price display contains the following list of approaches:

  • Mountain
  • Line
  • Japanese candle sticks and bars

Trading quotations charts in binary trading

Each mode of chart plotting let you work mostly effective in binary market. Apart from this there is the certain list of trade systems based just on the common aspects of the performance of one or another trading quotations kind. Let’s study it out.


Chart of trading quotations in the format «Mountain»

In this case we get the price building in the form of the dynamic line, mostly accurate reacting on price changes of the financial tool. The main advantage of this price display mode is in perfect conditions for the identification of the local extrema of the market used in construction of trend levels, along with clear mode of the definition of financial service market wave trends. Thus and so the main technique of operating on NVP profile are transactions on trend levels and wavering patterns of the asset price. For example drawing a line connecting the price peaks on the chart we get the trend barrier, from which the price regularly turns, which is the highly precise trading signal in binary trading:

Chart of trading quotations in the format «Mountain»

Applying quotation chart of this format and a simple technical strategy any investor of binaries can easily get up to 90% of effective trade contracts, which will let him get profit quickly and continuously.


Trading quotations in formats of «Japanese candle sticks» and «Bars»

We included these chart plotting formats in one section of our articles intentionally as they differ basically just with the plotting technique, with no critical distinctions in market evaluation data. Well, Japanese candles and bars consider by chart plotting the following indexes: initial asset cost in a certain period, ultimate cost, asset cost change range for the period evaluated. Thus the asset chart itself provides lots of technical information for an investor, which lets him define the market turnaround trends. The main trading techniques with bars and Japanese candle sticks are trading quotations patterns – common factors which are circular and work as trading signals for traders. For instance the classic technique of the trend turnaround definition based on the pattern of Japanese candle sticks «Acquisition»:

Trading quotations in formats of «Japanese candle sticks» and «Bars»

Creating on the trading asset chart the situation, when the quotation candle stick covers with its body the previous one opposite to the market main trend move and is the turnaround signal for a price correction or a new trend composition. The efficiency level of such signal is over 87%, which allows the stable getting profit in binary market.


The chart of trading quotations in format «Line»

This mode of trade charts plotting appeared in binary trading quite recently. It became a certain derivative between a simple line chart with dynamic moving and moving average indicator, where the main index is the asset average price in a certain market range. Hence by price display in this chart format we can see a lot of technical information – the level of price variance from its average parameters (defined by dynamic line) and per se the average asset price values themselves:

The chart of trading quotations in format «Line»

Thus we got the chart which is a separate trading strategy with highly cyclic, accurate signals. The most effective and simple technical signal for a stake execution on this chart format is crossing the line of the asset price average parameters by a dynamic chart moving:

We got the chart which is a separate trading strategy with accurate signals

So you can easily get over 85% efficient contracts in binary trading, at that the technical forecasting process will have the simplest mode. As you can see, using of different modes and formats of quotations building may give the investors additional options to get stable income.

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