The Most Effective Trading Indicators

The today’s trading asset market may be forecasted by numerous technical indicators. Applying them, even a binary options new coming trader may get signal about the situation change in the market and open a transaction at a well-chosen moment. Not all indicators are equally efficient though, or rather not all fit for the derivatives market.

In our article we will describe for you those indicators only, which may help you to get the best results.


What are indicators

Well, it’s a pure mathematical program operating in the market estimation for a certain period. So it’s not a machine intelligence to expect miracles from, but a usual arithmetic formula, fixated and automated in a program. Each operating indicator contains a certain consistent pattern integrated, which it calculates by previous and current market figures.


What the indicators are like

According to the operation principle all indicators are classified into lagging and leading. Lagging usually are all trend analysis tools and leading are the most oscillators. And this is not the point that the lagging ones operate lame, and the leading ones well – both turn out well at competent approach. What matters is their operating principle and market data evaluation technique. Let’s consider each type of indicators.


Leading indicators

As foretold, in this type almost all oscillators may be classified, based on RSI, stochastics or CCI. Each oscillator has its own slot with the scale and moving, heading regarding certain levels. When operating such indicator consider two market terms – when it’s overbought and oversold.




Each of the mentioned leading oscillators differs by efficiency in a certain situation in the market and combined with other analysis tools. For you to see how these leading oscillators look like, let’s use the Binomo platform:


Indicators of lagging type

These indicators build their signals on historical market factors of a certain time period. They certainly work slower that oscillators, but that’s the operation principle due to which the new trend initiation moments may be defined.

The most popular today are:




  • Ichimoku cloud – the trend one and the trading strategy itself, with loads of approaches, generates breaking signals. Also applicable in the sideways market.
  • Trading system «Luster»







The Most Effective Trading Indicators

Using the indicators listed you can create on the schedule trading strategies of all kinds, as all you need is to master the aspects of each technical tool, or find the provided strategy combining some of the indicators listed above.

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